Constitution of the Soul
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Constitution of the Soul

October 15, 2019

it is imperceptible in a conceivable and transforming in the bhagavad-gita lord shri krishna says to Arjuna never was there a time when you buy or all these kings did not exist just as we exist in the present so have we existed in the past we shall continue to exist in the future as the living being passes through bodily changes of childhood youth and old age it similarly attains another body of death the wise are not deluded by this know that the soul by which the entire body is pervaded is indestructible no one can destroy the imperishable soul as a person adopts new garments discarding those that are old and worn similarly the soul continues to adopt new bodies leaving those that are old and useless weapons cannot pierce the soul and fire cannot burn it water cannot wet it and air cannot dry it therefore you need lament for no one the soul is neither born nor das has neither been nor will it be created because it is unborn and eternal some see the soul is astonishing some describe it as astonishing some hear of it is astonishing now others though hearing about it know nothing of I have revealed to you this knowledge of the soul now hear from me how to act in this knowledge bhakti-yoga through which she will be able to free yourself from the bondage and actually on this path there can be no loss and no harm the slightest practice of such a spiritual idea saves one from the greatest fear she never explains his commentary the greatest fear is generally considered to be repeated birth and death in this material world in this plane of action and reaction for exploitation which is known as book D in sanskrit but also this fear refers to mooc T which is impersonal liberation or Samadhi renunciation alone which is comparable to going on strike or committing suicide as an escape mechanism so book d and mcdee are both abnormal and fearsome and if you subtract them only the positive property devotion will remain so without devotion there is great danger Lord Krishna reveals how to practice bhakti-yoga in the bhagavad-gita as the positive solution it’s revealed truth it’s divine knowledge it’s absolute scientific and transcendental to all time and space we must awake and search for the center of everything the organic hole which we are all a part of our duty is to serve for the good of the whole and that’s the highest position of the soul so devotion is the plane of fulfillment harmony sweetness where all love exists this is devotion the plane of dedication is reality the beautiful

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  1. If you were to make an audiobook of your reading the Holy Bhagavad Gita, I request being the first to know! haha

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