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Collaboration made simple. Frame.IO is INCREDIBLE

September 10, 2019

so whether you’re just getting started
in video production or you’ve been doing it for a while you know that one of the
processes you have to go through when you’re working with commercial clients
or any sort of clients that have to like approve video projects if they have
options for revisions and things is you have to send it to them and then they
have to take a look at it and they have to get back to you with things that they
want change and it can be really annoying process because all the
traditional ways of text and emails and trying to keep track of exact time codes
can be really frustrating and it can be such a hassle that it makes you really
not sometimes even want to allow revisions at all but if you make it
easier on yourself and easier on the client it makes the whole process more
seamless more professional and it’ll give you a result that they’re happier
with and you were happier with I want to start off right away and say that this
video is not sponsored in any way from framed IO
but when I come across applications that really change everything for me I like
to bring them to you because this channel is all about providing value for
you and something like framed IO is something that I cannot believe that it
used sooner and I actually can’t believe how little people actually know about
the program so I wanted to tell you a little bit about how we use it and why I
think is so beneficial as any filmmaker so the first way that I use framed IO is
being able to collaborate with my actual employees and people that are editing
for me when I give them a project to edit and they are done with the Edit
instead of me going over to their desk or me plugging in hard drives or me
having to get together with them to check on an edit they uploaded directly
to frame that IO they send me a link I look at it I can make my revisions of my
comments right in the video they can import those things work on the
revisions and get things done and we can move projects along very fast
so that’s part one and then the second part is what I actually send videos to
clients for them to see so this is the part that is most useful to me because
back in the day I used to have to send things with Google Drive or Dropbox or
YouTube or Vimeo links whatever it is private channels and then they’d have to
just send me emails back and forth and I hate email and trying to keep track of
things and revisions and where was that last email they sent me that had what
they wanted but I love about framed i/o is when I send the client something to
review it just works right on their browser it works whether they’re using a
smart phone an iPad a computer what it is they can just watch the video and
as soon as they’re watching the video they tap comment and they can start
commenting on what they want changed or what they want to get feedback on
directly where they’re at without having to have any sort of like tech savviness
to go along with it I work with a lot of owners of businesses and some that run
bigger businesses that are never by a computer they’re always by their phone
so being able to send them a link they instantly look at it comment back it
makes it easy for them because they don’t have to compose emails and try to
look at when time codes are they just wash them in real time they see
something they don’t like boom you hit comment it pauses it makes the time code
stamp and they comment and they move on and they keep editing I want to becoming
it as easy to work with not just when I’m filming or in pre-production but in
post-production as well I want to make the process simple that when I send them
a link they can edit things they can comment they know I’m gonna see them I’m
gonna make changes and be able to do it quickly and seamlessly back and forth
that’s a huge part of the professionalism that we keep by showing
that we do things consistently so they always know whenever a revision comes
their way it’s gonna be inside framed at i/o
really easy for them to see and approve and then just move on from that project
you can upload everything in full quality on to frame do so you 4k or
whatever you’re actually shooting in and it’s great because if they prove the
Edit and everything’s good to go they can literally just download it right
there and instantly it’s available for them to use and it just makes it easy
rather than saying okay that sounds great let me send you a link to the
final video if it’s all in there they can download it and just move on from
that project and get on to the next one and as if framed a bio wasn’t already
easy enough to share files with it got even better recently when they added
incredible integration directly into Final Cut Pro 10 I am NOT gonna dive
into all the integration side of things for Final Cut because what I really want
to talk about is that frame data it was great whether you use premiere Final Cut
da Vinci it doesn’t matter the whole point of the collaboration with frame
dot IO is Universal regardless what program you’re using it is just a great
way to collaborate and yes to answer your next question Christmas tree is
already up because I love Christmas I could have another year round and
realistically when you’re watching this video it may be Christmas so this right
here is the main hub of what frame Daioh looks like in the back end and this is
where you can share things where you can look at comments where we can review
where you can upload things all of that you can do a lot of what I’m about to
show you directly in the final cut but for the sake of this video it’s all
about kind of just what frame diode does in general so we won’t dive right into
final cut so let’s jump right into it this is for a company that I’m doing
some work for some aerial work and we’re doing some flyover stuff for some of
their properties that they’re leasing and this gives you an idea in terms of
what it looks like when I basically send them something when I send them a file
they can watch it just like in any other player YouTube Vimeo or whatever it is
they can watch it just like they normally would but it allows them to
comment on things and then what I can do is I can see all their comments here of
what they’ve said about any specific part now the great thing about it is
unlike an email where they might have to write the time code and then I have to
go find it in frame dot IO I simply click that exact part that they
commented on it takes me right to that exact same time code and allows me to
see exactly what they’re talking about directly in the video this is really
convenient because obviously sometimes people don’t necessarily timestamp
things correctly so being able to actually see what they’re talking about
is really really helpful what’s great about this as well is that it adds all
these marks as completed next to it so you can kind of have a checklist in
front of you to be able to you know adjust the things accordingly as you’re
actually doing the edits you can like comments you can reply to comments and
we’ll see the replies back to it so if you have a question about one of their
edits you can say are you sure you want to do this I think this looks better
with this and they can respond back and forth really really nicely
I love the to-do list checking though because it’s nice to be able to go
through and know that you are making all your checks but the even better part
about that is that if someone sends all these revisions like they normally would
you can just hit this little button right here and download the actual file
for all the actual changes you can download it as just like a CSV file an
XML file just a plain text file or you can download directly to Final Cut which
you also can integrate unbelievably directly in Final Cut now but you can
just download the file and have it all saved separate you can print it if you
wanted to for some reason show someone the edits I don’t really know exactly
why you print it but you can see how nicely it lays it out just really really
clean so I can go through all these edits I can do all my changes or
whatever and then I just send them new files really really
simply and the first time I go into a file if all these were empty to share it
is as simple as going share and you can just share as a review link and it just
asks for some just different approvals you want them to be able to download it
require passphrase you want the link to expire allow approval shell or visions
whatever it is you literally can just copy this URL directly to a browser
paste it and it’s done or you can just email it directly in there as well if
you’d rather just email it and enter the person’s the email it’ll send it that
way so it’s really simple regardless which way you actually want to do it
really convenient easy to use then they make all their changes they set them
your way you instantly see them in real time so if they were actually editing
simultaneously right now you’d be seeing them showing up simultaneously and it
works really well because you don’t have to hope that you’re seeing the most
recent because if they add it even if they add it from a different device a
different computer or different username multiple users at the same time you see
them instantly so it’s great then right up here they can set a status needs
review in progress approve to remove label whatever you want you can do all
that kind of stuff they can also just download right here the full files which
is great so if this was at in 4k you’d see 4k as the original option and then
there’s proxies 1080 720 540 360 that’s really really used more for
collaboration between other editors which I’ll talk about a little bit but
they can download the file directly from there it makes it convenient because you
don’t have to worry about sending them the final link somewhere else if they
approve it and they love it they can download it right there and it’s easy to
use BAM done for them to actually make changes as I’m watching this in real
time all I have to do is literally just click in the comment bar and start to
type and it pauses the video and immediately makes this timecode what I
pause the video at and I could type whatever I want and hit Send I can
change the font color I can do different things whatever I can put emojis with it
and I do the exact same process with my editor for wedding films he uploads a
wedding video for me to look at I make any changes that I wanted it he fixes
all the different changes and then once I approve it it’s ready to go or I just
download the XML and I can just bring the final cut and do some final color or
audio whatever it is but it’s all done in frame dot IO really conveniently now
we’re really gets amazing is the actual Final Cut Pro integration because all
those things that I just mention – you can be done directly in final cut
in the brand-new 10-point 4.4 update I believe it was but this is just amazing
I just want to really quickly touch on this for those that are Final Cut Pro
users you’ll understand exactly why this is so awesome one of the brand new
features in Final Cut right at the very top you have this little tiny thing now
called open the extension this is a frame dot IO extension Final Cut is now
allowing people to have extension third-party extensions in Final Cut
directly which is great but when I click open the extension you can see that it
takes me right into a window built into Final Cut for framed IO and you can see
all the exact same things I was just seeing in the other place I can see all
those same buildings I can see all the comments I can see everything just like
I normally would which is amazing but here’s the best part if I go to an edit
for example that I’m working on let’s say for example this edit – which is
something that I just sent over to the church I’m working on a project for if I
were to go to that edit and I go to this right here and I can see that here’s all
the different revisions or different things that he wanted to have included
in there some of them was just time stamping things certain things were
talking about moving this from one place to the next I can literally just hit
this button right here that says import and I can drag this right over top of my
timeline and drop it and now directly in Final Cut
I can see overlays in real time based on what they said about the video that
needs changes for it and you can see it directly in it so instead of even having
to go back and forth and try to look at what needs to be adjusted where all
these markers now that are created are based on what they sent me so when I
hover over a marker you can see right there it says exactly what it is the
time stamp when they actually made that time stamp who made the time stamp and
the Edit revisions ending you can double click on these there now markers
directly in Final Cut you can make it complete it or not completed so all the
non completed ones in Final Cut would show up green they’d be green for
completed and red for not completed all right in final cuts
seriously how amazing is that and then it’s great because I can just literally
make an edit and as soon as I’m done making an edit I can hit file share
framed io h.264 and it will instantly ask me to title it like I normally would
when you hit next it’ll go right into this and it’ll ask you all those same
things do you want to auto version the timeline where do you want to put it
what project you hit upload and it’s done and it’s on there you don’t even
have to export it and then upload it in frame dot IO it’s it’s just amazing what
I really love that frame date is that they made the integration with whether
you’re using an iPad an iPhone a computer they made them all really
smooth super clean they won an award from Apple for the actual design of the
app it’s just amazingly easy to use and clean and that’s super big for me
because a lot of people don’t use computers anymore and I personally when
I’m reviewing a film with that my editor sends me I like it to be easy to access
directly in the actual program so I love the fact that I can open up that same
project just like I did on the computer I can open up the exact same one I just
had open you can see the video plays without a problem right in the actual
browser I can pause things the same way I can look at all my comments and tap on
them and they take me right to that specific part to watch I can instantly
while a video is playing I can just hit that comment button below you know time
stamp it I can type in stuff this is a comment just exactly like you’d expect
and hope that it works directly in there and I can still send review links
everything it’s just right in there and it’s just I just they’re just it’s so
good I don’t know why more people aren’t using this but then again I didn’t know
about it either so it’s just mad so like I said this is not a sponsored video
because it doesn’t need to be but I just think that framed i/o is such an
incredible incredible platform for people to use if you are someone that
shares files with editors or clients which we all do chances are if you have
a video production company and you’re getting paid to do work you go through
the process of sending them something to look at and this is by far the best way
to do it it is super affordable and you pay based
on how many users you want or how many gigs in size but it’s just incredibly
easy to use super professional super clean anyone can figure it out and it
just really makes another kind advantage that you can have in your
company being able to share things efficiently with people and I just
absolutely love it it has changed the way we edit entirely and I just can’t
say enough good things about it another thing framed at i/o does really
well it’s not something we do that often because a lot of our transferring of
files back and forth are local with actual hard drives because a lot of my
editors were kind of from my office or nearby so it’s not something we use a
ton but if you were working remotely with multiple editors that do stuff for
you the great part about this is that you can upload full projects into frame
dot IO and have all the clip assets but what’s great is you can just import the
like native files into there and let an editor download all the proxies which
are automatically created in frame dot IO so instead of you having to create
the proxies and upload them to something like Google Drive and download them you
can import everything directly into native form right into frame bio and
then it creates the proxies for you or it creates the natives and they’re
full-size it just makes it really convenient to share things back and
forth so if that’s something that you also do where you actually share project
assets something to keep in mind because that is also extremely easy to use then
the day to me it’s all about just efficiency how can I make the process
between myself and clients easier how can I make it easier for them to look at
videos that they need things approved for that they want to send me revisions
for I just want to make it simple for them I also want make it simple for my
editors and I want to make it the same process over and over we have loved
using it it’s extremely extremely beneficial and I cannot recommend enough
that you should definitely try it out

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