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Composition Photo Challenge – Getty Unshuttered

August 27, 2019

My name is Grecia, but
people call me Grace, and I’m from Boyle Heights. I’m really interested in
focusing on sexual assault and taking pictures of the
person I first talked to about it happening to me. And showing a journey
of how to get better. Or maybe I could use my
hair to cover my face a bit? I might not show any
faces, but I’ll certainly show other details
like hands or gestures, so composition will be
really key in these pictures. It’s not OK that something
like this happens to a person. It has never been OK, and
it should never be OK. Photographs help
me express visually what is actually very
difficult for me to talk about, because something that comes
along with sexual assault is self deprecation,
depression, things like that, and those are things that
anyone can connect to, and it’s not something that
you could just brush off. For a couple of
months I couldn’t stand to look at
myself in the mirror. I wasn’t facing the situation. It was more like
I was ignoring it. And as time passes, it
gets worse holding it in. It becomes heavy on you. So it’s better to just
free yourself from that. That’s what photography
helps me to do. Ready, David? It’s very important to me here,
because we were on this couch when I told David
what was going on. He was the first
person I ever told. You really helped me understand
that it wasn’t my fault, that I was going to be OK. Stop looking like that,
you’re going to make me cry. David was always there
for me and just has become a fundamental part
of my support system. In my series, it’s kind of
like we’re playing around with empty space. But at the same time, I’m trying
to just do it neck and below. It’ll be half of
you, half of me. We’ll move close and then hug. I hope that people
seeing these pictures will find someone
to talk about it, and hopefully they’re
getting some sort of comfort through at least
one of my images. Photographs capture emotions,
they capture moments, and that’s really what
I’m trying to convey. It’s not just the story,
but the whole experience. So just use your voice. It helps, because
when you open up, you have people who
will support you. It’s really whatever you
feel most comfortable with, because in the end,
it’s going to be you who’s talking about it.

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