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Composition Trick to Enhance Photos/Videos

October 26, 2019

If I could give you just one piece of
advice for improving your photos and videos it would honestly be this. It’s
extremely easy and it works for both photography and videography but first we
need to go out and shoot so I’ll be right back. I took a bunch of photos while I was out and here’s one that I want to show
you. In my opinion this is a pretty cool photograph. I think that the tower makes
a nice subject and its surroundings make an all right composition. But if we were
to just move the camera a little bit closer to the ground then we can reveal
this kind of fence in the shot. Having that fence in the foreground of the
photo just adds so much depth and so much interest into the shot for me and
if you haven’t figured it out by now the tip that this video is about is just to
have something right in front of the camera. There are a few different ways to
do this. One is the one that I just showed you where you get the camera
really close to something that’s in that composition. If you’re shooting something
like grass in the foreground then you can even get so close that it’s almost
like you’re shooting through that object. That’s the most straightforward way to
go about this but if you don’t have an object like the fence available at your
location you can also achieve a similar effect by just getting your camera
really close to the ground. You could even take something from the location
like a few pieces of grass and just use your hand to hold that in front of the
camera lens. No matter which of these techniques you use to achieve the effect
it’s always going to look better if you’re using a wider aperture lens like
f/1.4 or f/1.8. Using a lens with a wider aperture like that really helps to blur
out that foreground. That extra blurring and bokeh that you get from having
something so close to the lens is one of several different reasons that you
should be doing this. Another is that it adds a lot of depth to the photo.
Oftentimes when a photo looks flat or uninteresting it’s due to a lack of
depth and using a technique like this can really fix that problem and add
several different layers of depth into your shot.
This technique also helps you to showcase the smaller details of your
location. If you’re shooting at a mountain you could just take a photo of
that mountain or you could get a much more interesting photo that says more
about that location by putting maybe a plant or a flower that grows at the base
of that mountain in the foreground. That way you’re showing the large scale of
the location, that mountain, but you’re also showing the
smaller details of that location through that flower in the foreground. If you do
it right you can even use this technique as a composition tool. If you look at
this photo that I posted on my Instagram a few weeks back you can see that the
plant in the foreground shows kind of a box shaped frame around the tower.
Another thing I like about this technique is that it can almost give you
a feeling that you’re hiding or poking out from somewhere to look at something.
My favorite thing about this photo that I took earlier is that it makes it feel
like the tower is hidden at the end of this trail so why not exemplify that
feeling of being hidden even further by putting some grass right in front of the
camera. It was there in the original photo too but having that grass in the
foreground really adds that distance between us and the tower. This photo that
I got last week is kind of cool but it’s just a photo of me walking down a road
there’s not any kind of substance or a feeling that you can attach to that. But
if we were to move the camera to be on the side of the road then we get an
angle with a completely different feeling. We get to see a much more
detailed view of the plants and moss by the side of the road and we also get
this kind of mysterious feeling like we’re showing the perspective of
something lurking by the side of the road. As if improving your still photos
wasn’t enough, this can do even more to improve your video footage. Having some
small objects in the foreground of your shot makes the camera motion in your
clip feel a lot more dramatic. Having something close to the camera can make a
little bit of motion go a long way which is especially helpful for when you’re
shooting handheld or without the assistance of a camera stabilizer. But
that is all for this week’s video I hope that you enjoyed it and if you did do
feel free to show your support by leaving a like on the video or even
subscribing to my channel. I upload new filmmaking tutorials every single
Saturday, keep creating, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. Awesome video but unfortunately even after my extensive requests still no transitions with the letterbox effect applied directly on it

  2. Nice vid and music. You're really good at photography as well. Congrats on 10k dude. Almost a year ago I came across your channel you were around 800 subscribers. When you were still Digital Blast. I subscribed around 2k (I didn't have an account till then). Looking forward to see you hit 75k at the end of the year.

  3. Dope video dude! I really admire you for already having such a unique style 😉 I'm still trying out a lot of styles haha

  4. Thank you Aidin! I will try this technique in my next video. I love your passion about the videos and the editing is on top! Bravo 👏

  5. Great work and a lot of valid points, may I just add that in photography using a foreground which is relatively brighter and out of focus might keep the viewer from exploring the rest of the photo. I don’t find that it does distract that much in video but in photography it does as you have time to analyse that one shot. Typically I try to use a radial or gradient filter to reduce that attention and lead into the subject.

  6. Can you do a tutorial teaching us the best export settings for youtube. I record on a G7 in 4k like you. I export in 1080 and looks great, but when I upload to youtube my videos loses sharpnees. I like a lot the quality of your videos!

  7. I'm 40 seconds into the video and… WOW… if someone had shown me this clip one year ago and told me "this is Digital Blast" I wouldn't have believed them… You've improved a lot, congratulations Aidin! :O
    It's just so… cinematic (is that the word?)
    edit: now that I finished watching the whole thing I'll make sure to follow these tips to improve my content. Thanks ^^

  8. fellow g7 shooter here. you're talented bro. music, composition, pacing, its all there. keep it up and you're going places.

  9. Hi! I am going to buy a camera. But can i buy Lumix g7? Because i think it's perfect as i saw much of your videos and photos that was caught using g7. Thanks. Waiting for your response.

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