Composition part I – Leading the eye of the viewer
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Composition part I – Leading the eye of the viewer

October 25, 2019

Composition, is how you consciously arrange, the elements in your shot. It’s all about communication. And that means, not presenting the viewers with… randomness. You have to lead their eyes to the elements that are actually important. This will instantly lift the quality of your video. no matter the budget or the gear. And to prove it, I’ll be using holiday footage to exemplify. First, choose your framing. A wide shot tells the viewer to focus on the environment. Go closer and you’re conveying subjects’ emotions. Go even closer and you’re speaking of interesting details. Then, be mindful of what you include in that frame. Is there a way to tidy up? To speak more clearly? Is the background competing for attention? Then, shut it up. If you can’t. Look for natural lines that can, highlight your subject in the busy environment. Or lines that can guide through it. If there are no lines. Look for light and colour that can serve as navigational stops. Trust me. The people watching your home videos will be eternally grateful.

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