Constitution of India Books for Students | Big Announcement
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Constitution of India Books for Students | Big Announcement

September 14, 2019

hey everybody! I am Priya and you are watching Finology Legal. Many among you people ask me that at time of my graduation & post graduation, which books have I referred and what are those books that I recommend So I thought why shouldn’t I make this video and all those books that I have referred or I recommend should be shared with you so lets begin let me tell this foremost that all these books are very commonly used books so you can either find them with your seniors or at the law school library or you can get those at the local book shops or there is always Amazon So mainly, these are those books which i have used during graduation & post graduation for constitution A couple books are missing and a couple were those which I accessed from college library so lets find out one by one what I like in these different books first we have this set of 3 books A fair was organised by National Book Trust in Raipur. I purchased these books from there. I was probably in class XIIth then 1st is Communalism by Bipin Chandra this books mainly tells you about the difference between the ideologies of secularism & communalism its a very thin book. I read it in initial days then there is M. P. Singh’s book you will surely find his thicker books at libraries M. P. Singh’s Indian Federalism this has been written very precisely. Let me tell you its contents all these things very nicely written and very apt illustrations then there is “Our Political System” by Subhash Kashyap if you have any interest in Indian history or political history or if youo want to start reading up the constitution then before that, you must read this book length of this book is 400 pages let me tell you its contents you will find recommendation of Subhash Kashyap in my future lists as well i read these 3 books out of curiosity now let come to the period of graduation so this the is the 1st book which I purchased probably in 2nd year or at the ending on 2nd year from Delhi this one is also from Subhash Kashyap. Our Constitution compared to a normal constitution book, its length is very short probably this could be an incentive for you to read it covers simportat points of the law school syllabus this is not very detailed. so you cannot completely rely on this book during graduation if you want a fair idea that what is important in which points then you can refer this so as a reference to constitution, you can read this book then we have S.R. Myneni’s the length of this book is good in comparison to the normal books on constitution i found just one problem in these two books that there scope is very “constitutional” meaning the rest other examples have not been added including recent case and deep landmark case analysis is also not present so this is one problem. So I’d say that you can refer these 2 books but you cannot solely rely on those let me tell you its contents so it has few important topics which are covered into your graduation syllabus mind you that you will not find all of these topics in these two books apart from these 2 books, 2 other such books in which I have spent my whole graduation they are V.N.SHukla’s & M.P. Jain’s books many of you people during the live session asked that which book among M.P. Jain, Durga Das Basu & V.N Shukla which book would I’d recommend out of the three according to me, Durga Das Basu and to some extent, M.P.Jain these 2 books are extensive and a little more detailed i reffered these books mainly during moot court competitions that book is in some bad shape and is sent for binding and therefore not included in this pile then, lets talk about this hidden gem “India’s Constitution- Origin & Evolution” by Samaraditya Pal this book. if you love Constitution as a subject this book is a must read this book is little expensive so in the beginning start from any one of the volumes I’d like to give out a warning regarding this book that this book is in great detail so untill & unless you love constitution do not order this book Discussion in here is very extensive like who all were part of drafting committee what were their opinions how were the articles initially how did 1st stage of ammendment took place how did 2nd stage of ammendment took place this book id well detailed so I would not refer this book to law students Yes, if you are an academician or if you are related with teaching profession then this book is a must read this will help you in your lectures so these were my majorly recommended and referred books in this book pile, 2 books are missing V.N.Shukla & M.P.Jain apart from these books, there is an announcement as well, and that is if you follow me on my Instagram page then you must have seen that last night I made an announcement the announcement is that for many days, i have been working on my own constitution course which has finally gone live tomorrow yesterday every information related to this constitution course, you can find in the card above and below in the discription I have divided my constitution course in 2 parts right now, Part 1 is live i will upload syllabus of Constitution Part II very soon in this course you will find more than 19 modules ore than 60 topics certificate, assessment, all of these things while mking this course, I have kept in mind that apart from landmark discussion, recent development and recent discussions are also covered up so all these things are covered under this course in this course, along with comprehensive videos you will find in depths notes too which will help you in competitive exams or in writing subjective answers so if you are interested in this course just click the link in description you will know it all

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  1. Ma'am you are really beautiful. Its hard to find beauty with brain.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I am watching your videos since a long time for polity knowledge just because I don't have any kind of good financial condition and the course you are talking about that is highly paid I am not able to afford that but ma'am I am eagerly looking for your side please help us I am very keen to see your constitutional module courses please help us .

  3. Hello priya mam,
    One of my friend is preparing for ibps so law officer but there is not much content she get.
    Could you suggest books or make videos based on law officer mains exam syllabus….Please help mam

  4. Nice tactics of business. Separate video made for linking books in description just so people shudnt know u r selling them via affiliation. Nice business ideas ha. With help of ur that frnd.

  5. M'am pls recommend a book where i can find clauses under different articles of the constitution specially parliament, president, fundamental rights,dpsps etc.

  6. mam …i am 1st year student of BA.LLB….so can u please tell me which books i should prefer for sociology,political science,econmoics ,contracts…????? please reply …..i am waiting for your reply…!!!!

  7. Please make a video on difference between section 299 and 300 of IPC reason being you explain in such a manner that it will permanently sit in mind….and won't refer books/bare acts again.

  8. Very nice. You are doing a great job in educating the masses. Bless you and may you do much greater work in years ahead.

  9. Bipan Chandra books will teach you Congress styled Minoritarianism and not true securalism. Read his book – India's struggle for independence and see how he has sidelined all non Congress revolutionary fighters.

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