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Communist War on Chile

November 6, 2019

this is Cristian Gomez with the new
American magazine right now in Chile protests have rocked the country and
today with us on the program we have a guest coming to us from Santiago Chile
Dr. Carlos Casanova who escaped socialism in Venezuela Carlos thank you
for joining us thank you for the invitation so dr.
Casanova can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to Chile
why you left Venezuela and and how and how things are going for you in Chile at
the moment yes well choice came to power in January 1999 after the elections of
December 1998 and I opposed him since 1999 until 2002 in Venezuela but in 2001
I was threatened by the Minister of Internal Affairs who was McQuillen at
the time I don’t know if you remember what choice was out of power for two
days in 2002 April 2002 after that I thought he called very Daniels really
Daniel so I decided to leave the country I went to bu and then Ralph McInerney
gave me a scholarship a fellowship at Notre Dame and I was with him for two
years and not relating then I I applied to a position at the Pontifical
University of Chile and I got it in 2005 so I came to teach at the Pontifical
University in Chile and in the meantime in the u.s. I married a girl from the US
who is here with me and then I went to the University of st. Thomas where I am
now here in Santiago but still the School of Law of the Pontifical
University gave me a couple of courses as an adjunct professor so I am teaching
there too at the School of Law of the Pontifical University of Chile that’s
what I’m doing now and now I am finding myself involved in a new revolution here
in Chile but I will let you go ask questions yes yes and speaking about
revolution until in chile that’s going on right now can you tell us a little
bit about what exactly is going on in Chile with these protests that began
last month in October of 2019 and what were who is behind these protests as
well as what they hope to achieve from the protests yes
behind these protests you have very radical groups that are working in Chile
since years ago in they are Kunia that the region of the Mapuche Indians you
have very radical groups that there is I have information that they are fuck
guerilla involved in the subversion of the all-canadian and also people from
Shining Path from Peru I just want to interject for our
audience that FARC is a Colombian narco Marxist terrorist organization backed by
the Venezuelan government and that Shining Path is a Maoist communist
terrorist group from Peru so anyway I’m sorry to cut you off
continue Shining Path was in the a it is like really blow it was really horrible
in Peru well so you have these groups you have also the the stoop the
community stools movement whose leaders are there are several but the main one I
would say is Fernando Atiyah Fernando at least a professor of the University of
Chile and also of the university all four onions he now says that he is a
Christian but he’s really not a priest and he’s a communist he has always been
a communist you just have to read well his right is to see that and his
writings he has said that the Chilean Constitution is is a cheat because it
was approved by the well in the time of the gusto Pino Chase Goldman 1980 and he
says that because of the I have to be changed by a constituent assembly’ he’s
saying that since 2006 following Chavez by the way that’s what choice did in
Venezuela and he also says that the Chilean elite that they are foreign
enemies so he really proposes violent change he also says that the
Christian solution for political problems is to die for the truth for he
says that the political solution is to kill for the truth so he he has called
openly for violence Fernando Adria and then you have you
have patch a levee kinda stupid but alleged she looks like a nice person a
socialist but what people don’t know he said is that she she did her medical
stories in eastern Germany and in three years she got a medical degree and also
especially story oppression degree in three years eastern Germany on their
Hanukkah the the tilen of eastern Germany at the time of the Soviets so
really but la is a communist these guys in disguise and then you have frente
Amplio which is a new political movement whose members are all radical communist
they really call form also for revolution and you have the Communist
Party of course all these guys are behind this and they are they are very
well organized with paramilitary groups in 2017 they burn Chile I don’t know if
you remember that the forty percent of the Chilean woods were burned burned
down and clearly those those fires were provoked yeah that’s all reminiscent of
what’s going on now in Brazil with the fires going on outside country in the
Amazon exactly but until it burned forty percent of the woods it was crazy and
one one one piece of information which is interesting is that at that time the
fire was stopped because the during law of old Mart’s owner Walton since a
Chilean and she brought an airplane it’s been a special airplane to quench the
fire he took water and then he quench the fire extinguished it
and I but Chile was the president at the time she didn’t want to allow the use of
this airplane while China was burning and she she didn’t allow its use aunt in
a Russian airplane came to the same only then she allowed the airplane from
warmer to work well I think that the leader supermarket the chain call leader
in Chile supermarket which is all by Walmart was a special target of the
communist terrorism in this occasion now 2019 civilians because because they
stopped the fire in 2017 that’s what I think is joste is just a hypothesis
let’s say like a like a haunch boat I think that’s what’s happening they were
a special target those supermarkets in the unrest of the last two weeks yeah a
very interesting theory it seems to add up now with the current protests in
Chile that the media around the world is saying that this cut started because of
an increase on the subway fare of 30 pesos which is about four to two US
cents and all of a sudden vast peaceful protests erupted that’s how the New York
Times and Vox media the left publication box that is and other left-wing media
BBC included have been reporting about the situation in Chile but you’ve
obviously given more depth to the to the coverage of what’s going on than we’ve
seen from the liberal media by mentioning a lot of the communist
organizations and groups and even the former Chilean President but I’d like to
ask you about with these protests how they are dividing the people of Chile
specifically do we see that these protests are pitting the country against
each other left versus right rich versus poor he elaborate on that yes well first
of all yeah I have seen the liberal media and he also a Chilean television
they are they are hiding the truth they are with the revolution clearly now they
they own the unrest started and two weeks ago little
two weeks ago and they started with me like high school students calling for
not paying the subway because of that small increase but after some days of
that subversion because it was a subversive activity in which the
Communists have specialized in Chile they use their high school students when
after that there was a bit of popular unrest really both the main cause of the
of the demonstrations that we had the next day etc was not a peaceful protest
of the of the Chilean people but it was us a very well organized set of
terrorists and vandalizing not very well organized it reminded me a lot of
Venezuela Caracas in 1989 the same thing happened in 1989 Venezuela and the
occasion was very similar there was a trace in the fair of public
transportation and and that started like a popular andres but at the time we
didn’t know clearly both afterward we knew that Fidel Castro was involved in
it and there were even snipers on top of the buildings preventing the police from
stop in the sacking and beyond rest well this reminded me a lot of this whele in
1989 I think that the the communiques thought that the popular reaction would
be much more massive it wasn’t massive actually what the media don’t show is
that in many places the military took a long time to come to protect the people
and also the the infrastructure of the country and in many places the neighbors
organized themselves to stop the sacking and the destruction of the
infrastructure so you saw for example in us or not when when the military we’re
withdrawn recently the the commune is destroyed downtown was or not and then
some hours later the next day you saw hundreds of people with yellow
vests protecting what was left of a sauna from the from the communists so
you see there is there is as a huge Trisha among my students I have I have
one who is clearly a leftist he leaf leaves in Puente Alto which is a rough
neighborhood in Chile and I asked him how he was doing yesterday but over the
telephone and he told me professor I haven’t been able to listen to any of
the classes because I sent them over the email and and I cannot do the
evaluations this week because all these days I have been on the street
protecting the supermarket the only one that was left in my neighborhood because
after the supermarket they are coming to suck our own houses so he who is a
leftist is on the street protected means from the infrastructure there is there
is a huge like a clash here between the Chilean people and the minority of
terrorists really and bad and vandals that are trying to use their unrest to
to achieve two political goals mostly which is the era’s resignation and the
Constituent Assembly Bastian panera is the current conservative president in
Chile explain can you tell our audience about what exactly is a constituent
assembly because if some of our American audience may not be familiar with that
terminology yes it’s something similar to what you have in a in article 5 right
of your constitution this come this considering convention yeah convention
of the states our convention for proposing amendments also known as a
constitutional convention which they can prepare amendments to change the
constitution yeah this this in the Chilean case it would be different it
would be more similar to when a soilless Constituent Assembly because they the
theorist that is proposing this in Chile is Fernando a dream I mentioned earlier
and according to his books the Constituent Assembly would be a body
elected by the people and according to him the people who elect
the assembly would be the original constituent power which would be above
the Constitution above any law he even says it would be above the moral law it
would be a more above any tradition according to him the Constituent
Assembly is elected to found a new afresh the Chilean state so you would
have no limit according to address books in Venezuela
that’s what happened when Chavez got his Constituent Assembly 1999 of which I can
talk more if you want later this body of of people dissolved all the institutions
of the country and also established a new legal system let’s say which is the
one that we have now so the Constituent Assembly would be a tool to to bring to
Chile a most radical revolution that’s why they want
so with this Constituent Assembly have the leftist and the communist and those
protesting how are they creating the appearance of popular support because
I’m sure that they’re trying to say this is what the people want this is the
people’s well and then they represent the sovereign will of the people so how
are they creating that appearance that they have the the majority of the people
on their side well the media have played a huge role in this the media here in
Chile the the televisions especially because they have talked ceaselessly
about all the problems of the Chilean Republic in the last months so they have
created a huge amount of of this content let’s say and so and also they have they
have tried to hide even in Chile the violin aspect of the last two weeks so
they and they called for peaceful demonstrations and actually there have
been some peaceful demonstrations there was a big one
25th of October that you might have seen in in the media in the US the York Times
ha ha an article about this I think well they mentioned this even that was was
manipulated by the media I have seen mathematical stories of the divers about
a million people or some large numbers that they were giving is that they say 1
million two hundred thousand 1 million two hundred thousand but I have seen the
pictures the photos of the people who and there is there people from a metro
station Salvador to metro station Universal Chile and various artists and
from various artists are a new to metro station Parker Bustamante you can see
that in aerial photos and when you see well area that is that’s five hundred
sixty-five thousand square meters and you have a river in in the in the middle
so when you when you do when you see small detailed pictures of the different
zones and and then you see the concentration of people and the density
of the people in that March you come to a conclusion that there is no way there
were more more than 300,000 people no way so the media was saturated the
numbers to make it seem like it’s that there’s more people supporting it then
what are actually out there protesting in the street
XIV and this protest was moved by the media so many people who wear this March
are not for the Constituent Assembly they they agree that there must be like
a new pension system they agree some of them agree that there are lawless yeah
so there are complete social demands let’s say which move part of these
people ball but the media and the Communists are trying to portray this as
a as a clamor of the Chilean people for a new constitution so there’s you see
that’s agreement among the protesters and the media makes it sound like this
is one unified voice in favorites a visit to an assembly to thus recreate
the Chilean stay in government yes not always they say for the
considering assembly but they always say for a new constitution for a new social
pact they also say so it’s just manipulation and and how are the
protesters including the communists movement and the media how have they
been neutralizing the opposition to mate to quiet them sir only their voice is
heard well they haven’t you have YouTube
channels and you have blogs we show the truth also you have I mentioned that in
Facebook recently they expected the Chilean Institute for Human Rights to
declare that there is a systematic violations of human rights as the New
York Times suggested really in the in the saturday article well it turns out
that the prescient of the Chile initiative for Human Rights is a
Christian Democrat and he won’t go along with them so he said there is no
systematic violation of Human Rights so you have that voice there but what
happens is that the media don’t bring that voice they bring all our voices yes
instead we’ve seen the mass media say that a former Chilean president Bachelet
would be sending a team of investigators from the United Nations Human Rights
Council to investigate the allegations of human rights committed by the
military that’s what the the public here is being told and in the media about
what’s going on but the Human Rights Institute of Chile
says that that’s not the case there is no human rights violations so there are
no systematic violations there may be some cases yes some cases of violation
but there is no way there is a systematic and one of the directors of
the Human Rights Institute he’s he selected and he was denouncing the
systematic violation and he said that he was wounded well he was checked by a
doctor and he said you have no wound he was openly lying yeah he was lying
maybe he loved his stomach cramps that day yeah well he’s saying that he has
his cell phone and the the baby he does also I thought he thought he had been
heat well it’s all well it’s all a creation of his imagination
I don’t know so one final question I’ve got for you before we run at a time here
how are the protesters precipitating violence in the streets I’m sure that
they are we’ve heard the stories of how they’re burning subway stations down but
what do you see that they are doing to escalate the violence these protesters
well there are so there there are massive days there are mass of people
who want to peaceful demonstrations for the reasons we said before but they
infiltrate agents that’s only like the part from the main demonstration and do
terrorist acts really one one interesting fact that you you should
know I forgot to tell it before is that in in Friday October 18th all the arsons
we’re caused with the same chemical accelerant not only the same kind but
the same brand so it there is no way there are no terrorists groups
infiltrated in the in demonstrations and I think they are acting as the
communists do and they they feel they have the communicational power they do a
stupid stuff but not because it’s a mistake they do it on purpose to tell
you to tell to you look the most obvious facts we we make and it doesn’t matter
because the media with us you know what I mean they can use the same brand they
rely on the media omitting certain facts to their advantage so yes in the United
States if there’s a criminal investigation and a bunch of fires are
conducted a bunch of arsons and it turns out that it’s the same chemical and the
same brand of chemical that would suggest to law enforcement that a that
there is a commonality a link and perhaps the same person or perpetrators
are behind all of the fires so that’s what you’re saying is the case in Chile
then is the case is the case and everybody knows it but the minerals show
that of course the York Times on shoulder for
sample and BBC dose doesn’t show that so clearly there is there are terrorist
groups which act mixed with the with the peaceful demonstrations and also apart
from them because in many places they have not been peaceful demonstrations
will jostle terrorist acts look there there are
plenty of towns which now are without food supply because the supermarket’s
were all loaded and they were looted in part by by severe let’s say by normal
people but they were provoked by terrorists who started the looting and
then they other people go like how is seduced by a and by looting the
supermarket’s the people were foul mood so then you’re getting these other
people who were not part of the protests now they’re hungry and they’re naturally
angry and the Communists when you use that anger as well today already they
actually say look at the problems of capitalism and president piñera and
that’s when here a new constitution they destroy all the two subway lines – when
tell touch is a huge part of the city of poor people they destroyed them both so
they are expecting to create a lot of discontent in order to have future
protests I’m sure of that and one more thing I want to say frente
Amplio which is really a communist movement
with a different name a political party in Chile now all the representatives of
frente Amplio and of the Communist Party told panera –
this is and that when they want to to force the government to negotiate bow
according to the media there is no control it’s all spontaneous yes really
it when you see the whole picture you think this is ridiculous the media
are lying to people you know what I mean absolutely well this has been an
explosive interview thank you so much for joining us today on the program and
we hopefully we can have you back on in the future to keep us up-to-date about
what’s happening in Chile so you stay safe take care and God bless you dr.

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