Constitution Revolution 2012

September 12, 2019

Read Human history and realize
how unbelievably forunate we were to be born at this
time and on top of it, what grave responsibility
we have to not let it
slip away in the dark. Sunlight is the greatest
disinfectant and as president
I’m going to make it impossible for congressman or lobbyists
to slip pork barrel projects or corporate welfare into
laws, when no ones
looking, ’cause when I’m president meetings when
laws are written will be
more open to the public, that’s a commitment I
make to you as president …….NO more secrecy. Eleven hundred pages,
not one member of this
body has read. NOT ONE! NOT ONE! There may be staffers
over at the appropriations
committee that read all of this last night. I don’t
know how you can read
eleven hundred pages between midnight and now.
Not one member has read this. What happened to the
promise that we were
going to let the American people see what’s in
bill for 48 hours, but nope. We don’t have
time to do that! When there’s a bill
that ends up on my
desk as president, you the public will have
5 days to look online
and find out what’s in it, before I sign it. (voice of Obama)
“We want to be partners
with you, we want to help you rebuild your country
but we’re not going
to be able to do it simply by sending more and
more young men and women.” (voice of Michael Scheuer)
“We went to Afghanistan to build
democracy and to some how instruct the Afghan people
how to govern themselves.” “I think many of America’s
problems in the world today,
happens because we’re involved in places we
don’t need to be involved.” (voice of Ron Paul)
“We have over 700 bases
in 130 countries” “I’m saying we should take
our marching orders from
our constitution. We should not go to
war! We should not go to war
without a declaration, we should not go to
war when it’s aggressive
war, this is an aggressive invasion, we’ve
committed the invasion
of this war! We should have a strong
President, strong enough
to resist the temptation of taking power, that
a President shouldn’t have. Let us restore a policy
of prosperity, peace
and liberty.” (voice of Ron Paul) The
constitution was written very
precisely to restrain the power and force of government,
and to protect the Liberties
of each and every one of us! (Crowd Chanting)
“Ron Paul!”
“Ron Paul!” “Ron Paul! Ron Paul! (voice of Adam Kokesh)
“We are a movement, we are
young, we are strong, we are calling for
no less than a Revolution
and we are not going anywhere until
we get it! Join me on March 19th, 2009
as we enter the 7th year of the occupation of Iraq, to
show the world that we are
a force to be reckoned with. Consider this our muster!” (voice of Ron Paul)
“This country is in a
Revolution and I happen to be lucky
enough to be part of it!

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