Composition Pattern: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson
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Composition Pattern: You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson

September 9, 2019

There is no question in the entire world of photographic composition that you must understand the vision of your lenses if you’re going to be successful in executing the compostional concepts that you have in mind. In this particular instance, the one thing that I really want to pull off here is to compress space and create both color and pattern. Look at these lines of trees. Let’s take a look and you’ll see what I mean. As I zoom out and I mean really zoom out all the way, in this case to 450mm, take a look at that image and clearly it’s an image of striking color, as well as a pattern of vertical lines. We’re not finished. I say that emphatically. Any time you have an opportunity to use pattern in and of itself it can be effective. We’ve kind of done that here. What I’m suggesting, which I think would be far more compelling is, what if we introduced something to that pattern. In this case, all I’ve got to do is snap my fingers. Notice right off the bat, you can clearly see this on the video, she’s wearing a hot pink color which is a wonderful contrast to the yellow. Same exact composition only she now is in the photograph. Take a look at that. Exposure hasn’t changed at all. What’s changed is the overall subject matter. It’s no longer a composition limited to color and pattern. Now it’s a composition of color and pattern but also a primary subject, in this case the beautiful Maya wearing her hot pink sweater that is a wonderful contrast to that vivid yellow. Here’s a few more examples where pattern has once again been used as a background to support the odd subject that sits atop. Well I hope this is something you’ll find useful and you can apply towards your own photographic creativity. In the months if not years ahead. Until next time, this is Bryan Peterson saying You Keep Shooting.

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  1. Confused me saying zoom out all the way to 450? U mean zoom in. The lens u listed under description only goes to 300 so that confused be to. But i get the idea and is very helpful and shows how zoom can isolate and bring out patterns. Thks

  2. Whats changed Bryan is that you can make girls appear with the snap of your fingers hahaha, great photo tip as always.

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