Colnago – How A Colnago Carbon Fiber Frame Is Made

September 21, 2019

our call Nago carbon frame is made Kenard go see 59 frames use carbon tubes which are fitted together using plugs special type of bonding glue is used which is weighed out to ensure that every frame is the same the special rig is set up for the various sizes of frame which cannot go produce at the stage of the process that we joined the tubes have already been cut a length holes have been made for the bottle cage bosses plus other essential mounting points for example where the rear brake cantilever and bottom bracket cable routing guides will be mounted the first thing the engineers do is to glue the headset inserts into the top and bottom of the head tube the end of each tube and the lugs are then glued into and put into place one by one from triangle is assembled it is placed onto the rig where the technicians can start to put everything into the correct position the glue remains pliable so the technicians can rotate and move the tubes by hand until they are exactly in the right position particular attention is paid to the bridge dropouts once they’re satisfied that everything is in place any excess glue on the outside of the lugs is removed for the frame is put in a special oven in order for the glue to set once dried batches of frames are then sent off to be painted into various color schemes before coming back to the factory but they are assembled into complete pipes for a closer look at how Campagnolo make their chains click here and don’t forget to subscribe to GCN

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