Clip Studio Paint Pro tutorial Part 3-6 | Creating frames

September 12, 2019

Now that the sketch of the page is done, let’s create the frames for it. But first I create a new [Layer folder] and
move all layers that contain speech bubbles and text into it. Next, I am going to draw a large frame. To do that, I select the [Layer] menu… [New Layer] and [Frame Border Folder]… …adjust the thickness of the borders and click [OK]. In this way a basic frame was created and the
[Frame border folder] can be found in the [Layer] palette. I will drag the [Frame Border Folder] in the
[Layer] palette underneath the speech bubble layer. Next, I’ll divide the frames. This can be done by selecting
[Frame Border] in the tool palette… …[Cut frame border] and then [Divide frame border]. In the [Tool Property] palette, you can
adjust the interval at which the borders are divided. In this case, I am using the value 50
for [Horizontal space] and 100 for [Vertical space]. I’ll cut the frames, as intended in the layout sketch. It’s easier to divide a frames perfectly horizontally or
vertically… …by holding the [Shift] key on the keyboard when dragging the pen. Let’s adjust this panels next. Frames can be shaped by using the [Object] tool. First, let’s adjust the thickness of the frame lines… …by changing the “Brush Size” settings
in the [Tool Property] palette. You can click the square next to “Brush Size”
and check the “Random” check box… …to make a border that resembles a hand-drawn line. Next, click and drag the green squares
to adjust the height and width of a frame. Here it is important to turn off
“Work with another frame border” in the [Tool Property] palette… …to fine-tune the shape. If there are unnecessary frames, simply select them… …and use the [Edit] menu and choose [Clear]. By clicking on the yellow triangles near
the frames you can extend them… … all the way to the edge of the paper at once. By the way, the purple part represents
the masked area of the layer folder. If it’s in your way, right-click on
the [Layer Mask] in the [Layer] palette… …and un-check [Enable Mask]. And that’s how to draw frames.

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