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Constitution Convention

October 13, 2019

Hello! This is for New Yorkers. It’s something I need to get this out! Are you aware of Constitution Convention? On November, 7th, during the election you will see “Constitution Convention” with “Aye” or “Nay” (opposition) In the front page, you will see a list of candidates, with three different subsection that will ask you to vote on. There’s one section that is asking to let the State to host a Constitution Convention. Yes or No. If you are wondering about what’s “Constitution Convention” is all about? New York State generally host a convention to discuss New York State’s Constitution. It’s generally being asked to host one in every 10 years, maybe is it 20 years? No, yes, I think it’s 10 years. Yes, every 10 years… It generally asks voters to decide whether a convention is necessary. This convention, what really does this do? It allows our legislation representatives to discuss discuss, strategize, modifies, clean up, adding, and or removes anything that relates to NYS Constitution. As you know our legislation generally comes up with many bills, this is common. When it comes to NYS Constitution, it’s pretty much ironclad set of laws within NYS. I’m pretty sure some of you have been seeing some signs at home lawns, schools (no, not schools), public places, etc. with “Stop Constitution Convention” “Vote NO” to Constitution Convention, etc. (image of black/white lawn sign with “Constitution Convention” with “Vote” red font, “NO!” I’m pretty sure, some of you may think there’s nothing wrong with having a convention on Constitution. Let me warn you this, This convention is very important to us, Deaf. New York State has a constitutional law, Education Law, 4201 Public Education Law #4201 This is an education-related legislation that includes 8 different deaf schools. New York School for the Deaf “Fanwood” (My alma mater), Lexington School for the Deaf, St. Joseph School for the Deaf, St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf, Cleary School for the Deaf, Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf, Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD), St. Mary School for the Deaf (Buffalo), totals into 8 different schools. This legislation within NYS Constitution protects these schools. If you decide to vote in favor for NYS to host Constitution Convention, the legislation representatives will be thrilled to remove that law. Just to save money! This is a huge! I’m terrified to see this to happen. If you decide to vote against this, by stopping having the convention, these deaf schools will be safe due to having the legislation intact. Think about this. There are some people who find this frivolous, or maybe finding me over-exaggerating on this issue. Yes, during this convention, they will talk about many, many, many different laws that are being tied to Constitution. They probably will be debating within, coming ideas, take away, etc. However, Public Education Law, 4201 is part of the constitution. You know this, many years, legislators have been trying to cut 4201 schools. By finding ways to squeeze their fundings, etc. Some of you (I attended twice) attended protests to prevent legislators cutting 4201 funds in Albany, etc. Now, it is their opportunity to eradicate this legislation (4201) once for all. Once this law is expelled, the schools will be left alone and New York State will not provide any support/protection to these schools. If they run out of funding and had to close their doors, it’s their problem. Yes, I’m exaggerating here on one very small piece of legislation in NYS Constitution. Now, when you go out there to vote on Nov. 7th, and see this clause on the ballot that says “Constitution Convention”, absolutely be sure to mark it “NO” to prevent NY State to host a convention on Constitution. You with me? Can I count on you on this one?

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