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Constitution Rap

October 21, 2019

The government isn’t doing things right Where is the law that sheds the light Causing the governed to feel so wrong Here, let me tell you why You’d expect a democracy to choose a leader by vote But electoral college doesn’t go with that flow This is what the 12th amendment shows It provides a system without majority vote John Quincy Adams 1824 Rutherford Hayes 52 years more (1876) Benjamin Harrison 1888 George W Bush 112 years late (2000) The most recent one The one that’s a meme Donald Trump 2016 yuH Trump is a high class businessman He promoted a business when he ran In doing so, he forgot about the people And now, he smiles with his dimples The government institutes regulations for the Safety and welfare of the population Trump has rolled back on these rules, it’s simple He favors businesses over people The government failed to protect the rights Of its people, yeah that’s right There’s many examples of this fact Too many to list but you should know about that At the Paris Climate Accords, All the people tried To clean the air in the sky But not Donald Trump This is what he did He ran away, like a kid LGBTQ, it could be you Trump be barring those kind of troops 15,000 members all those gone 71% opposed to the wrong Majority rules that’s what they tell But recently it seems that they have failed Things we can do, there are many For example, we can vote 2020 yuh

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