Civil Service Examination (Indian Polity):  Overview of Indian Constitution
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Civil Service Examination (Indian Polity): Overview of Indian Constitution

October 28, 2019

In this video you will learn what exactly the constitution is and what does it contain. The Constitution is nothing but a book of Supreme Law. It mentions the rules how the country can be ruled. The constitution Book consists of Preamble to the Constitution of India Parts Articles Schedules Appendices Amendments Preamble to the Constitution of India is the introduction that mentions what it provides to the citizens of the country. Just like Secularism, means no religion has right to enter into Government Matters. It maintains Socialism means it treats rich and poor equal before law. So these things are mentioned in the introduction what it provides to the citizens of the Country. Next Parts This are just as Chapters of the Book. Next Articles, This are the Rules mentioned. The Article can also have a Clause and Again a Clause can have Sub-clause. Now, You will know what is Clause and Sub-Clause in Article. Suppose a Article describes about a Rule on a topic. Clause mentions related rule in deep to the same topic whereas Sub-clause mentioned further deep then the Clause. Example, , an Article is taking about division of State boundaries in a country. One of the Clause on the same Article, talks about the Utility of Rivers between the States. One of the Sub-clause in the same Clause, mentions Fishing taxation In this way, Article, Clause and Sub-clause exists in the Constitution. Next Schedules It provides information that can’t be kept in the Articles. Suppose, an Article describes how the states and Union territories to be. List of Current existence of States and Union Territories are mentioned in Schedules. Suppose other Article talks about Salaries of Elected Rulers. how much Salaries are drawn currently exists in Schedules. Next Appendices It contains description what impact made to add a law just for reference. This is written for big impacts. Next Amendments Addition/Updation/Deletion done for Parts, Articles or any of the above is known as Amendment. That’s it.

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