CLAT 2019 | Important Legal Maxims | DU LLB AILET Law Entrance Exam
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CLAT 2019 | Important Legal Maxims | DU LLB AILET Law Entrance Exam

October 28, 2019

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  1. Mam you rock aapne jitne bhi Maxim's btye all are important I am du LLB entrance aspirant thnkus so much

  2. Yeeee to puchne ki bat hi nai h ki ap bnao ya nai, in my opinion you should become a full time lecturer and must record all your lessons and publish them online. You are gem.

  3. Madam 2019 CLAT exam has completed. Now the aspirants of CLAT 2020 like me are more passionated towards ur videos .. when will u start 2020 CLAT preparation..? u done a great effort than all the institutes of CLAT PREAPARATION.THANK YOU A LOT !! waiting for ur further videos……..

  4. Great video but why this is not available offline. Pls make it available offline too so that we can hear it again n again.

  5. Superb..!
    I can't believe that I have seen such a wonderful class on legal maxims online and without any monetary consideration.
    Thanks Ma'm

  6. Mam can u make a video about calcutta university llb entrance??? If possible then make it. That will be very usefull for cu participants 😊

  7. तुम्हारी कितनी भी videos देखकर आसानी से सीख सकता है इंसान। खासकर law student .. ❤️

  8. atleast there is someone who is teaching maxims by Latin word meanings people take it like legal maxims are in bizarre language even though they know that English words are originated from latin words.☺️ Thumbs up for you😀

  9. I really feel blessed to have you as a teacher ma'am…thank you so much…plz do be there for the 2020 Clat as well….😊😊💕💕

  10. Ma'am please make a video on cyber crime .and how to get admission after completing B.A.LL.B (Hon)and what are the scope of job .please make a video ma'am.please

  11. Wow madam information is too good.. Maine so k Sabi videos dekh raha hu one by one.. ap ise hi hamere adhikar aur information se related videos banate raho madam.. ap ka explanation ka tarika b bhot aachi hai madam.. it's too too good madam.. thanks a lot making such a good videos.. madam..

  12. Didi… you are so good…apke sare videos mujhe samajh me aati h…plz ap videos banate raho …and u r so beautiful also…👌👌

  13. I really like your way of teaching…. Please make videos on du llb entrance test ( cover all the syllabus of legal aptitude)

    Only llb not integrated llb

  14. 6:30 "nemo debet bis vexari" doen't mean double jeopardy but "Nemo debet bis vexari pro eadem causa does"

    Also this Maxim has a synonym i.e. "Nemo bis punitur pro eodem delicto"

  15. Yes ma'am your video is very helpful please make video on clat, ailet syllabus . Thanks ma'am for providing such a video that very beneficial for coming exam clat and ailet 2020

  16. Your video is very useful ma'am . I'm studying for du llb entrance exam.. Ma'am can u plz make video focusing on du llb plz ma'am it my humble request to you.. I see many YouTuber video bt your video is better then them I Easley understand your words and ur lecture that's why II'm requesting u ma'am plz… 🙏

  17. Great initiative ma'am and the entire team of finology legal! Really useful for law entrance exams. As I'm a 3 year law school aspirant, these type of videos are quite beneficial for students like me who are doing self preparation!

  18. The video is to the point, gets all the material in few minutes, but it's a bit fast for the beginner, anyway thnxx for the effort it is really helpful

  19. Thank you very much….
    I'm really very grateful…
    Looking forward for more videos especially focusing on CLAT ….
    Your way of explaining everything is very praiseworthy… Hope I'll get more clat videos that would help me out

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