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Composition in Capture One Pro 7 | Phase One imaging software

October 20, 2019

Tools for adjusting composition are located
in the Composition Tool tab. These include, Crop, Roatation & Flip, Keystone and Overlay. In this tutorial we will look at Cropping and Rotation. To crop freehand, leave the ‘Ratio’ menu set to ‘Unconstrained’ Select the crop tool by clicking here or hitting ‘c’ on the keyboard. Move to the viewer and click drag a crop frame. A semi transparent mask will hide the area that has been cropped. This can be adjusted in the preferences if necessary. The orange numbers on the edge of the frame indicate
the size of the cropped image. Change the units in the pull down menu here. When you select another cursor tool, the crop is applied
so you can work on the cropped image
without the distraction of the uncropped area. To crop to a certain aspect ratio, select one from the available
list or create one by choosing ‘Add aspect ratio’ The crop area will now be constrained to the selected ratio. If a keystone correction has been applied, it is sometimes
useful to crop outside of the image area. If necessary, tick the ‘Crop Outside Image’ checkbox. To remove a crop, click anywhere outside of the crop frame
or click the ‘Reset Crop’ adjustments button in the crop tool itself. To rotate an image, drag the angle slider to the left and right. If a horizontal or vertical reference point is available,
draw along it using the ‘Straighten’ tool.
Select it here or simply hit ‘r’ on the keyboard. This will automatically rotate the image about the reference
point to be leveled. To rotate an image by 90 degrees, left or right,
use the left and right buttons. Alternatively, use the rotate cursor tool directly on images
in the browser. Use Shift ‘r’ to move through the different straighten cursor option. To flip an image, choose an option in the ‘Flip’ pull down menu. To apply a Crop or Rotation setting to multiple variants,
select them in the browser. Then shift click on the copy apply button in the crop or rotation tool.

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