COMPOSITION 1 – Understanding Shapes
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COMPOSITION 1 – Understanding Shapes

August 26, 2019

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  1. Do you find information for these videos online exclusively or do you have a background in illustration or anything else. I've tried to find things on composition but i couldn't find anything that made me understand it the way i did with your video.

    I really want various sources of information but i just can't seem to find "useful" (for me) things.

  2. Hi James.Thanks for the video.
    Is there any Fundamental difference in starting a sketch in values whether in lines?
    Watching A Limonick's How to sketch anything I understood that the particular difference is in what you want to show.
    Whether it is mood with the values or details with the lines.

  3. A good way to get a simplified value scale and shapes when you are outside sketching is to squint your eyes to blur out all the detail

  4. Is may be one of the most concise, precise and informative art technique tutorials I've ever seen. 🤩🤙

  5. That intro takes me back to Old YT (after 480p but before Talk Shows became popular – around 2010-14) when creators could just do non sequitur live action sketches which isn't common nowadays

  6. I was never a fan of rossdraws or drawing with jazza, but those two have never bad mouthed any other youtuber and made jabs at other artists. They just make content for their audience, make people smile and mind their own business. That intro puts a bad taste in my mouth somehow, especially from a relatively new channel like yours. It just made me somewhat uncomfortable so I'm sorry I'm gonna have to unsubscribe. I wouldn't want to watch that sort of thing again.

    P.S. I hope to Zeus one of those videos saying "modern day james clones" is not Proko because that's… that's just unclassy.

  7. You know, I have been watching your videos for a while and today i decided to step a bit forward and congratulate you for your amazing content. I have been trying to learn for so long that sometimes feels like no progress or even that this progress is very chaotic and is just a coincidence that you get better… But your videos (well, and from other artists that i respect of course), are sooooo much help for self-taught people that there is no word in human elf or orc to describe how grateful I am. Thank you!

  8. Man I am working on my portfolio for art school right now and your videos help me out so much! Its so much good condensed information in a short amount of time, i’ll be taking pages of notes from one video alone 😅 Keep it up 🙂

  9. Was that little skit in the beginning a sorry from you because you have to sell other people's products like skillshare to make money?

  10. 0:18 – '…PROUDCTION FACILITY'.
    Not sure if this is deliberate or a typo but I couldn't help noticing.
    Doesn't detract at all from these wonderful videos mind you, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

    I've been trying out that bridgeman/hampton hybrid method for constructing heads that you demoed in another tutorial. Finding it really odd at the moment but I think if I keep practicing it will come and be really useful.
    Got both of those books myself so don't really know why I hadn't thought of mix and match approach before, much appreciated.

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