Composition Deck Review by Penguin Magic w/ Playing Cards GIVEAWAY
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Composition Deck Review by Penguin Magic w/ Playing Cards GIVEAWAY

September 25, 2019

In this episode we look at the latest release
from Penguin Magic, the Composition Deck, give you a chance to win one for yourself
and announce the winner of the Kings Wild Tiger LTD deck. All that coming up next! [Music] School Sucks. That’s all. Alright, alright… so I’m actually old
enough to remember what it was like to take notes in an actual notebook. And believe me I’m totally aware that notebook
probably means something very different to today’s school going generation. No I’m not talking about a laptop or tablet. I’m talking about those old fangled stacks
of lined paper sandwiched between two cardboard sheets bound together on one end. And yes I used the term ‘old fangled’ is all the
evidence I need of my dinosaur status. Anyway, the latest deck from Penguin Magic,
the Composition deck is a fun deck that takes all of its inspiration from a particular style of notebook, the composition
notebook, the first examples of which date back to the 1880’s. That’s way older than me for the record. Welcome back, I’m the Gentleman Wake and
you’re watching the go-to channel for cardists, magicians, collectors and card players. If you are new here, well then welcome to
you too. Whether you are new or returning we hope this
video will compel you to like, subscribe and ring that notification bell so you’ll be
alerted every time we post a new video. Be sure to stay all the way through to the
end for a chance to win a composition deck directly from me. Let’s get into it. The Composition Deck was first announced via
kickstarter in October of 2018. The deck successfully raised a modest $10,000
in funding and finally shipped to backers in late january, early february of 2019. The deck comes in a white glossy cardstock
tuck case printed to look like a mini-composition notebook complete with white and black marbled
cover and black colored binding. The front reads Composition Deck and it’s
the only text that can be found anywhere on the box. The sides are white everywhere but on the
binding side. The back of the tuck features the back design
of the cards, same marbled pattern of black and white splotches with the only difference
being that the design on the tuck includes a black strip along the left side, meant to
simulate the binding. One other interesting thing to note, the deck
opens lengthwise, like a book, rather than the standard top loading tuck case of most
other releases. The tuck, and by extension the deck, are designed
to be low cost and affordable. As such there is no seal. No special editions. Although the kickstarter campaign does claim
that this is a one-time only print run. I will say however that I do wish this deck
was available in a premium style tuck-case with high quality matte-paper cardstock to give it that kind of… feel. Even if it was an extra cost. Maybe there could be some embossing along the binding strip, to make it mimic the tape or cloth-tape found on many composition notebooks, and thin parallel lines
embossed into the white sides, to mimic the stacked paper inside, would have been a really
welcome addition. Even more so if the box opened book style. Basically I want a version of this box designed
by Jackson Robinson. If you’re wondering what I mean just watch
my top ten tuck cases video and you’ll see my point. Pulling the deck out of the box reveals the
marbled black and white card backs. The backs are one-way although you wouldn’t
be faulted for not noticing. This is almost assuredly on purpose of course
to add magic functionality to the deck. Because the pattern is so chaotic the individual
cards can get lost among it’s brethren. This is bad for fans, which end up looking
like a giant disk of white and black specs, but great for sleight of hand moves like top
changes and double lifts since the spectator is much less likely to catch a flash or see
a second card when the full bleed edges are so well camouflaged. Seeing as how much the patterns have going
on, I can totally imagine a marked version of this deck. I guess it depends on how well sales for this
one performed. I’m actually surprised that this wasn’t
an included feature from the beginning seeing as how this is most definitely a deck designed
with magic in mind. This is a completely custom deck. The faces are fun and unique and carry forward
the theme nicely. They feature a hand-drawn with a sharpie aesthetic
that is still highly legible and recognizable. To further sell the notebook vibe there are
faint lines in the background. Each index is handwritten and unique. With no two cards repeating the same characters,
in fact even each orientation of the SAME card features a different handwritten variation
of the index. The same concept extends to the pips. No two pips are the same. All of them have a scratchy feel–as if someone
drew the outline and then hastily filled them in. The court cards are really great as well. They are hand-sketched versions of bicycle
standard counterparts. The figure design is slightly compressed to
give space to the large and irregular indices. Despite the customization the court cards
are still utterly recognizable. The deck includes two jokers. Hand-drawn jester hats with the word Joker
written underneath. They aren’t technically identical, although
to a spectator it’d be hard to tell. The composition notebook, has been around
in some form or another for about 130 years. I remember having a few when I went through
school, although I preferred spiral notebooks. Who remembers the trapper keeper? Comment below. I’m assuming nowadays kids use ipads and
other tablets to take notes? Anyway, the notebooks are still available
in most office supply or pharmacy stores in the standard 7.5 by 9.75 size. Penguin included this smaller version as an
add-on during the campaign. This one measures roughly 3.5 x 5 and is perfect
for writing predictions and other mentalism routines. It makes a nice companion piece to the deck. The deck was printed at the Expert Playing
Card Company’s printing facility in Taiwan, and as such the handling fares a little bit
better, thanks in part to the softer stock, than those EPCC decks made in China. It’s not a deck designed for cardistry as
flourished can look a little muddled due to the back design. The deck springs and dribbles well and faro’s
front to back with ease. Perhaps the biggest drawback to Penguin’s
choice in printer is the fact that EPCC only prints 54 cards to a deck as opposed to the
56 cards printed by Bicycle or Cartamundi. As such, for a deck really designed for magic
there’s a genuine lack of gaffs. At the very least a double backer would have
been great. And with the hand drawn element, a blank line
ruled card to write down a spectator’s name or a prediction would have been a welcome
addition indeed. As it is, the composition deck and the companion
notebooks are available for pre-order at as they wind down fulfillment on the campaign
and move to sell their remaining stock. If you can’t wait that long, here’s your
chance to win a copy of the composition deck from me. To enter you must 1. Like this video. 2. Be a subscriber to this channel. And 3. Comment below and tell me what your favorite
subject in school was and why. For a little extra credit take a guess as
to what my favorite subject was. Congrats to Ronald Olszewski–hope I’m pronouncing
that right–winner of the Kings Wild Tigers LTD deck. Contact me via Instagram to claim your prize. A special thanks to my awesome Patreon Producers
whose contributions help keep the mics hot and the cameras rolling. Finally, a big thank you to you for watching. It’s a fantastic time to be a subscriber
so click here if you haven’t already. To watch another great video click here. I’ve been the Gentleman Wake, hope to see
you next time.

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  1. My favorite subject was journalism, which causes me to go a little batty with what passes for journalism today (bad writing, obvious mistakes, etc) I'm guessing you were a history guy in school, as you pull some deep facts on some of the deck's subjects!

  2. Favourite subject for me in school was physics. I liked to know how and why a thing works. My guess for your favourite subject in school is Maths

  3. Favourite subject at school right now is philosophy! I like it cause in most subjects you think, but in philosophy you think about thinking! And i still use a paper notebook even though most of my classmates use a tablet 😂 i reckon your favourite subject was history!

  4. Funny deck ! I almost backed them on kickstarter, I don't remember why I didn't. Maybe because they were not printed by USPCC…
    When I was at school (back in the 70's/80's…👴), I really loved maths and English (though I'm French)
    Thanks for your review ! Greetings from France 👍

  5. In general my favourite subject is english, I know my english is not really good but it’s enough to understand your videos and I’m happy about that.

  6. My favorite class propably is something like Religion, Math or Sports class. Firstly, I just really like becoming the best version of myself which includes exchanging beliefs or world views (religion). Secondly, I love calculating propabilitys. Because of that I always calculate my chances of winning in card games like hearthstone (although it's been a long time since I've played it) (math). Last but surely not least, I had fun everytime. Worst case was doing something for my body shape, but I just really like trying sports. I tried easily 10 types of sports (to mention a few: Kendo, Kartate, Swimming, soccer, etc.)
    I could imagine that you like art because of the fascination for card designs.

  7. My favorite school subject was physics. Probably because it was all logical and i therefore never really had to study for it 😀
    Your favorite subject was probably English since you're always using very fancy language 😛 or maybe sports? You look like a quite sportive guy ^^

  8. I guess my favourite was Physics.. learning and understanding how things work.
    I believe yours was English.. "one day..", you thought "One day, i might travel to England!"

  9. Throwback deck for sure! Bought my son a Composition Book and he asked me "ummm, what am I supposed to use this for?" Hahaha.

    Have to say my favorite subject was history or shop. History because I've always found it incredibly entertaining, and shop because it gave me something to do with my hands.

    Gonna guess your favorite subject was English Lit.

  10. Well my favorite subject is still physics and Im guess its your favorite too because it kinda helps me understand cards

  11. This deck is not so much for performing I guess, but it could be a cool addition to my collection.
    How many decks do you have in your collection guys ? I'm also curious as to how many decks Mr.Wake has ..XD

  12. My favorite subject was History,
    It´s just something about how our modern world was created from people long ago that is so fascinating to me.
    I personally enjoy the times 753B.C. to 450B.C. the most.

    From guessing by your hint I would say the English/Language Lessons, especially the reading of books and analyzing them.
    Or Art because of your expert Cinematography on your YT-Channel.

  13. My favorite subject was history by far. History lessons did not feel like school for me, I always had fun in them. I never loved school, but I didn't hate it either. I did hate homework though. I think I went the last two years of my high school without basically doing any homework, I absolutely hated doing it.

  14. I like writing. It is a good way to express my opinion and tell and interesting story. I think you liked to read due to your love of Sherlock Homes

  15. Well, my favorite subject at school was gymnastics and art. However, I am from Greece were the educational system is nonexistent, so at least I liked these two.

    By the way, I believe your favorite subject, was languages ? 🙂

    Be well, nice video dude !

  16. My favourite subject was English. Grew up with a library in my house and my mom was an English teacher so I basically didn't have a choice, plus I'm terrible at math. Your favourite subject was….. history?

  17. my favorite subject in school was history. I always enjoyed learning about world war 2 it was always interesting to me on how people can easily be manipulated through propaganda.

  18. I’m old enough that I had the Trapper Keeper with the snap rather than Velcro. My favorite subject in school was history. Favorite class however was photography. Guessing yours was history also? Anyway great review as always. I can’t wait to see the design of your cards.

  19. computerscience class was my favorite (you got to sit in front of a computer, not that hard for it to become popular aside from recess). i guess your was pe class? you look sporty

  20. This idea for a design for Cards is really cool. Love it. Nice review thanks for doing this. Would be totally happy to win this deck 😄😍😍😍


    My Favorite Subject in HIGH SCHOOL was Trigonometry, just because of the extra special teacher that I had.
    Then, College, Sound and Electrical, as well, Engineering were my favorites.

    Lastly, my guess for YOUR favorite subject, would HAVE to be something Grammar, (“English” is all we called it) But, it HAS to be your thing! Your vernacular is rather extensive, as well as the way you speak, in general, leads me to this particular choice, as well as, belief!
    I could also see Math, or maybe even something out of the blue, such as a variation of some sort of Science.

    Alas, my first guess of “Grammar/English” is my “Final Answer”.

    I wish you and the Lady Wake the best of wishes.
    I hope that your successes continue to exponential grow, and that you continue to produce SUCH QUALITY content for our future.

    Post Script – Let’s team up, and design a deck together! My Lady Wake and I are mapping out a VERY unique and wonderfully executed future for ourselves. You and THE Lady Wake, are seemingly Partners of the Perfection Level.

    – Mathis Aduke (Matt A.)

  22. I'm a big mathematics and physics fanboy, may sound cheesy but it can be so beautiful sometimes. As for you I see you as a history kinda guy…?

  23. My favorite subject was chemistry. Loved making potions and watching things change colors. Trapper Keepers were mandatory at our school. Everyone needed to have one. And if I had to guess, I'd say your favorite subject was gym.

  24. I enjoyed music, and I'm going to guess you did as well. Oh, and I had the Trapper keeper with the red Ferrari with the palm trees behind it!

  25. Mine is physics as it states how things work. I think yours was math cause u sound like one. I have another guess ‘sports’ that’s everyone’s favourite.

  26. My favorite subject was theater really felt connected to the stage and the preformence. I guess that your favorite was kind of filming and video editing. Great review😊

  27. My favourite subject in school has to be history as learning about where we came from fascinates me!!! And you defiantly look like you loved english!!

  28. I didn't have any real passion for any subjects though I did well in school.
    I guess the band classes were my favorite because I definently liked music and still do.
    I think yours was history.
    By the way another nice video that deck interests me as well.

  29. I always loved my Japanese class. I had a great teacher with lots of friends with similar mindsets. We all loved anime and one of my personal goals was to learn 10 languages. I'm at 5 now so I'm slowly getting there.

    I want to guess that your favourite subject might have been either Photo or Chemistry. You have wonderful cinematography and it always looks stunning. And I'm guessing chemistry because you seem like the type that would enjoy that kind of atmosphere with experiments and different conditions, paying close attention to every detail.

  30. Hahaha!!! Trapper Keeper 😂 I used my composition notebook to draw comics during class. My favorite classes are always math and science!! If I had to guess, I would say you like either science class or theatre.

  31. Love your videos, and also my favorite subject was history and i don´t know why but I think you´re a math guy. Thanks for your content.

  32. Hi, im Dutch and I don’t know if you’re able to send anything to me, but… my favourite subject was maths! I loved to find out how certain things work like 0! (Look on yt) and why you couldn’t devide by 0,
    I also think your favourite subject was maths, you look like one! You atleast look smart like most magicians. Love from the Netherlands!!

  33. My favourite subject was mathematics and physics .It gave me a sense of adventure. That is the reason i liked it. I hope i win the giveaway

  34. my favorite subject is physics, well because i got the highest score on the test :v and i guess your favorite subject is english? because your english is good? idk just guessing 😂

  35. My favourite subject was history.
    I think your favourite subject might have been Social Science or English?

  36. I love maths

    I think you loved that too

    I don't have a deck . I am doing magics with my own home made cards
    But when IAM doing a double lift or false shuffle they could realize what am I doing
    And my trick : 💥

  37. LIKED! SUBSCRIBED! Your content is soooo cool! My favorite subject is Math and Science. I don't have a concrete reason. I just love solving and experimenting, I guess? Ahaha. And I'm guessing, yours is history?

  38. Whenever I see those books I can't think about anything but the shitty TV show when I was a kid called "Ghostwriter" lol.. who else remembers that show?

  39. Favorite subject was always Music. I think yours might have art or economics (attention to detail and all).

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