Constitution Day 2016
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Constitution Day 2016

September 11, 2019

(Playing Flute) Narrator: Every year schools in the Dysart
Unified School District celebrate Constitution Day and commemorate the
formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by 39 brave men on
September 17, 1787. This year Canyon Ridge School celebrated by continuing a
tradition of their own while adding a new program meant to give students a
deeper understanding of the founding fathers. Seth: I think it gives us more information to learn about our heritage as Americans, and that we should know the people who
founded our country, and that we should have a better understanding of them
because without them then we wouldn’t have the America that we have today. Narrator: Each year students in middle school research and dress up as founding fathers and mothers and perform their
character to the younger grades. Tiffany: I’m dressed as Martha Washington, and I felt
that it was important to like do a research about her because George
Washington was our first president of the United States, and I feel that she
had a huge impact on that as well. Seth: I think it’s better than just taking notes that way you have actual feel of the character and not just your saying how
or what they did but you’re actually doing what they did and you get that
feeling like what it was like and you actually learn their experiences
while you’re doing this. Narrator: In addition to that activity though, Canyon Ridge also welcomed the Sons of the American Revolution to further educate students.
They also dressed up as founding fathers and provided additional historical
information for the students to learn about. Stephen: The Sons of the American
Revolution has three areas that applies to us. One is history, one is patriotism,
and one is education. And we’re here today under the education part of our
charter to present a history. Steven: So we enjoy
coming and reenacting and being part of their program to give them a feel for
what it might have been like at that time. Stephen: It’s very important that our
students understand their history, what happened here 250 years ago, why we should understand what our forefathers went through. Narrator: The students agree that
history is an important component of their education that helps build an
understanding of not only the past but the future as well. Tiffany: We need to learn more
about our history and like what happened in the past so we can fix the future. Seth: We still want to pass that along to the next generation because we don’t want to
be forgotten over history that people have risked their lives and died so that
way we can be here today and how we can continue building on what they did.

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