Constitution 101 | Official Trailer

October 1, 2019

of the United States”– KEVIN PORTTEUS: We’ve moved so
far away from the Constitution that, in many ways, we
don’t even recognize it. SPEAKER: “In order to form
a more perfect union”– KEVIN PORTTEUS: We
think that we’re becoming more advanced by
abandoning the Constitution and adopting something like
an administrative state. But what we’re in fact doing
is becoming more primitive. We are regressing. SPEAKER: “Establish justice”– THOMAS WEST: The
Founders were trying to create a regime of liberty,
which would be the greatest possible private
scope of freedom while at the same
time being based upon the basic moral
principles of the natural law and natural rights. R.J. PESTRITTO: Your rights
of life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,
these are rights that you have because you are a human being. They’re not rights that
you have because government decides to give them to you. The idea then for just
government and the only reason you would consent to government
is because government secures those rights. LARRY P. ARNN: The people who
make the laws are people too. How do we know they won’t make
them in their own interest? You need a constitution. And it needs to be in
control of the governed. JOHN GRANT: Almost
everybody in America, even people with very
different perspectives, senses there’s something deeply
wrong with our political life. Recovery of the earlier
constitutional understanding, I believe it’s useful
to help guide us. But at the very least,
we have to understand it in order to know what relation
should we have to that today. KEVIN PORTTEUS:
The Constitution is in the service of a
larger set of principles and that when we abandon
those principles, not only do we have a different
understanding of rights, but we also abandon
constitutionalism. I’m Kevin Portteus. THOMAS WEST: I’m Thomas West. R.J. PESTRITTO:
I’m R.J. Pestritto. JOHN GRANT: I’m John Grant. KEVIN PORTTEUS: This
is “Constitution 101.” Let’s begin. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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