Conditions worsen for elderly living at Capitol Park Hotel
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Conditions worsen for elderly living at Capitol Park Hotel

September 9, 2019

[BLANK_AUDIO] This is what we old goofs
have to go through. We shouldn’t have to live like this. [BLANK_AUDIO] Had to do it that way
because there’s no switch. [BLANK_AUDIO] There’s no light switch. See how dirty the sink is? No water, so
you can’t wash it out with hot water. [BLANK_AUDIO] Pretty soon we’ll have roaches in there,
too. Yep, we haven’t had fresh water for
two days now. It’s getting to be a real problem. All up and down the steps and
getting fresh water. But the biggest problem, they’ve got dirty
sink, dirty toilet, dirty bathtub, and, [BLANK_AUDIO] And getting to the point
the place is getting unlivable. [BLANK_AUDIO] But, [BLANK_AUDIO] I thought we had a better situation
with these new people coming in. Seems to me what they’ve done
is creating a new homeless. It’s like a solution looking for
a problem. [BLANK_AUDIO] Man. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>My biggest deal is the bedbugs. It’s unbelievable, and especially the last month, it’s like an invasion. And it’s very difficult. I got to actually spray
my stuff with alcohol and spray the sheets with alcohol
to get any kind of rest. [BLANK_AUDIO] And besides all the other problems that
people are talking about, the elevator, the water. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>Hi there.>>I have COPD and emphysema. So getting downstairs and
upstairs’ very difficult for me. I run out of breath and
then it’s hard to get back to normal. [LAUGH] I can’t get down to fix anything
to eat because elevators are out. They’ve been out since last Sunday. [BLANK_AUDIO] Monday I had an appointment so
I had to leave. And I walked down six flights of stairs. By the time I got downstairs
I was very short of breath, and then I had to walk just
over two blocks to 7th and Capital, because lately I started
to forget where I was going. That took me 25 minutes
just to get two blocks. Then when I came back,
I had walked upstairs back to my room. So that’s six flights of stairs upstairs. [BLANK_AUDIO] It’s not easy for me. I don’t do much of anything. Now you don’t leave your room. [LAUGH] With the elevators not working,
I’m not gonna try to do stairs again, no. [BLANK_AUDIO] And today the water’s shut off. And they’re telling you if you have to
use the bathroom, go down to Hotel Berry. [LAUGH] [BLANK_AUDIO] These people are something else. [BLANK_AUDIO] I mean I’ve had more problems since I
moved into, well, since I’ve been here and these people took over. They took over what, 13th of July? About a week after they got here, I suddenly developed like bed bugs and
fleas. I bet I spent over $100 trying
to get rid of the pests, okay? The fleas, they’re just biting you. They’re just all over you. They’re in your hair. [BLANK_AUDIO] And I’ll use my blow dryer to try to
blow them out, try to kill them out. [LAUGH] But, I mean I sprayed everything. I sprayed my shoes. I’m cleaning my brush four or
five times a day.>>They don’t clean the rooms no more. They used to clean the rooms. They used to come in an vacuum,
clean the toilet, mop the floor, make the bed for you. They don’t do that no more. They let all the employees
go that worked here, that knew what was going on. They all left. [BLANK_AUDIO] That was the fourth
floor in this building. We still gotta go down one. These are the ones. When people complain, they dragged this
mattress in one of the store rooms, I don’t know how many they got. And they replace it with another mattress. [BLANK_AUDIO] And that’s if you complain about bed bugs,
that’s what they do. I don’t think it’s a new mattress. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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