Cold Frame for Balconies & Patios – How to Build
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Cold Frame for Balconies & Patios – How to Build

October 8, 2019

Alright today on Repairs101 I�m going to
show you how I made this miniature Cold Frame for starting seeds and getting a jump on spring
� even on the smallest balconies
and patios. I used this impressive piece of two inch thick
western red cedar I salvaged and milled all the pieces I needed out of it on my table
saw. To hold the glass panels I cut steps in the
stiles and muntin bar and grooves in the top and bottom rails.
I put the one side together without glue so I�d always have an easy �in� if I ever
needed to change the glass. Then I glued and screwed the top rail where
the hinges would be attached for extra strength. Next I clamped down a piece of glass with
a straight edge and lubed the roller on my glass cutter.
Use glass cut running pliers to snap it clean. So then I backed out the screws from the bottom
rail and dropped in the glass. Now, when you�re putting this back together be sure you�re
not getting the glass caught between the rails so that when you draw it back together it
breaks. When you�re done, it should fit loosely in all directions.
Next I laid down a bead of indoor / outdoor acrylic latex caulk with silicone on the weather
side of the glass. One of my favourite tricks is to wet my finger
with some paint thinner and smooth out caulking with it. Use your finger to get the shape
and texture you want and a scraper to define the edges.
Now if you don�t have a clean scraper handy to apply glue to the end grain on the base
cut yourself a clean piece of plastic to use. You�ll avoid contaminating the glue with
all the dirt and oil from your fingers. I found these shutter hinges cheap at my local
hardware store and all I had to do was bend them a little bit in my vise to match the
slope of the box. Now for a base I just grabbed a piece of white
corrugated plastic to maximize reflected light inside the box. You can use wood, bricks,
or even just the floor or the ground wherever you set up.
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  1. You would be better off with a black bottom panel so it would absorb more warmth and assist with the seeds sprouting faster. Plus the more the plants grow the less white is exposed that could give reflective benefits. Black equals warmth and in a cold environment that is what you want.

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