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Composition and Problem Solving in the Field

September 25, 2019

hello hello everybody welcome to another
Adam Gibbs adventure now today is a exploratory trip I’ve never been to this
area before and I just kind of googled it last night
I’m just outside of a town mid-island mid Vancouver Island called Port Alberni
and there’s a couple of waterfalls kind of in the area this waterfall here is
called Weiner Falls I know it’s strange change name I wonder if the mountain
that it’s on is called Oscar Myers anyway I have no idea what this place is
like it might be really good might not be that great I don’t know I’ve just
seen a couple of pictures of it it looks pretty good from the pictures that I’ve
seen so anyway it’s always always fun to come and explore new areas so this might
be a really long vlog or it might be really short there’s also another
waterfall closer to town called I think it’s called tunnel falls or hole in
the wall hole in the wall at Falls and if I have enough time I’m gonna go and
check that one out as well it looks really neat anyway we’ll see how we do
on this one and and then we’ll go from there that’s what I love about British
Columbia no expense spared when it comes to pointing out natural beautiful areas
in the province someone went all out with this sign it’s probably better that
way anyway you get less less people here yeah right so I can hear the
polls actually so it’s too bad about all the logging slash that surrounds this
area it’s pretty typical of Vancouver Island in general pretty much the whole island
has been logged out at some point or another it’s just too bad I wasn’t alive
before that happened okay now nobody said anything about
climbing down a steep hill there’s kind of ropes down here and
looks a bit dicey anyway the waterfall looks quite nice quite pretty
there’s a beautiful green pool at the base of it and of course there’s
quite a bit of water right now so looks like it might be a good place to
photograph we’ll see when I get down there it’s gonna climb down this blasted
hill if you don’t see this fall you’ll know where I am okay now as pretty as this falls is I’m
still having a bit of a hard time finding a composition because I don’t
just want a picture of the waterfall anybody can take a picture of a
waterfall I want something that’s a little bit more meaningful
now the problem I’m having is that you’ll notice that there’s a couple of
trees that kind of block the view of the falls the most interesting part of the
river is kind of over to the left and of course the further left they go the more
of the Falls is blocked by those trees so I kind of have to make some
compromises here so I’ve more or less decided that I’m just going to concentrate on
the bottom of the falls and then I want a little bit of movement in the in the
foreground so we have a bit of a cascade right here and I’m trying to compose my
image in such a way that I’ve got that in the foreground and then the bottom of
the falls with the green pool now there isn’t much of a green pool showing but
with a polarizer it really enhances those greens so that’s kind of my
dilemma the further right I go so I get more of
the Falls the less interesting the foreground is the other thing that I’m
finding is that my first inclination was to slap on a really wide angle lens like
a 14 to 24 but it doesn’t really work because the falls because it’s such a
wide angle of view the waterfall is in the background and looks very small and
insignificant and I want it to be a dominant part of the picture so I’m
using a longer lens so I’m going to keep playing around with this and then once I
found the composition I’ll try and go through it with you okay so this
is the the composition that I have I’ll try and keep it in sharp focus see I
really wanted a bit of a foreground in here and the only way to really do that
is by getting down low with a long lens if I get in close with a wide angle
then the waterfall here just looked it’s too far back and there’s too much space
in between the foreground and the water pool that isn’t generally that isn’t be
that interesting so the most interesting part for me is this section here now if
i zoom out you can see that the waterfall up here starts to get blocked
by these trees and a lot of this white water is kind of over to the left it
would be nice if it was in the center but of course as soon as I go over to
the left then I get more of this tree blocking the waterfall so I’m zoomed in
just to the bottom there just where the tree intersects the top of the Falls
there like that I mean it would be really nice if it could include that as
well but of course as soon as I go over to the left then you start losing the
bottom of the Falls here and then of course if I go up too high then I lose
the foreground there’s a whole bunch of compromises here I think this works it
might might work really nice as that as a panel because the most interesting
part for me is definitely this this bottom section here anyway that’s the
composition I have I’m going to stick with it and I’ll just keep doing some
variations on this theme and see what I can come up with okay I’ve scrambled down the river just
a little bit or the creek and I found this wonderful foreground a little Cascade
makes a perfect foreground the only problem is is that you don’t get a clear
view of the waterfall there’s a lot of things distracting it so I’m not sure if
it’s going to work or not the foreground is definitely going to work but
having just a hint of the waterfall the main falls in the background it may or
may not work I mean it looks pretty good on the back of the screen I think I can
kind of show it to you and then you can you can judge for yourselves
okay so this is the composition that I have you see that I have a quite a
strong foreground here and you can just make out the main falls in the
background now I’m using my 24 to 120 probably better to have a 14 to 24 but I
really don’t feel like scrambling back to my pack to get my lens so I think I
just make do what I have that was worth the price of admission
it’s always nice to go to the new areas that I haven’t been to before
I mean I have a tendency to go to the same areas over and over again
usually because they’re so different every time you go the light changes the
conditions change I don’t think I’ve ever been to one area where the
conditions have been exactly the same every time but it’s definitely nice to
get to a new area right it’s almost four o’clock so I think I’m gonna leave hole
in the rock waterfall for now which is just outside of Port Alberni so I think
we’re gonna end the vlog here because I’d really like to do the next location
justice and you know get some decent video and and drone footage of course
and and photographs thanks ever so much again for watching be sure to give me a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it and if you wouldn’t mind sharing these videos that
would be awesome that’d really help me out alright so
until next time thanks ever so much for watching and I’ll see you next time okay
bye bye

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  1. Thank you so much Adam for the great compositional instruction. I love how you show your thoughts on setting up and on screen photo of what works for the shot. Your images turned out amazing. Your such an inspiration to my photography and I really appreciate these videos!!

  2. Hey Adam great vid, I'll have to check Weiner (hahah gotta love BC) and Hole in the wall out. Have you been north of Port Alberni to the Stamp River yet? Ive only been there a few times during the Salmon run but it does look like a great place to hike around. Also when you're in Parksville, a few of us usually meet up at French Creek marina in the mornings take a few shots of what's around, plan a few outings and do some BS-ing….great bunch. Anyway, very welcome to join us.

  3. Great work as usual Adam, absolutely inspirational. Hope the cottage is coming along, all the best from sunny Cornwall.

  4. Shared! Yes, Vancouver Island clear cutting is heartbreaking. Fantastic photos again!! You have amazing talent and a great eye. Thanks for these. BTW, do you ever stitch photos together? Could that be a work around for some compositions?

  5. Excellent video, Adam. I really appreciated your detailed demonstration of how you created your compositions and problem solved in the field. And of course the final images are gorgeous. Thank you!

  6. I was very pleased with the very didactic way of teaching how to use the elements of composition and the basic contours and their way of adding the elements that inspired you from the scene you saw. Thank you Adam for sharing your experiences., Make us live the moment to all of us who like photography. Take care. All the Best.

  7. Great video! I really liked it when you explained the pros and cons of your composition on the live view display. It was inspiring, also I'm using a D500 so it felt like home:)

  8. Yeah Adam, I'm the guy that takes an image of the whole waterfall, LOL! However, I do scramble around to get tighter images. With all the waterfalls around NY, I do appreciate the compromises that need to be taken. I will however be more attuned to the tips provided especially on the use of a long lens. Cheers! (btw guess you survived the rappel down!)

  9. This is phenomenal! I've been planning my trip to BC for quite sometime now and watching your vlogs i get live vicariously through your adventures. One day i'll get the chance to make it out there haha great vlog and the photos are incredible. I love how you capture waterfalls. Very much an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  10. Great location! Great photos! Great video Adam! This video is inspiring me to go photograph waterfalls since spring is just around the corner. Cheers

  11. Adam, @ 4:40 did you say you "wanted something more meaning-fall"? 😉
    These cinematic vlogs you do are outstanding – don't understand how more people haven't subbed.

  12. This was awesome vlog I have been struggling with my compositions lately and this definitely well help me in the field. Thanks for the tips

  13. Love the compositions here. Lesson learned for me, and perhaps many others, on how to look at a scene to get stunning images, knowing it's not necessary to shoot the entire falls from top to bottom. First time there for you ~ no doubt it won't be the last. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Great video man! really nice to show your thinking and the battles we all go through as photographers.. There is always a solution 🙂

  15. Good that you take it easy Adam, that climb down looked a bit scary to me. Accidents can easily happen. Beautiful Images as usual. Really liked #1 and #4.

  16. Great vlog once again Adam, it`s nice to be tested now and again and not get everything your own way isn`t it. You managed to get some very nice images in the end.

  17. My reaction to the first photograph was Wow! Vancouver Island is a photographers dream and thanks for setting the bar so high when it comes to photographing this gorgeous area. Great Vlog.

  18. Great video Adam, a beautiful looking place and very enjoyable detail on how you chose your compositions

  19. Nice falls, must visit!! Sure like the green pools at the base, the colours came out nicely in the final images. I like your last composition best. Good lesson 🙂

  20. Your photos of the falls are magical, and the music enhances that impression. I really enjoyed this vlog (as usual!).

  21. Amazing adventure again, Adam. Great discovery and brilliant pics, in particular the last one with the minicascade in the foreground. Looking forward the Hole in the Rock falls in one of your coming vlogs!!

  22. That certainly looked a bit precarious getting down – especially alone and with all your equipment! You worked the scene very well and liked the way you talked the viewer through it. Didn't look like a place you could fly your drone so well done – as always the images were excellent.

  23. Everyone can take a photo of a waterfall, but no one will take it the way you do. Beautiful. Last image works for me. This is forest, sometimes perfect in imperfection… it is like that main waterfall is hidden behind the curtain, it just invites you to go there and see it for yourself 😉 Thank you for sharing.

  24. Great composition with the foreground cascade. I'm happy you shot it at a faster shutter speed or it would have been mushy (I've made that mistake so many times and kill myself later over it). Looks great with the little bit of movement!

  25. You certainly live in a photographers Great content and drone footage. Enjoy hearing your explanations very
    in-depth . Thank Adam 🙂

  26. Fantastic work. Thank you for let we see how it is done. Certainly we won’t do it sitting in front of the computer, but your videos give me that push to go out and look for that experience.

  27. As always a superb video with your usual high standard of production and your amazing images. You’re really teaching me not just to think before making an image but also how to think. It’s wonderful how you don’t just turn up at a scene and the image is automatically there. You have to work to get your image and we get to see and hear what you are looking for, and, maybe more importantly, what you are trying to avoid in the image. Thank you very much for all these videos, they really are a great learning tool.

  28. I really enjoyed this video… It is always a challenge to explore new areas, but many times worth the reward. I am on the hunt for some decent waterfalls, so hopefully I can find some interesting new areas soon.

  29. Great photos and video Adam. If I were rich I would purchase all your collection, there is no one I don't like. There is something as well more deep in your images, your life experience, that is priceless. And how great is for you to know that there are so many people right there with you? that is priceless too. Happy light 🙂

  30. Excellent video. Really appreciate hearing your thought processes regarding the compromises we all have to make shooting landscapes. Great images. Thanks!

  31. Very enjoyable Adam. I thought you managed to get some good compositions in the end. This place reminds me of 'Water Breaks Its Neck' in Radnorshire. Not sure if you know it but one I've had a go at but not with success like this. Great stuff! All the best. Mark

  32. The pictures of the waterfalls are truly stunning, love your work Adam! Also, you had me rolling on the floor with your remark "No expense spared", that was just aces 😀

  33. Another great video, Adam! I always learn so much from you. Hey, I'm traveling to Port Alberni in a few days (sadly the weather looks rainy and bleak at this point) but wanted to ask you about the two falls that you photographed. How difficult is it to actually find them, in particular, Weiner Falls? Wondering if that little paper directional sign is gone by this point) I am not a great navigatrix!! Also how difficult was it actually to climb down to the bottom of the falls using that rope? And what about climbing back UP?? Any thoughts are appreciated and if you have any other brilliant location ideas, please do tell!

  34. Beautiful shots! I enjoyed looking at how you solved compositional problems. I have what may seem like an odd question. What type of pants do you wear? Do you wear waterproof pants when shooting like this or just get wet and deal with it? And who makes waterproof pants?

  35. New to your channel Adam. Enjoyed it very much… Waterfalls are an absolute blast to shoot. I could see the challenges you faced with all the trees & snags blocking the composition you wanted…
    Thanks for sharing this,
    Bill Farr… Vermont, USA… 🙂

  36. Sure the waterfall is blocked by trees, but I feel it also adds a bit of mystery. Lovely area. Thanks and cheers, G

  37. Hi Adam
    Heard of your channel from Ben Horne. Love these images, and I enjoyed a lot your talking through the composition challenges. Really interesting. The image at 8:23 really is stunning…my favorite.

  38. I'm a new subscriber but all the images of yours that I have seen are heart-achingly beautiful, even though you caution us (very humbly) at the beginning that things may not work out. You could make a silk purse of a sow's ear! Also, I gained new insights listening to your thought process concerning your compositional decisions.

  39. I just need to say how much I appreciate the effort you put into your videos, each moment is wonderfully crafted. Have shared a link to this on my FB page. Thanks so much for sharing!

  40. Glad he made it safely down and back up the rope. I found good humor in his words "If you don't see this vlog, you'll know where I am." Thanks for taking us along Mr. Gibbs. Thank you very kindly!

  41. Love the case studies where you walk the viewer through the thought process and challenges to taking an image. Indeed often there has to be compromises when you take picture. Thanks for sharing

  42. Somehow I missed this video when it came out, but I'm glad I found it. The waterfall images were really special, but more importantly, the way you described how you got to your composition was just so helpful. The calm, measured approach you have to solving the issues at hand is great to see in action, very instructive. Well done 👍.

  43. Great video – very informative – love the way you strip down your thought process on composition. Oh and another thing – I want that hat with the penguins!

  44. A special thank you for spending an ample amount of time reviewing your composition challenges. As a photographer it's the highlight of the video. Wonderful video. Greetings from Newfoundland. Pat

  45. Always educational, always inspiring. Thanks so much Adam. Makes me want to move out there. Do you ever encounter bears and the boots seem mostly ideal are they ever an encumbrance?

  46. Great images Adam ….. certainly some compositional challenges, but I really liked the way you processed these images which kept the focus on the subject without the distractions

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