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Clearview Electrical LED Wand Light Kit – Liberty Safe Accessories

December 10, 2019

The best lights are in Liberty Safes. The
Clearview safe light kit is the pinnacle of Liberty’s interior lighting. It comes in
either a 5-wand kit for safes up to 60 inches tall or the 6-wand kit for safes up to 72
inches. Keep in mind that additional lights cannot be added to these kits and an electrical
outlet kit should also be installed. Both are available at To install your new kit, you must first identify
the separate components. Each kit comes with a Sensor, a hinge side wand light kit (which
is the strip with less wands connected), and the opening side wand light kit (you can identify
as the side with more wands), as well as an AC adapter. Before you begin installation plan the position
of each kit component. The sensor should be placed on the hinge wall about 6 inches from
the floor and 6 inches from the front of your safe. If you mount it closer, it may be crushed
by the door. The hinge side wand light strip should be mounted between the hinge cups and
not over them. The open side wand light strip should be in
the left front corner of the safe, clear from any door bolts or door adjusters.
Do not install your light strips along the top of the safe unless your door does not
have bolts that come out the top of the door. You can install it on the left side of the
ceiling. After you have identified where you will install
each kit component, Peel the adhesive backing of the opening side wand light strip. Install
the three strips tightly in the corner of the safe, making sure it is out of the way
of any door adjusters. Next, place the motion sensor in the appropriate
position, 6 inches from the floor and 6 inches from the door. Plug the wand lights into the connectors on
the motion sensor making sure to twist it to lock the connection. Plug the AC adapter
in to the motion sensor, then plug the AC adapter into the outlet on the inside of your
safe. Be aware that it may take a moment for the light sensor to adjust and turn on. Tuck any excess wiring into the interior corners
of the walls and floor. If you have any further questions, feel free
to contact support at 1-800-247-5625 or visit us at

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  1. These lights are junk my husband purchased the 6 wand about 8 months they started flickering and stopped working all together. contacted liberty 3 time via email no response over 2 week period.

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