Composition Scheme Gst Filing in Marg ERP  [English]
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Composition Scheme Gst Filing in Marg ERP [English]

October 24, 2019

Subscribe to Marg Tutorial You Tube Channel & Press This Bell Icon So you can stay updated with latest videos Hello Everyone in this video we will tell you how you can generate GSTR4 in Marg Software Firstly, we will get to know what is GSTR-4 GSTR4 is GST Return and it is basically for those tax payer who comes under Composition Scheme And the turnover is less than 1.5 crore And GSTR 4 can be filed on quarterly basis Moreover if you will not file GSTR4 then penalty
will be fined of Rs. 200/- So, let see how you can generate GSTR4 in Marg Software One thing we will focus here,those who comes under Composition Scheme will select Composition here in Company If we will select Registered or Unregistered
then GSTR 4 option will not be enabled So from Final Reports, go to GST Register
and Returns then select GSTR4 Firstly there is Report Path means on which
location file will be generated Then select Period like July to September The very first quarter which will be selected, that is July to September As you will select period, date will be
entered automatically Next is Tax Rate: whatever will be the
category, we will select that tax rate Like for Traders its 1%, for Manufacturers
its 2% and for Restaurants its 5% Then is Report Date : will enter that date, on which we are generating the report Then click on eReturn You can see excel file is generating And you will see excel file is generated Do OK Like here is 4B(B2B) means, its a purchase from registered supplier on which reverse charge is applicable So, details of 4B (B2B) will come in it Along with it if you want to check if there
is any error or not in sheet then click on Validate sheet button As it is showing here that there is no error in sheet Next is 4C (B2B Un Registered) means
details of the purchase has been done between July to September, from the unregistered supplier will be shown here Click on Validate Sheet So you can see here,it is shown that an error in whichever cell is highlighted with red color If you are doing mouse hover on an error then it shows an actual error like here it is “Invalid date/format” Here the Year format is not correct, will rectify it and click again on Validate sheet You will get Validate sheet button in every
sheet and you have to click on Validate sheet button in every sheet Because if there is any error in particular sheet Then you will get to know and can correct it again Next is 4D(IMPS) means if you import any of the services from another country The details of it will be displayed here Next is 5B(CDNR)the debit note and credit
note are being issued from registered parties the details of those will be shown here Similarly here is Debit note/ Credit note (for unregistered) So, if you issue debit note or credit note to an unregistered person Then the details will be shown here Next Sheet is 6(TXOS) turnover will be calculated and it will be shown here and in whichever category you are in According to it Central Tax and State Tax will be calculated automatically Now here, will see how turnover is getting
calculated Total Sale + Advance — Sales Return Means the sale done by you like Total Sale + Advance like if you have taken any advance,
if sale return has been done and the left over value will come here After this, if you have paid advance to the
registered or unregistered person on which Reverse Charge is applicable then you have to pay tax on the advance as well on the basis of reverse charge So, if you have paid advance to the reverse charge supplier then the detail of that will be shown here Next is 8B advance tax adjustment, if you
have paid advance in 8A and GST has also been paid on advance and if has happened later then details of it will be shown in 8B Apart from it, if we will come to Home sheet
then you can see summary is not displayed here If will click on Get Summary then summary
will be generated automatically After this JSON file will be generated then
click on Json file to upload So friends, in this way you can generate GSTR4 in
Marg Software Thank You !

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