Composition – Ep: 72
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Composition – Ep: 72

October 22, 2019

Last week, Rose and I spent most of
our time going on walks with the kids and taking loads of pictures. And a lot of them turned out
really great! I don’t mean to sound surprised, I just, didn’t know what to expect- from
them. But the thought and time they put in to them. I finally saw passion from kids that
are usually so apathetic. Rose’s portrait turned out pretty nicely too, if I do say
so myself. Simon’s going love it. I’m sure of it. Simon! Jane. Hello. You’re filming again. Actually — I’m just here for lunch. The cafeteria food at the hospital is offensive. Come have a seat. My soup… The soup won’t go anywhere. I, wanted to thank you. Thank me? For the job. I mean, you were right,
the kids, aren’t what I expected but, they’re really wonderful. Look. They took
these photos. Beautiful, aren’t they? That’s a good tree. Oh I really like this one. Yes that’s the ocean. Impressive, don’t you think? It’s a pine cone. This one’s my favourite. That’s nice. Rose is beautiful, isn’t she? I- I like the composition. Rose is so amazing! She is- That doesn’t look like the Rose I know. Her hair is down. I could make you a copy of it. If you’d
like. what? I think she’d like you to have it. No… Simon. I think she likes you. And, I think you
know that. Why? I mean, you’re passionate, and smart and you work so hard those are good things. She thinks the world of you, I mean anyone can see that. What? it’s okay to like her too. Jane, can we talk about this later? No. Mary said you would try to avoid this line of questioning and that I shouldn’t take no for an answer. Jane, I can’t be looking for—With
her.. It’s complicated. There isn’t anything less complicated! You
like her. She likes you. Just tell her! Jane. Stop. Rose is wonderful. And smart and funny and sweet and beautiful. She is… I’m sensing there’s a “but” coming. But, she’s also rich. You’re afraid she won’t date you because
you aren’t rich? Simon, there’s more to life than — No, she’s not concerned about money,
per-say, but she grew up rich so she’s used to certain, conveniences, and I’m going to be travelling under developed regions of the world practicing medicine. You’re making this more difficult than it has to be. There are other options phones, texting, skype, good old
fashion letters. This isn’t going to be some
little trip. I’m going to devote my life to this. Your parents travelled together. Couldn’t
she go with you? Rose is rich, Jane. What does that have to do with anything? I can’t ask her to give up her life.
She’s… delicate. Can you imagine her going weeks without a shower? Or a cell phone?
Or access to a non-fat extra foamy latte? Simon, give her some credit I can’t ask her to forgo everything
that makes her her. That’s not fair! You have to at least
give her the chance to decide! I’m going back to work. What about your soup?!

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  1. Ya…. nice to see Jane more forceful about her opinions, but she really is NOT listening to what Simon is really saying… 

  2. This is a great way to tell the story line about Simon and Jane and everything, it works even for Jane to reflect on what happened between her and Mr. Rochester as well (Or am I overthinking things? Anyway) <3 This is really getting so great! 

  3. "come sit down."
    "…my soup…"
    "your soup won't go anywhere…"

    omg and the end!!! WHAT ABOUT YOUR SOUP!

  4. I like this adaptation if the story – this just makes more sense than his reasoning in the book. St. James in the story always just makes me mad. Here, Simon seems to be thinking more about Rose than what he wants in a companion.

  5. This is a fantastic representation of why it wouldn't work out between Simon and Rose. I also like how Simon legitimately cares about Rose, and is not at all critical of the fact that Rose wouldn't be able to handle the life he aspires to.

  6. my only complaint about this web series is that episodes aren't uploaded more often, I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH

  7. You can totally see the connection between the book version and the web series now.. poor Rose, he's making all kinds of assumptions without ever actually asking her if she'd like to go.. And it's nice to see Jane so forceful, just trying to help other people be better and go after what/who they want.. 

  8. Simon! You're so snobby! Not everyone can amount to your ridiculous expectations. I felt the same way when reading the book too.

  9. That was kind of intense! Simon please just talk to Rose!! :'(
    "I'm going back to work." "What about your soup?!" 

  10. Rose and Simon are kinda being ridiculous. If they liked each other, couldn't they just say it instead of making excuses? Simon is also jumping the gun, by saying that Rose is not suited a life of rugged world-building.  How can he say that when he has been on one date.Does he really know what kind of future she wants for herself?

    Even though Jane thinks that Simon is being unfair, I don't think it is a good idea for her to involved much further. I think she owes it to Rose to tell her the truth: Simon is attracted to her, but he thinks that she is delicate for working in an underdeveloped nation. Rose would be hurt, I think. But it would also give her hope. Rose still has a chance to change Simon's impression of her. 

    I've read the book, but I don't remember this part of the story very well. I just hope Rose gets a chance to stand up for herself and does not leave everything to Jane, or that Jane does not take it upon herself to change Simon's mind. That would not end well for anyone. This series has done a good job so far of portraying well-rounded female characters, and I hope it keeps it up. 

  11. I believe he wanna say she (Rose) is not you :A
    What about your soup? What does that supposed to mean or to do with the story?

  12. "what about your soup?!"
    This was really well done. I think being a doctor in third world countries is a good substitute for missionary.
    The only thing they left out is Simon's super self-depriving aspect. He actually doesn't want to open himself to love because he doesn't approve of it.

  13. Oh, how bittersweet. Simon's got a point, but is being too absolute about his presumption. Listen to Jane and just talk to Rose, dang it!

    I do love how his face conveyed emotion even through his limited expressive range. Kudos to Lucas Hall for that. Also, how this was a thoroughly civil conversation. He didn't raise his voice when pressed to discuss things further, and Jane didn't raise her voice or cross into the whiny-pleading territory that seems, whether in life or in media representations of life, to so often accompany these sorts of attempts at persuasion. I know they are actors trained in voice modulation, but they chose as actors and directors to keep it friendly and civil and I really appreciate that. It makes sense, too, since the Rivers family is generally so well-tempered compared to the world around them.

  14. Ouch. Poor Rose, I knew this was coming but it still hurts. 
    I feel a bit bad about laughing so hard at the soup joke, well done!

  15. Simon, we need to have a talk. I know you think you are being kind, but you are not. You are being what we call in the fandom world…a noble idiot, and noble idiocy never did anyone any good. It only causes pain and heartache. Now I won't tell you to man up and make the happy choice rather then the 'right' one, because I know what's coming next, but…man up! Happiness is a good thing! And you are worthy of it.

  16. Also can I just say that I love that one of the things the fandom is most concerned about in this video is what happened to the soup

  17. I know how it is in the book, but I really hope Simon and Rose end up together in this adaptation. Or I hope at least that they give Rose a chance to choose, or give her the guts to ask Simon herself.

  18. I love how accepting everyone is about Jane filming them. I've still been too self conscious to tell people that I make videos let alone vlog with other people in the room.

  19. One thing that is really clear is that Simon clearly doesn't know Rose as well as he thinks he does. Lattes and cell phones? Like that's what makes up a person? He's being condescending and presumptuous, which, combined with what happens later with Jane, really channels book!St James very well with all his internalized misogyny (ie inability to see many of the women in his life as complex and complete people with their own, valid thoughts and opinions) and white savior complex.

  20. Awww…..

    it makes me sad he doesn't let Rose decide…I guess he's just afraid to invest in a relationship and then she turn away?


  21. But isn't this sort of what St. John did to Jane too when he asked her to marry him in the book? Slur assumed a lot of things and yet he was completely blindsided as well.

  22. okay wow, rose is a person with agency and the ability to change and adapt if she needs to. this shouldn't be a unilateral decision, and it's disrespectful of simon not to at least be open and honest with her so she can make her own choice. ughhhh

  23. Awwww I love him!!! He remembers rose’s drink! That’s so adorable! And I love how his not allowing himself to have a chance with her is more his refusal to change her from the perfect person that he loves about her – rather than him being against love and feeling things. Over all I think he should have at least given rose the chance to decide for herself whether or not she could live that life with him!
    Ughhh guys like this make me so mad!! Lol but I love this simon guy!! 😂😂💖😍

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