Constituição Federal Completa – Art. 61 a 100
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Constituição Federal Completa – Art. 61 a 100

October 21, 2019

in the same subsection legislative session
three of the laws article 61 initiative of the complementary and ordinary laws
It is for any member or commission of the House of Representatives of the Federal Senate
or from the national congress to the president from the republic to the federal supreme court
to the courts superior to the prosecutor Republic and the citizens in the
and in the cases provided for in this constitution paragraph 1
sanguinetti private initiative of the president of the republic to the laws that
need to fix or modify the Armed Forces Staff 2
provide over the line the creation of public functions or jobs of the
direct and autarchic administration or increased remuneration
point b administrative organization and judicial matters tax and
budget utilities and staff of territory administration
incidentally and public servants of the union and territory its legal regime
provision of stability and retirement
the ministry organization line public of the public defender of the union
as well as general rules for the organization of public prosecution and defense
of the states of the federal district and territories the line is creation extinction of
ministries and agencies of administration subject to the provisions of Article
84 subparagraph 6 (f) military military your legal regime
job vacancies promotions instability remuneration in form and
transfer to reservation paragraph 2 the popular initiative may
be exercised by the presentation in the camera the deputies of the subscribed bill
by at least 1% of the national electorate spread over at least five states
with not less than three tenths percent of the voters of each of them
Article 62 where relevant and urgency the president of the republic
may adopt provisional measures with force of law and must submit them in
immediately to the national congress first paragraph is prohibited from extinction
provisional measures on the subject need to align nationality
citizenship political rights and parties politicians and electoral law
a line b criminal law criminal procedural civil procedural
incidentally and organization of the judiciary and the public prosecutor’s office the career and the
guarantee of its members the line of multiyear plans guidelines
budget budget and credits additional and supplementary salvador
provided for in Article 67 paragraph 3 those two aimed at detention the
kidnapping of popular action assets or any other accurate financial asset
third except the complementary law 04 already disciplined in bill
approved by the national congress and pending sanction or veto from the president
from republic second provisional measure which
implies your institution or major except those provided for in Articles
153 item 12 45 and 154 item 2 only will have effects on the exercise
following financial statement if converted into law until the last day
that in which paragraph 3 was issued the provisional measures save the
paragraph 11 12 and not effectiveness told the issue if they are not
converted into law within 60 days extended in accordance with paragraph 7
once for equal period living the national disciplinary congress
by legislative decree the relations resulting from them
paragraph 4 the period referred to in paragraph 3 shall be published
of the provisional measure suspending the recess periods in the congress
national paragraph 5
the release of each of the houses of the National Congress on the merits of
provisional measures will depend on prior judgment on the
attendance and its assumptions paragraph 6 if the measure
is not considered within 45 days from its publication that
will enter into emergency subsequently in each of the houses
of the national congress getting until the vote is finalized
all other deliberations of the house in which you are
going to seventh place a only once for the same period
provisional measure that within 60 days after its publication is not
has its voting closed at both national congress houses
paragraph 8 the provisional measures will have their voting started in the House of
deputies paragraph 9 shall be the responsibility of the
deputies and senators examined the provisional measures and issue them
opinion before being considered in separate session by the plenary of each
one of the houses of the national congress tenth paragraph
reissue in the same session is prohibited same measure
provisional rejection of the has lost its effectiveness for the course
deadline paragraph 11 edited the decree
referred to in paragraph 3 to 60 days after the election the loss of
effectiveness of the provisional measure legal relationships established and
arising from acts performed during its validity shall be preserved by it.
governed by paragraph 12 approved conversion bill
changing the original measurement text provisional is maintained and
fully in force until it is sanctioned or vetoed the draft article 63
will not be allowed to increase the expected expenditure incision in the projects
initiative of the President of the republic
subject to the provisions of Article 166. paragraph 3 and paragraph 4
projects under the organization of administrative services of the
deputies and in the federal senate the federal courts and the ministry
public article 64 the discussion and voting of the initiative bills of the
president of the republic in the supreme federal court and the courts
higher will start in the chamber of the deputies
paragraph 1 the president of the republic may request urgency to
appreciation of projects of his initiative second paragraph that in the case of
paragraph 1 the Chamber of Deputies federal senate do not speak out about
the proposition each successively in within 45 days of being will be all
other legislative deliberations of the house with the exception of those which have
a constitutional term determined by final vote for the third
consideration of federal senate amendments by the House of Representatives
shall be made within 10 days the more the provisions of paragraph
previous paragraphs 3 and 4 the deadlines for meeting
the second does not run during periods of recess of the national congress nor
apply to code projects article 65 the bill passed by a house
will be reviewed and the other in one turn and discussion and voting sent to the sanction
or promulgation if the reviewing house approves or
archived and or reject sole paragraph with the project being amended
will return to the initiating house article 66 the house in which the
vote will send the bill to the president of the republic who warming the
will sanction for the first your president
republic consider the project in the whole or partly emotional or contrary to
public interest to veto it altogether or partially within 15 business days
from the date of receipt and communicate 48 hours
president of the federal senate the motives veto to paragraph 2 the partial veto
will only cover the full text of the paracuru article aline’s decision
to the third after 15 days the silence
of the president of the republic import the sanction paragraph 4
veto will be considered in joint session within 30 days of this of your
receipt can only be rejected by the vote of the
absolute majority of Members and senators paragraph 5 his veto is not
thug will be the project sent to promulgation to the president of the republic
to the sixth and exhausted in deliberation the period laid down in paragraph 4.
veto shall be placed on the agenda of the immediate session overstated the other
propositions until your final vote paragraph 7 if the law is not promulgated
within 48 hours by the president of the republic the cases of paragraphs 3 and
5th the senate president shall promulgate it and if it does not do the same, it will fit
to the senate vice president do it 67 the constant matter of bill
rejected can only constitute the new project object
at the same legislative session by proposal of the absolute majority of the members
in any of the congress houses national article 68 the delegated laws
shall be drawn up by the President of Republic which shall apply for
delegation to the national congress paragraph one shall not be subject to
delegation the acts of competence of the national congress or of
the exclusive competence of the deputies or federal senate the matter
reserved to the supplementary law nor legislation on whether the first
the organization of the judiciary the public prosecutor the career and the
guarantee of its members if the second citizenship nationality and shy ice
political and electoral incised third multiannual plans guidelines
budgets and budgets paragraph 2 the delegation to the president of the republic
will the congressional resolution form which shall specify its content and
the terms of your exercise paragraph 3 resolution determines the appraisal of the
project by the national congress this the will do in single rotation sealed to any
amendment article 69 the complementary laws will be approved by an absolute majority
accounting audit session 9 Financial and Budgetary Rule 70
financial accounting supervision operating and equity budget
the union and entities of direct and indirect administration regarding
legality legitimacy economicity application of grants and waiver of
revenue will be exercised by the congress through external control that
by the internal control system of each power
sole paragraph shall report to any natural or legal person
public or private collect and store manage or manage
public goods and values ​​or by which the union answers what in
its name assume obligations to pecuniary nature article 71 the control
from the national congress will be exercised with the assistance of the court
of accounts of the union to which need to appreciate the accounts rendered
annually by the president of the republic upon prior opinion which shall be
drawn up within 60 days of its receipt item 2 judge the accounts
of managers and other responsible for money goods and
public values ​​of direct administration and indirect included the foundations and
companies established and maintained by federal government and the accounts
of those who caused the loss loss or other irregularity of which
damage to the public purse itself of the 3rd review for purposes of Egypt to
legality of acts of admission of staff in any capacity whatsoever
direct and indirect administration including foundations established and
maintained by the public authorities and appointments to staff positions
in commission as well as the concessions of pensions pensions
except for the subsequent improvements that not having the legal basis of the act
concession item 4 perform by own initiative of the House of
federal senate deputies and commission technical the survey inspections and
accounting audit operational budgetary and
in the administrative units of executive legislative powers
and other entities referred to in in item 2 item 5 oversee the
national business accounts supranational companies whose capital stock
union directly or indirectly indirect us
we have from the constitutive treaty item 6 supervise the application of any
resources passed on by the union through covenant agreement adjustment or others
similar instruments to which I have been federal district the incisive principle 7
provide the information requested by the national congress by any of its
houses or by any of their respective accounting oversight committees
operational budgetary and equity and results of
audit without suspensions performed clause 8 apply to those responsible for
unlawful expenditure or irregularity of accounts to sanctions
provided for by law shall establish between other fine combinations proportional to the
damage to the treasury item 9 sign period for the body or entity to adopt
the necessary steps to the exact law enforcement is modified
illegality I need them to stop if not the execution of the contested act is granted
communicating the decision to the deputies and the federal senate
these men represent to power competent authority on irregularities or
abuses cleared paragraph 1 in the case of a contract or act of suppression
will be adopted directly by the congress that if he will immediately have to
executive power the appropriate measures to the second your national congress or
black executive power within 90 not take the planned measures
in the previous paragraph the court shall decide on this
3rd the court rulings that result in imputation of debit or fine
create executive title effectiveness paragraph 4 the court shall refer to the
quarterly or annual national congress activities Report
72 to the standing joint committee referred to in Article 166
1 in the light of indications of non- even if in the form of
unscheduled investments or Unapproved grants may apply for
the responsible government authority that within five days feet
necessary clarifications so that the first not provide the knowledge
or considered to be insufficient the commission will ask the court
concluding statement on the matter within 30 days for the 2nd
understanding the court and regulate the expense
if the commission considers that the expense may cause irreparable damage or serious injury to
public economy propose to congress national its support article 73
the court of auditors of the integrated union by nine ministers are based in the district
federal own staff or jurisdiction
throughout the national territory exercising where applicable
in article 96 for the prime minister the union court ministers
will be named among Brazilians who meet the following requirements
I need more than 35 and less than 65 years of age
these two and the moral unity and unblemished reputation notorious 3
accounting legal knowledge economic and financial or
public administration needs 4 more than ten years in office or
effective professional activity that requires the knowledge mentioned in item
previous paragraph according to the ministers of
union court of auditors who are selected
did a one third by the president republic with the approval of the senate
being two alternately among auditors and ministry members
before the court indicated in triple list by court
according to seniority criteria incised aging 2 two thirds at
National Congress we need to stop the third ministers
of the union’s court of auditors shall have the same prerogative guarantees as asking for
salaries and advantages of ministers of the higher court of
justice applying if they regarding retirement
pension to the rules laid down in Article 40 paragraph 4
the auditor when replacing the Minister will have the same guarantees
impediment of the holder and when exercise of the other duties of the
judicature and judges of the regional court federal article 74 in the powers
legislative executive judiciary maintain an integrated system of
internal control granted for the purpose of need to assess achievement of goals
in the multiannual plan the implementation of government programs and budgets
of the union of the two prove the legality and evaluate with resources for
management effectiveness and efficiency financial and equity budget
in the administrative bodies and entities as well as the application of
public resources amounts of private 3 exercise control over the operations of
credit will endorsements and guarantees as well as union rights and avenues 54
support external control in the exercise of his constitutional mission item 5 to
the first the controllers when they become aware of
any irregularity her freedom informed the court of auditors of
union under penalty of liability supportive according to any party citizen
political association or union is part legitimate for in the form of the law the
report irregularities and illegalities before the union’s court of auditors
Article 75 the rules laid down this session applies if it’s not is the
organization composition and supervision State Courts of Auditors and the
federal district as well as the courts and municipal councils
sole paragraph the constitutions state courts were over the courts of
prospect accounts that will be integrated by seven power advisers two
executive section 1 of the president of the vice president of the republic article 76
executive power is exercised by the president of the republic aided by the
state ministers reached 77 the election president and vice president of the
republic he will only be simultaneously in the first sunday of october in 1st round
and last sunday october and second shift if any from the year preceding the
end of current presidential term the election for the first election of the
president of the republic will import the vice president with the registered for the
second will be considered elected president the candidate who registered
by political party get the most absolute number of votes not counted
white and the nulls for third if no candidate reaches the majority
absolute in the first fars vote and the new election within 20 days of the
result proclamation competing the two candidates most
voted and considering himself elected that that get the most valid votes paragraph 4 if before performing the
second round occurs death of existence the legal impediment
the called candidate will cear among the remaining was greater vote for the
fifths if in the hypothesis of paragraphs previous ones that provide a second place
more than one candidate with the same vote qualify the oldest Article 78
president the vice president of Republic took office in session of the
National Congress commitment to keep defending and
comply with the constitution observe the laws promote the general good of the Brazilian people
sustain the union the integrity and the independence of Brazil
sole paragraph ten days after the date fixed for taking office the president
there was the vice president except reason for force majeure has not taken office
this will be declared vague article 79 replace the chairman in the event of
impediment and shall succeed in vacancy or vice president
sole paragraph of the republic other than other attributions that competed with him
wounds by complementary law will assist the president always summoned by him to
special missions article 80 in case of impediment of the president and
vice president or vacancy of the respective positions will be successively
called to the office of presidency Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies or
federal senate or the supreme court federal article 81 wandering the positions of
president and vice president of republic will make themselves they are 90 days
after opening the last vacancy for the first occurring vacancy in the
last two years of the period presidential election for both
positions will be made thirty days after the last vacancy by the national congress in
law form for the second in any In such cases, the elected shall complete the
period of its predecessors article 82 the mandate of the president of the republic is of
four years and will start on 1 January of the year following the election
Article 83 the president and vice president of
may not be unlicensed by the national congress absent from the country
for more than 15 days under penalty loss of office
section 2 of the duties of the president from republic
Article 84 competes privately with to the president of the republic to appoint and
dismiss the ministers of state that second exercise with the aid of the
minister of state the superior direction of item 3 federal administration start
the legislative process in the form and cases provided for in this constitution
item 4 sanction promulgate and make publish the laws as well as expedite
decrees and regulations for your faithful execution item 5 veto bill
totally or partially accurate six dispose by decree on the line to be
organization and operation of federal administration
when it does not imply an increase in expenditure nor creation or extinction of organs
public line b extinction of duties or positions
public when vacant item 7 keep relations with foreign states and
believe your representatives diplomats in 68 conclude treaties and
international conventions and acts subject the referendum of the national congress
it takes nine decreed the state defense of the state of siege item 10
decree and execute the intervention federal item 11 forward message and
government plan to the national congress on the occasion of the opening of the
legislative session setting out the situation of the country and requesting the measures
deem necessary item 12 to grant pardon and switching only with
hearings is required from the organs instituted by law item 13 exercise the
supreme command of the armed forces appoint navy commanders
aeronautical army promote their generals in appointing them to positions that
are private to them item 14 name after approval by the federal senate
the ministers of the federal supreme court of the higher courts the governors
and has eyes the attorney general of the republic the
bank president and directors central and the servers when
determined by law clause 15 appoint subject to the provisions of Article 73
the ministers of the Court of Auditors of union item 16 shall appoint the magistrates
in the cases provided for in the constitution and union general attorney
item 17 appoint board members Republic pursuant to Article 39
clause 7 clause 18 call and preside the council of the republic and the council of
national defense paragraph 19 declare war in the event of
foreign aggression authorized by the National Congress
countersigned by him when occurred in the between these legislative sessions and
under the same conditions decree full or partly the national mobilization in 5
26 leblon boy authorized or with a national congress referendum
these 21 matched decorations and honorary distinctions, item 22
allow in cases provided by law complement that foreign forces
transit through or international remain temporarily item 23
send the national congress the plan multiannual
the guidelines bill budgets and budget proposal
provided for in this constitution pay annually to the national congress
within 60 days after year opening is always relative to accounts
to the previous year item 25 enjoy and extinguish public office
federal law these 26 edit provisional measures with
force of law under Article 109 item 27 perform other duties
provided for in this constitution single
the president of the republic may delegate the assignments mentioned told us
16 12 25 first part to the ministers of state to the attorney general of the republic
and the union general attorney who will observe the boundaries drawn on
delegations under item 3 of responsibility of the president of
republic article 85 are crimes of responsibility used the president of
republic they serve account the federal constitution especially
against these a union existence these two the free exercise of power
of the judiciary of the prosecutor’s office and the powers
functions of the federation units in 53 the exercise of political rights
individual and social items 4 to homeland security item 5 to
probity in administration in 56 the law budget in sunset the fulfillment of the
laws and court decisions sole paragraph these crimes shall be
defined in special law stabilize will be to the rules of process and judgment
Article 86 the charge against the president of the republic by two thirds
of the chamber of deputies will he submitted to trial before the
supreme court federal court in common criminal offenses
before the federal senate in the crimes of responsibility
paragraph 1 the president shall be suspended from his duties
these 11 in common criminal offenses without complaint or complaint was received by the
supreme federal court paragraph 2 nos liability crimes
after the initiation of proceedings by federal senate paragraph 2c elapsed
within 180 days the trial does not is complete if it will be clearance
without prejudice to the regular continuation of the process
paragraph 3 as long as it does not sentencing
common offenses the President of the republic shall not be subject to imprisonment
paragraph 4 the president of the republic during his term of office may not be
responsibility for acts foreign to the exercise of his duties
there are four state ministers article 87
the ministers of state will be chosen among Brazilians over 21 and
in the exercise of political rights sole paragraph shall be the responsibility of the
state beyond other assignments established in this constitution and in
law says one will exercise guidance coordination and supervision of the
entities of the federal administration in area of ​​competence and endorse the
decree acts signed by the president from republic
second issue instructions for the enforcement of decree laws and
regulations clause 3 present the presence of the republic annual report of
his management in ministry 14 practice the relevant acts of the tasks assigned to him
authorized or delegated by the president of the republic article 88 alley
explore about the creation and extinction of ministries and agencies of administration
public section 5 the council of the republic and the
national defense council on action in the council of the republic article 89
the council of the republic is a body consultation of the President of the
republic and from him participate in these one office president of the republic and item
2nd Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies item 3 the president of the federal senate
item 4 the leaders of the majority and the minority of the House of Representatives in 55
majority and minority leaders of the federal senate item 6 the minister of
justice enciso 76 brazilian citizens born over 35 years old being
two appointed by president two elected by the federal senate
two elected to the chamber data all with a three-year term
no renewal Article 90 it is up to the council of the republic
comment on intervention decision federal in the state of defense state of
site and 6 2 relevant issues for the
stability of institutions democratic paragraph 1 the president
of the republic may summon ministers to attend the meeting of the
advice when on the agenda related to their ministry
for the second the law will regulate the organization and functioning of the board
of the republic subsection 2 of the council of national defense article 91 of the board of
national defense is the consultative body of the president of the republic in affairs
related to national sovereignty and defense of the democratic state and its
participate as born members x 1 the vice president of the republic the two the
Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies on 53 the president of the federal senate 614
Minister of Justice five state ministers of defense of
missiles the minister of relations exteriors 17 the minister of planning
18 the army navy commanders and aeronautics for the first competes
to the national defense council these 11 opine the hypotheses of
declaration of war celebration peace under this constitution
these two opine about the deployment in the state of defense of the state of siege in
federal intervention item 3 propose the criteria and conditions of use of
indispensable safety areas opinion about its effective
use especially in the border range and those related to the preservation and
exploitation of natural resources nor any kind item 4 study propose and
monitor the development of necessary initiatives to ensure the
national independence and the defense of democratic state
paragraph 2 shall regulate the organization and operation
the national defense council chapter 3 of the judiciary session
general provisions Article 92 are organs of the judiciary
these go the federal supreme court item 1 there the national council of
justice these two the superior court of
justice those 2 to 1 the upper court from work item 3
the federal regional courts and judges federal item 4 the courts and judges
of work item 5 the courts and electoral judges item 6 the courts
and military judges these 17 the courts and judges of the
federal district states and territories
first paragraph the supreme court federal the national council of justice and
higher courts have their seat in the federal capital paragraph 2 the supreme
federal court the higher courts have measurement across the territory
national article 93 the complementary law of federal supreme court initiative
provide for the status of the judiciary observed the following principles these
a career entry whose position will be that of substitute judge and
through a public competition for evidence and securities with participation of the order of
Brazil’s lawyers at all stages demanding if the bachelor of law is in the
minimum three years of legal activity and obeying each other in the appointments
the sort order I insist 2 entrance promotion for entrance
alternately by seniority and deserved the following
standards the linear is mandatory the promotion of
judge who figures for three times consecutive or five alternate in
merit list (b) merit promotion presupposes
two years of exercise in the respective entrance integrate the judge the first
fifth part of the list of 20 thousand is of this unless there is no such reason
requirements who accept the vacant seat there lines and measurement of worthiness
according to performance and criteria productivity goals the promptness in
exercise of jurisdiction and the attendance and achievement in courses
official or recognized improvement
the antique polling line the court can only refuse the judge
by the reasoned vote of two thirds of its members as
proper and assured procedure defense and repeating if voting up
the indication line is fixed and no promoted the judge who unjustifiably
and held high in their power beyond the legal deadline and cannot
devolvê-los ao cartório sem devido despacho ou decisão inciso 3 o acesso
aos tribunais de 2º grau far se á por antigüidade e merecimento alternadamente
apuradas na última ou única instância inciso 4 previsão de cursos oficiais de
preparação aperfeiçoamento e promoção de magistrado constituindo etapa
obrigatória do projeto processo de vitaliciamento a participação em curso
oficial ou reconhecido por escola nacional de formação e aperfeiçoamento
de magistrados em 55 subsídio dos ministros dos tribunais superiores
corresponderá a 95 por cento no subsídio mensal fixado para os ministros do
supremo tribunal federal eu subsídios dos demais magistrados serão fixados em
lei e escalonados em nível federal e estadual conforme as respectivas
categorias da estrutura judiciária nacional não podendo a diferença entre
uma ou outra se é superior a 10% ou inferior a 5%
nem receber a 95 por cento no subsídio monthly
os ministros dos tribunais superiores obedecido em qualquer caso o disposto
nos artigos 37 inciso 11 e 39 parágrafo 4º inciso 6 aposentadoria dos
magistrados ea pensão de seus dependentes
observarão o disposto no artigo 40 inciso 7 o juiz titular exigirá na
respectiva comarca salvo autorização do tribunal inciso 8 o ato de remoção
disponibilidade e aposentadoria uma estrada por interesse público fundaç ea
em decisão por voto da maioria absoluta do respectivo tribunal ou do conselho
national justice assegurada ampla defesa dezoito há a
remoção a pedido ou a permuta de magistrados da decon marca de igual em
transe atenderá no que couber o disposto nas alíneas abced do inciso 2º
inciso 9 todos os julgamentos dos órgãos do poder judiciário serão públicos e
fundamentadas todas as decisões sob pena de nulidade podendo a lei limitar a
presença em determinados atos as próprias partes ea seus advogados ou
somente a estes em casos nos quais a preservação do direito à intimidade do
interessado não se no sigilo não prejudique o interesse público
informação preciso 10 às decisões administrativas dos tribunais serão
motivadas e em sessão pública sendo as disciplinares tomadas pelo voto da
maioria absoluta de seus membros esses 11 nos tribunais com número
superior a 25 jogadores poderá ser constituído órgão especial com o mínimo
de 11 e um máximo de 25 membros para o exercício das atribuições
administrativas e jurisdicionais delegados da competência do tribunal
pleno provendo se metade das vagas por
antiguidade ea outra metade porque eles são pelo tribunal pleno inciso 12 da
atividade jurisdicional será interrupta sendo vedado férias
ativas nos juízos e tribunais de segundo grau funcionando nos dias em que não
houver expediente forense normal juízes em plantão permanente inciso 13 o número
de juízes na unidade prisional e da proporcional à efetiva demanda judicial
e respectiva população inciso 14 os servidores recebiam delegação para a
prática de atos de administração e atos de mero expediente sem caráter decisório
inciso 15 a distribuição do processo será imediata em todos os graus de
jurisdição artigo 94 um quinto dos lugares dos tribunais regionais federais
dos tribunais dos estados e distrito federal e territórios será composto de
membros do ministério público com mais de 10 anos de carreira e de advogados de
notório saber jurídico e de reputação ilibada com mais de dez anos de efetiva
atividade profissional indicados em lista sêxtupla sêxtupla pelos órgãos de
representação das respectivas classes parágrafo único recebidas as indicações
o tribunal formará isso 13 tríplice enviando ao poder executivo que nos 20
dias subseqüentes escolherá um de seus integrantes para nomeação artigo 95 os
juízes gozam das seguintes garantias esses 11 vitaliciedade que é o primeiro
grau só será adquirida após dois anos de exercício
dependendo apenas do cargo nesse período de deliberação do tribunal a que os
juízes tiverem colado e nos demais casos de sentença judicial transitada em
julgado inciso 2º e na mobilidade salvo por motivo de interesse público na forma
do artigo 93 inciso 8 inciso 3 irredutibilidade de subsídio ressalvado
o disposto nos artigos 37 inciso 10 e 11 39 parágrafo 4º 155 2º 153 inciso 3º 153
parágrafo 2º inciso 1º parágrafo único aos vezes é vedado
decisum exercer ainda que em disponibilidade
outro cargo ou função salvo uma imagem externa inciso 2º receber a qualquer
título ou pretexto custas ou participações em processo
esse terceiro dedicar se à atividade político-partidária preciso quarto
recebia a qualquer título ou pretexto auxílios ou contribuições de pessoas
físicas entidades públicas ou privadas ressalvadas as exceções previstas em lei
inciso 5 exercer a advocacia no juízo ou tribunal do qual se afastou antes de
decorridos três anos de afastamento do cargo por aposentadoria ou exoneração compete privativamente decisão aos
courts aline a eleger seus órgãos diretivos e
elaborarem seus regimentos internos com observância das normas de processo e das
garantias processuais das partes dispondo sobre a competência eo
funcionamento dos respectivos órgãos jurisdicionais e administrativos alínea
b organizar suas secretarias de serviços auxiliares e os dois juízos que eles
forem vinculados velando pelo exercício da atividade correcional respectiva a
linha c é prover na forma prevista essa constituição os cargos de juiz de
carreira e respectiva jurisdição propor a criação de novas varas judiciárias a
linha e prover por concurso público de provas e provas de títulos obedecido o
disposto no artigo 169 parágrafo único os cargos necessários à administração da
justiça exceto de confiança assim definidos em lei
a linha f consertei licença férias e outros afastamentos aos seus membros e
aos juízes e servidores que eles forem imediatamente inco lados
esse segundo ao supremo tribunal federal aos tribunais superiores e aos tribunais
isso propor ao poder legislativo respectivo observado o disposto no
artigo 169 aline a alteração do número de membros dos tribunais inferiores
alínea b a criação e extinção de cargos e
remuneração os seus serviços auxiliares e dos juízos que lhes foram vinculadas
bem como fixação de subsídio de seus membros e dos juízes inclusive nos
tribunais inferiores onde houver a linha ser a criação ou extinção os tribunais
inferiores a linha de alteração de organização e divisão judiciárias inciso
terceiro aos tribunais de justiça julgar os juízes estaduais e no distrito
federal e territórios bem como os membros do ministério público nos crimes
comuns e de responsabilidade ressalvada a competência da justiça
eleitoral artigo 97 somente pelo voto da maioria absoluta de seus membros ou dos
membros do respectivo órgão especial poderiam os tribunais declarar a
inconstitucionalidade de lei ou ato normativo do poder público artigo 98 da
união do distrito federal e nos territórios dos estados criaram esses um
juizado especiais providos por juízes togados outorgados leigos competentes
para a concessão o julgamento e execução de causas cíveis de menor complexidade
infrações penais de menor potencial ofensivo
mediante procedimento oral e sumaríssimo permitido nas hipóteses previstas nesta
lei a transação eo julgamento de recurso por turma de juízes de primeiro grau
ensino segundo a justiça de paz e numerada composta de cidadãos eleitos
pelo voto direto universal e secreto com mandato de quatro anos e competência
barata uma forma da lei celebrar casamentos verificável de
ofício ou em fase de impugnação apresentada o processo habitação que
exercer atribuições conservatórias sem caráter jurisdicional além de outras
previstas na legislação parágrafo 1º
a lei federal disporá sobre a criação dos juizados especiais no âmbito da
justiça federal parágrafo 2º as custas e emolumentos serão destinados
exclusivamente ao custeio de serviços afetos atividades específicas da justiça
artigo 99 o poder judiciário é assegurada autonomia administrativa e
financial parágrafo primeiro com os tribunais
elaboraram suas propostas orçamentárias dentro dos limites estipulados
conjuntamente com os demais poderes na lei de diretrizes orçamentárias
parágrafo 2º o encaminhamento da proposal
ouvidos os outros tribunais interessados compete a decisão em nome da união aos
presidentes do supremo tribunal federal e dos tribunais superiores
com a aprovação os respectivos tribunais segunda no âmbito dos estados e no
distrito federal e territórios aos presidentes dos tribunais de justiça com
a aprovação dos respectivos tribunais parágrafo 3º
se os órgãos referidos no pará o segundo não encaminharem as respectivas
propostas orçamentárias dentro do prazo estabelecido na lei de diretrizes
orçamentárias do poder executivo decide se considerará para fins de consolidação
da proposta orçamentária anual os valores aprovados na lei orçamentária
vigente ajustados de acordo com os limites estipulados na forma do
parágrafo 1º desse artigo parágrafo 4º se a proposta orçamentária de que trata
este artigo foram encaminhadas em desacordo com os limites estipulados na
forma do parágrafo primeiro o poder executivo proceder a alguns ajustes
necessários para fins afonso consolidação da sanção do plano na
proposta orçamentária anual parágrafo 5º durante a execução
orçamentária do exercício não poderá haver realização de despesas ou a
assunção de obrigações que extrapola os limites estabelecidos na lei de
diretrizes orçamentárias exceto ser previamente autorizadas mediante a
abertura de créditos suplementares ou specials os pagamentos devidos pelas fazendas
públicas federal estaduais distrital e municipais em virtude de sentença
judiciária far-se-ão exclusivamente na ordem cronológica de apresentação dos
precatórios e à conta dos créditos respectivos
proibida de designação de casos ou de pessoas nas cotações orçamentária e nos
créditos adicionais abertos para este end
parágrafo 1º os débitos de natureza alimentícia compreende aqueles
decorrentes de salários vencimentos proventos pensões e suas complementações
benefícios previdenciários e indenizações por morte ou por invalidez
fundadas em responsabilidade civil em virtude de sentença trânsito disse ao
transitado em julgado e serão pagos com preferência sobre todos os demais
débitos exceto sobre aqueles referidas no parágrafo 2º deste artigo parágrafo
2º os débitos de natureza alimentícia cujos titulares ordinários ou por
sucessão hereditária tenho 60 anos de idade ou sejam portadores de doença
grave ou pessoas com deficiência assim definidos na forma da lei serão pagos
com preferência sobre todos os demais débitos até o valor equivalente ao
cripor fixado em lei para os fins do disposto no parágrafo 3º deste artigo
admitido ou fracionamento para essa finalidade sendo que o restante será
pago na ordem cronológica de apresentação do precatório parágrafo 3º
o disposto no caput deste artigo relativamente à expedição de precatórios
não se aplica aos pagamentos de obrigações definidas em inglês como de
pequeno valor que essa fazenda as referidas deviam fazer em virtude de
sentença judicial transitada em julgado parágrafo 4º para fins do disposto no
parágrafo 3º poderão ser fixadas por lei próprios valores distintos às entidades
de direito público segundo as diferentes capacidades
econômicas sendo o mínimo igual ao valor do maior benefício do regime geral de
previdência social parágrafo 5º é obrigatória a inclusão no
orçamento das entidades de direito público de verba necessária ao pagamento
de seus débitos oriundos de sentenças transitadas em julgado constantes de
precatórios judiciários apresentados até 1º de julho
fazendo se o pagamento até o final do exercício seguinte quando terão seus
valores atualizados monetariamente parágrafo 6º as dotações orçamentárias e
os créditos abertos serão consignados diretamente ao poder judiciário cabendo
ao presidente do tribunal que proferir a decisão exeqüenda antt terminar o
pagamento integral e autorizar o requerimento do credor e exclusivamente
para os casos de preterimento de seu direito de precedência ou de uma
alocação orçamentária o valor necessário à satisfação do seu débito o seqüestro
da quantia respectiva parágrafo 7º o presidente do tribunal competente que
por ato comissivo ou omissivo e tardar contentar frustar a liquidação irregular
de precatórios incorrerá em crime de responsabilidade e responderá também
perante o conselho nacional de justiça parágrafo 8º é vedada a expedição de
precatórias complementares ou suplementares do valor pago nem como o
fracionamento repartição ou quebra do valor da execução para fins de
enquadramento de parcela do total ao que dispõe o parágrafo 3º deste artigo
parágrafo 9º no momento da expedição dos precatórios
independentemente de regulamentação deles deverá ser abatido a título de
compensação valor correspondente aos débitos líquidos e certos inscritos ou
não em dívida ativa e constituídos contra o credor original pela fazenda
pública devedora incluídas as parcelas vincendas e
parcelamentos ressalvados aqueles cuja execução que esteja suspensa em virtude
de contestação administrativa ou judicial parágrafo 10 antes da expedição dos
precatórios o tribunal solicitará à fazenda pública devedora para resposta
em até 30 dias sob pena de perda do direito de batimento informação sobre os
débitos que preencham as condições estabelecidas no parágrafo 9 para fins
deste neles previstos para 2011 é facultado ao credor conforme
estabelecido em lei da entidade federativa devedora entrega de créditos
em precatórios para a compra de imóveis públicos do respectivo ente federado
parágrafo 12 a partir da promulgação desta emenda
constitutional a atualização de valores de
requisitórios após uma expedição até o efetivo pagamento independentemente de
sua natureza será feita pelo índice oficial de remuneração básica da
caderneta de poupança e para fins de compensação demora incidirão juros
simples no mesmo percentual de juros incidentes sobre a caderneta de poupança
ficando excluída a incidência de juros compensatórios para 13
o credor poderá ceder total ou parcialmente seus créditos em
precatórios a terceiros independentemente da concordância o
devedor não se aplicando ao concessionário o disposto nos parágrafos
2º e 3º parágrafo 14 a sessão de precatórios podem somente produzirá
efeitos após comunicação por meio de petição protocolizada ao tribunal de
origem ea entidade devedora parágrafo 15 sem prejuízo do disposto neste artigo
lei complementar a esta constituição federal poderá estabelecer regime
especial para pagamento de créditos de precatórios de estados distrito federal
e municípios dispondo sobre vinculações à receita corrente
líquida de forma e prazo de liquidação parágrafo 16 a seu critério exclusivo e
na forma de lei a união poderá assumir débitos oriundos
de precatórios de estados distrito federal e municípios e financiar
financiando os directamente parágrafo 17 a união os estados o distrito federal e
os municípios aferiram mensalmente em base anual o comprometimento de suas
respectivas receitas correntes líquidas com o pagamento de precatórios e
obrigações de pequeno valor para os 18 e tem de si como receita corrente líquida
para fins de que trata o parágrafo 17 o somatório das receitas tributárias
patrimoniais industriais agropecuárias de contribuições e de serviços e
transferências correntes e outras receitas correntes incluindo as oriundas
do parágrafo 1º do artigo 20 da constituição federal
verificado no período compreendido pelo segundo mês imediatamente anterior ao da
referência e os 11 meses precedentes excluídas as duplicidades e deduzidas
nesses 11 não liam as parcelas entregues aos estados ao distrito federal e aos
municípios por determinação constitucional inciso 2º nos estados as
parcelas entregues aos municípios por determinação constitucional inciso 3º na
união os estados e no distrito federal nos municípios
a contribuição dos servidores para custeio de seu sistema de previdência e
assistência social e as receitas provenientes da compensação financeira
referida no parágrafo 9º do artigo 21 da constituição federal parágrafo 19
caso o montante total de débitos decorrentes de condenações judiciais em
precatórios e obrigações de pequeno valor e período de 12 meses ultrapasse a
média de comprometimento do percentual da receita corrente
os cinco anos imediatamente anteriores a parcela que exceder esse percentual
poderá ser financiada e situada nos limites de endividamento de que tratam
os incisos 6 e 7 do artigo 52 da constituição federal e de quaisquer
outros limites de endividamento previstos não se aplicando a esse
financiamento a vedação de vinculação que a receita prevista no inciso 4o do
artigo 167 da constituição federal parágrafo 20 caso haja precatório com
valor superior a 15% do montante dos precatórios apresentados nos termos do
parágrafo 5º do artigo 15 por cento do valor desse precatórios serão pagos até
o final do exercício seguinte eo restante em parcelas iguais nos cincos
exercícios subseqüentes acrescidos de juros de mora e correção monetária ou
mediante acordos diretos pirante juízos auxiliares de conciliação de precatórios
com redução máxima de 40 por cento do valor do crédito atualizado desde que em
relação ao crédito não tendo recursos o defesa judicial que sejam observados
os requisitos definidos na regulamentação editada pelo ente

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