CJ fat level 102%
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CJ fat level 102%

September 11, 2019

Here we go again… I’m too fat for this shit right now! Come on, CJ! Alright then! LSPD! Stop! Come on, then! Shoot back, you can’t miss! I’m on him! Take him out! What the fuck!? That was good! You’re under arrest there! I don’t give a shit! I’m bored and hungry. You wanna get horizontal? No my sex drive went when I got this big. I’ve killed bigger people than you! You better be in the mood, homie, cuz I am! Yeah… But I hope I don’t crush you! I apologize, okay? Seventeen. Hit me and get the waitress over here! Not a problem. I’m totally spitting in your drink. I’m so upset I’ve gotta eat now. It’s nice wheels for a chump! Yeah the car tight. Tight for me to get in. It’s time! Bring yourself and that pathetic ride of yours-
I couldn’t believe you couldn’t see me! Imma eat you, fool! I seen newer cannons than this strap in a
museum. Where we goin’? Imma 100% crazy! Unhand my blubber, asshole! Ey, fool! CJ! I need to exercise anyway. Ey, bitch! You from Grove, Varrio ese? That car’s garbage, eh. Hey, you wanna look like swiss cheese? Holler at the big man! You ride gets all the ladies, eh. U-huh, n’ the hair? Chick magnet, eh. Yeah, it takes 50 pounds off me. Your shoes are tight! Fuck the shoes! What about my body?

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  1. The attention to detail! I forgot his script/lines changes when he gets fat. Even the peds say something about it too lol

  2. I’ll have two number 9’s a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip a number 7 two number 45’s one with cheese,
    and a large soda

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