Compensatory Damages in Civil Cases in Ireland
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Compensatory Damages in Civil Cases in Ireland

December 5, 2019

okay in this video I want to take a look
at the whole question of compensatory damages damages in civil actions in the
breach of contract case breach of contract civil action the purpose or aim
of the compensatory damages is to put a plaintiff in the position that the would
have been in had the contract been performed on the other hand it’s a
completely different matter in a tort or a civil wrong situation a personal
injury case for example a negligence case in this situation may not be
possible through pure financial loss to quantify the damage that’s incurred by
the plaintiff for example the plaintiff may have suffered scarring or permanent
scar or indeed a psychological injury which will last for the rest of his or
her life so that’s going to be very very difficult to quantify from a purely
financial award in these types of situations you’re looking at
compensatory damages to be divided up into two broad categories one is general
damages and one is special damages general damages are aimed to provide
compensation for the general last expectation of life loss of quality of
life and the general pain and suffering that you have incurred or suffered as a
result of the tort or similar all the other broad category is a category of
special damages these will be out of pocket pecuniary expenses or losses that
you would have incurred this would include things like loss of earnings
medical treatment and prescription and droves
car damage to property replacement of property and so on so they are the two
broad categories of compensatory damages in a civil claim civil action and one
will be divided in two cases can be divided into situations or circumstances
square pure financial loss can be a good and full remedy and other cases where
pure financial loss pecuniary compensation is not sufficient for
example a person injury came

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