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Composition In Storytelling | CRISWELL | Cinema Cartography

August 25, 2019

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  1. Very good video, I found it very informative and I enjoyed it very much, I look forward to watching some of your other videos.

  2. great video, one nitpick – pay more attention to image formats – couple of images were stretched (for example the shot from American psycho), otherwise it's a very professional video essay!

  3. I will support you on Patreon, YouTube, and every where you want my support. Love from aspiring Cinematographer.

  4. Thank you, Chris, for such a wonderful class… because of people like you, people like me can learn the craft of filmmaking even when they cannot afford a film school… and keep their dreams of becoming filmmakers alive… thank you once again… cheers!!!

  5. Fantastically inspirational! Thank you for creating and sharing this- such a great explanation of cinematic composition!

  6. What an incredible video! I absolutely loved this and learned so much. This has to be one of my favorite videos on the entire internet

  7. I like the two videos Fargo relationships and this video but is framing and composition the same or they different

  8. Seen this like five times, and keep coming back to it. Not pretentious, just basic facts based on what we see in front of us

  9. I have to revisit this every once in a while. Simply, a fantastic essay into a deeper look into the subtle (and not so) details in film. Wonderful job!

  10. after couple of years of watching this particular video, i feel as if i learned stuff, which i was clueless back then. thank you Criswell

    No SKILLSHARE-BULLSHIT at the end!
    Classic ending credits with music! Perfectly balanced as all things should be.

  12. This to me is one of the things that makes Kubrick stand out so much. So many movies are full of images that seem unintentional in the composition, where his can be stopped at virtually any frame to reveal a well-composed shot.

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