Constitution? Trump Admin IGNORING 8 Impeachment Subpoenas
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Constitution? Trump Admin IGNORING 8 Impeachment Subpoenas

October 23, 2019

Let’s talk about the rule of law and having
a civilized country with processes that are adhered to in line with the framework of our
country that includes coequal branches of government and distribution of powers. The
Trump administration has already ignored. They are past due on eight impeachment subpoenas.
Now, there are far more than eight impeachment inquiry related subpoenas that have been issued.
The due dates on some of those have not yet passed. It’s October 22nd however, and I’ve
been talking about this, what good is a constitution? What good is the law? What good is a constitutionally
enshrined impeachment process? If the Trump administration can simply ignore it, but not
only ignore it and get away with it, which is exactly what is going on. The answer is
all of that infrastructure, all of those duly enshrined powers of the co-equal branches
of government, they are pretty damn worthless if they are not going to be enforced and it’s
not just Democrats, it’s also the judiciary that is a part and parcel of this. So let’s
look at them. Okay. Some of these are document requests. Secretary of state Mike Palm PEO
was supposed to turn over documents about Ukraine 17 days ago. He hasn’t done it. There’s
no consequences. Gordon Sunland, the U S ambassador to the European union, a major Trump donor.
He has seven days overdue on a subpoena for documents, consequences, none. Rudy Giuliani
or Giuliani as some people like to say a Trump’s personal lawyer. Maybe it’s not clear. Trump claims not to
know whether Rudy is still his lawyer, supposed to turn over a ton of documents, hasn’t related
to Ukraine. He’s in the thick of it, possibly criminal six days past. Mark Esper, the secretary
of defense. He is six days overdue on a subpoena for documents. Russell Vought, the acting
director of the office of management and budget is in deeply with regard to Ukraine. It’s
been six days since his subpoena was due. Um, nothing. Lev Parness and Igor Fruman.
These are the henchmen. These are like Nixon’s Watergate, henchmen. These are associates
of Rudy Giuliani who are five days overdue on a request for documents, subpoenas. They
were caught literally fleeing the country on one way plane to plane tickets heading
to the airport and arrested Mick Mulvaney, Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff three
days past due on legal subpoena document requests. And of course, Rick Perry Trump’s now resigned
secretary of energy, a much bigger player than we originally thought in the Ukraine
fiasco. He is also several days past due on a subpoenas,
uh, when you are a regular person, when you forget to comply with a subpoena, when you
opt not to comply with a subpoena, it has consequences, whether it’s a court subpoena
or a congressional subpoena. I know that there are Republicans playing this stupid game of,
well, listen, you know, court subpoenas are one thing, but a congressional subpoenas,
they don’t really have that full force. Number one, you’re wrong. Number two, the Trump administration
and associates have also ignored court subpoenas. So if indeed they are two different things,
they have been treating them the exact same way. When you are a normal person, ignoring
subpoenas has consequences. It doesn’t go away. You get arrested, you’re held in contempt.
It’s bad. But so far, no consequences exactly as I suggested to you would be the case. So
part of this is the system hasn’t really had to deal with this degree of flouting of the
law. What I mean by that is there are not past
presidencies. We are not, uh, looking back at past presidencies through Rose colored
glasses. It is merely a fact that past presidencies, unless you really go back to Nixon, have not,
uh, flouted law in the way that the Trump administration is doing. And to a degree as
legal scholars have pointed out, the system as it was designed, never presumed that you
would see a presidential administration flout the law to this degree. That is one part of
the problem, but Democrats are also part of the problem. It is time for law enforcement
to get involved in enforcing the subpoenas. It is time for Congress to actually demand
the full enforcement of these subpoenas and they’re not doing it and there’s plenty of
blame to go around. It is not just one part of your entity that is guilty here and the
sickest irony of it all. It’s that if and when Democrats did start
enforcing the subpoenas with force, they would be called the authoritarians. They would be
accused of using men with guns to enforce political grievances. They’d be accused of,
listen, you’re putting people in jail, you’re the authoritarians, and it would be another
one of these acts of blatant projection. It would be one of the most authoritarian white
houses that we have seen in a really, really long time of the pot calling the kettle black.
What do you think? If you’re watching on YouTube, leave a reply. If you’re not, if you’re listening
to the podcast or watching on free speech, TV or anywhere else, send me a tweet at [inaudible]
Pacman. What do you think it will take? If anything and the answer may be there will
not be, there is nothing even hypothetically that will do it for Democrats to start demanding
the enforcement of these subpoenas. We will take a quick break and be back after this
with much more including if you want to talk about authoritarianism. The way this administration
has dealt with the media is at the top of the list and Donald Trump now telling his
bedtime phone buddy Sean Hannity from Fox news that he is going to be terminating the
press rights at the white house of just so happens to be the New York times and the Washington
post. We’ll talk about that after the break.

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  1. Well hell! When the cops came after me back in '89 for cannabis+ I should have just shut the door in their face. I mean if this orange shitbag can do it I could have done it right?

  2. Time to arrest these people and lock them up. If the Dems appear weak now, you can kiss 2020 goodbye and it will be another four years of you-know-who … who will get even crazier, as he won't be up for re-election in 2024!

    When you think how large the US is and the fact that we a few people pissing all over the US Constitution, holding it in contempt, we have reached a very sad state of affairs.

  3. Congress needs to gove the ultimatum of each person held in contempt, put it ALL over the news these people are expected to be arrested for not complying, then actually arrest them.

  4. This further reinforces the view of a divided legal system of one for the rich and powerful, and one for the poor and powerless.

  5. The fact that everyone who's been subpoenaed have not complied, should clearly state how they are defying the law and the proceedings which is obstruction. It's a blatant middle finger to our laws and our Constitution. And Congress needs to start putting those in contempt and put in jail. Perhaps then, this will be taken seriously.
    But what else can you expect from a five time draft dodging coward?
    Trump will stop at nothing to avoid the consequences for his actions and crimes.
    As I've said before, his ego and pride will be his down fall, and I feel no empathy for him or his degenerate family of grifters.

  6. I think David got it right. The democrats are afraid they'll be accused of being lawless(irony). if they don't do something soon, the US will have completely lost the already tattered illusion
    of being this great example of democracy.
    Trump will fold if some of the people around him are jailed.

  7. Bannon at work IMO. He needs to have a serious investigation into what he is doing to damage our democracy & his rising populism in the US & around the world. Is he talking to Trump directly or via Miller et al?

  8. They need to force the repugs hand. This unlawfulness must be stopped right now!!! Too much crazy has been allowed to go on with no consequences. We cannot allow breaking the law to be normal. Jesus!!

  9. It’s like you said: Confusion because it’s unprecedented. It’s a word I am looking forward to not hearing for a long time once Trump is gone.

  10. These damn democrats should be on all the news networks SCREAMING about this but of course they will not..They will just pussy foot and whisper about it as timidly as possible..Where the fuck are they!!!!???? HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOO..I thought the CONSTITUTION meant something..Where the fuck is the fucking media!!!!???? HEEEEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOO..Your in the fucking constitution too..I thought we lived in a democracy not a fucking dictatorship!!!! You fucking democrats are FECKLESS and you have NO FUCKING BALLS!!!!

  11. When your lawyer (trumps other one) needs a lawyer (rudy), who needs another lawyer (rudy's lawyer).. you know you're in the thick of it.

  12. Whats happening in the US has happened before with England as well as the Roman Empire is sooner or later the dumbest of the Elite will get power and look what happened to those empires lol

  13. It’s time for millions of Americans to rise up and come down on Congress in DC by shutting them down until real change comes but then Trump would benefit from that. GET OUT AND VOTE AT EVERY ELECTION.

  14. In looking at the construct of our constitution, you see that the framers made assumptions about the level of morality and ethical integrity that politicians presumably would have in this country. I just don't think they foresaw a time when the president of the country would be morally bankrupt and unwilling to play by the rules set forth. Without the underpinning of morality, our entire democratic system just falls apart. 😥

  15. His tax returns ? I read your post earlier and I'm dying to find out
    Please David .do a video on it . You explain things so well .And yes , I'm very worried about all these people ignoring the law i say the them all in jail ..I'm so upset about it …. that I'm thinking of making a citizens arrest on them .

  16. I don’t get this much leeway on my goddamn college assignments and job paperwork, why the hell does the president and his associates?

  17. They will say they authoritarian anyway. I say send the Sergent at arms and drag the fuckers in breaking the law has to have consequences this is like having children they are testing the boundaries and if you give an inch they will take a mile.

  18. The problem… Nancy Pelosi is a terrible leader in the House. Put a Progressive in charge, and watch the Republicans tremble.

  19. After America boasting FOREVER about being a free country (It is even in the national anthem!), turns out to make it a dictatorship all you had to do was say "What you gunna do?".

  20. No one is doing shit until contempt of court. Then the Dems will claim that their hands are tied. They have already admitted to this strategy.

  21. Clearly the neo establishment doesn't care abt laws, they just like the drama so ppl keep sleeping while the constitution keeps being eroded, This is nothing new, and has been going on for 40+ yrs.

  22. I’ve genuinely been trying to follow and learn about our governing system for a couple years now. I may have just been oblivious, but I thought that you could not ignore subpoenas—that it would be considered contempt like it would for a private citizen. I know Congressmen are exempt from punishment in regards to anything less than a felony while Congress is in session, but I did not think it would extend this far with something so consequential. And that doesn’t even come into play for folks of the executive branch or private citizens. I guess that it’s because impeachment inquiries aren’t technically legal trials, but still…

  23. What good is Trump? What has he done for us? Nothing. You know if you start arresting these idiots they will respond. Lawyers that don’t respond their law licenses are taken away. They will respond. We just need guys with balls to act on these things. They say if they act on these guys other countries I’ll lose respect for us and laugh at us. Hate to tell you but the train has already left the station. In their eye we are a joke🤣😂

  24. When Trump was sworn in, he promised to preserve and protect the constitution. So, not only is the quid pro quo thing impeachable, as was the proposed GQ Summit at his property (which he changed his mind about), but the fact of ignoring the sub peona’s is in fact, unconstitutional and therefore also impeachable, surely? What a joke.

  25. Execute one random Whitehouse staffer for every subpoena ignored. U help clean the gene pool and send a relatively strong message. In fact just start executing any Republican regime member daily. Think of the catharsis it would provide the world.

  26. I think it’s time for everyone to acknowledge that right wingers don’t have a moral compass, just a desire to ‘win’.

  27. They should send the Marshall's to pick these people up and bring them to the congressional Jail cell for being in contempt.
    They should announce to them a deadline and publish it in the news.
    Then follow up with their announcement and bring them all in for contempt.

  28. Arrest them all for contempt. Put them all in a jail cell until they comply. That is what would happen to the regular Joe Blow in the street. They are no different. The law is the law.

  29. Just dang, god dang, why the hell can’t this man be arrested? A young man was arrested and jailed for missing jury duty, but these creatures can’t be snatched up and dragged to jail.

  30. So the FBI must be compromised as well, like the do nothing corporate democrats. Can't the congress order the DOJ to arrest all of these known criminals? WTF man, are we now a totally lawless nation where the rich and powerful call the shots?

  31. 45-1 Maddow’s toilet wine ever happens.

    More like 6-5 that it will be just like Iran-Contra but less satisfying and way less “justice”… You think they walked free after Iran Contra? Then you’ll be surprised after how many walk-free of this fiasco travesty of CRIMES! They’re flouting the law already and they will continue to flout it successfully forever, sadly. You’re consuming the spectacle if you think otherwise and that’s exactly what they want you doing.


    They don’t get to have daily amnesia nor a fouled moral compass but they have both.

  32. Pay me enough money and I’ll go to Washington and drag that motherfucker out the White House and beat him senseless on Instagram live.

  33. Nothing will happen and theoretically that is such a disturbing reality that I want to be upset but if I’m looking at it in practice I think will Trump is still President and does yield a great deal of power the Democrats have to be careful because we really don’t know what that man is capable of and with the support of the majority of the GOP who may feel like they were in to deep and have nothing to truly lose.
    Now that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize that the reason we are even contemplating this stuff is the decline of the Democrats for three decades and their interests in much of the same things the right supported. It’s just natural to not hold opponents to account when you yourself have skeletons you done want dug up so you let things slide. In conclusion Obama should have realigned the Democrats with true leftist sentiment but they didn’t so it’s much to late in the game. They let it get to the point that it’s better you not decide this is the fight because the blow back could result in reactions that could have global consequences. Too risky now. Not 3 years into this madness that the administration will say something and then the next day claim no they did not say what they said. These people are not rational!

  34. As a dark brown person who doesn’t vote. I think Trump will win again. He will never be held accountable. Sorry guys. He’s from your tribe. You deal with him

  35. It's going to be okay. Since republipukes are so confortable with this level of lawlessness when dems take over the Senate, Keep the house, and take back the White house then they can outlaw the repukelincan party.

  36. All we need is: one. One of these sycophants to have Contempt of Congress enforced, Sargent of Arms to execute the order, and throw that person in jail with — Bubbaluvass. We’ll have the pleasure to sit back and watch the rest of this “House of Cards” to fall.

  37. I’m sure ignoring congressional subpoenas is inherent contempt punishable by heavy fines and/or imprisonments. But I’m no lawyer. But if it were you and I ignoring subpoenas, the door would be knocking, or possibly kicked in already!

  38. Trump probably presumes that he owns the Supreme Court so he thinks that if he can stonewall all these procedures and get it before SCOTUS he has it made.

  39. America has already proved beyond a doubt the truth in the statement “anyone can become president”. It was presumably meant to mean that you were all eligible as equal citizens.
    What you got was the pond scum, the muck at the bottom of a stagnant pool. You didn’t mean that kind of
    The other statement is “no one is above the law”. You have the laws. It’s not only for people to adhere to them, it’s for those laws to be enforced!
    Those who are refusing to obey direction, I would think, are in contempt.
    Arrest them and imprison them.
    If one of them happens to be trump, refer to the above.
    The president above all should be held accountable
    To those whom much is given, much is expected.
    Fix it! You look ridiculous.

  40. This has been my major complaint since the beginning of this fiasco. Could I use their noncompliance as a precedent should I ever get subpoenaed?

  41. The republicans will kick and scream no matter how it’s handled. The democrats need to quit triangulating their actions around how these criminal children will respond. Equal justice or there’s no justice full stop

  42. Is there not a procedure for none compliance of subpoena requests? That would make the requests in the first place pointless, if you can simply ignore them.

  43. i volunteer to take these criminals into custody. i consider it my civic duty to form a national militia to enforce the constitution against inaction. shall i start a facebook group? congressional milita? what should we call it? i want militia in the name so that we can sneak past white supremacists.

  44. These Democrats are weak. Vote them out! Get rid of these establishment politicians. I'm disgusted by our federal government, Democrats and Republicans alike.

  45. Agent Orange and his cronies are setting a great example for young people to learn from. Imagine the little monsters that will be enabled with this lunatic's shit.

  46. I feel like the thing most politicians and/or political commentators don't seem to fully acknowledge here, is the precedent this establishes for our country moving forward. The D.O.J. stance on not indicting a sitting president places the responsibility of holding the president legally accountable for his actions in the hands of congress. This, effectively, makes congress the acting judiciary of the executive branch. The president and his administration ignoring what are, functionally, judicial supenas, establishes a precedent that no one benefits from in the end. From this point forward, unless something consiquential for the president and his cabinet/staff happens, any future president can call back on this white house's actions, and the "consequences" that followed, as justification for their own non accountability for their actions. This shouldn't be the devisive partisan issue it's being spun as. In a system where the judicial branch can't act to wrangle in corruption and/or abuse of power in the white house, congress is our only hope for legal accountability. If that fails, the door is left wide open for any future president; democrat, republican, or otherwise, to be able to justify their noncompliance with our laws and constitutional mandates. Nobody wins long-term in a U.S.A. like that, nobody! I fear that at this point, the damage might as well be done already. Gods help us, should I be right.

  47. We've already been through this once with the Trump administration during the Mueller investigation. The Democrats threatened to hold those who had been issued subpoena's in contempt of congress and were discussing whether to fine or jail the offenders. Congress has three types of penal option when they hold someone in contempt of congress. Inherent, statutory and civil contempt. Personally I think congress should exercise the statutory version and chuck someone in jail to instill fear and gain compliance from the rest of the people issued subpoenas. The fact that people think they can get away with disregarding the investigatory powers of congress is really bad news for the norms of democracy and it needs to be stopped now or it will get worse. Republicans are like a 2 year old always pushing the limits of what they can get away with. When you give them an inch they take a mile. It's best to nip this before they just start to completely ignore the judicial branch and congress entirely. Republicans only don't respect anything and only fear power. Plus there is no social contract anymore. The only option is punitive because of how they choose to conduct themselves.

  48. I love how the fake media is crying about their failing impeachment scam. This country needs a strong leader and it HAS a strong leader. And everyone who could do something to help the corrupt and rotten democratic party sees that as well. You reign of terror and fear is coming to an end. Trump will make this country great and free again!

  49. Of course the republicans in the WH are going to cry and whine about it when they get arrested, but who cares? They broke the law, they should suffer the consequences. Congress not enforcing the law is giving the wrong signal to the people, that it's okay to break the law or that what the WH has done is not enough to warrant arrests.

  50. When Trump staff chief Mick Mulvaney is called to appear before the impeachment inquiry — a subpoena is imminent, I’m told — Republicans will howl, as they have before, about the probe’s improper intrusion into White House deliberations.
    >>But during their endless probes of the Clinton administration, Republicans hauled in three chiefs of staff (Mack McLarty, Erskine Bowles and John Podesta) and a dozen other senior White House officials — many testifying without protection of executive privilege.

    Republicans are outraged that the inquiry is taking depositions in closed sessions rather than public hearings. Biggs, accusing the Democrats of operating “Stalin-esque, Soviet-style” hearings, sent a letter signed by 76 other Republicans protesting “secrecy.”
    >>But Republicans didn’t find it “Stalin-esque” when they hauled 141 Clinton administration officials in for 568 hours of similar private depositions.

    Republicans were outraged that Democrats allowed a staff lawyer to interview a witness, Trump adviser Corey Lewandowski.
    >>This complaint, too, might carry more weight if GOP investigators hadn’t approved the same technique to question Clinton administration officials Janet Reno and Louis J. Freeh.

    Republicans are seeking to censure Schiff for, they say, mischaracterizing a rough transcript.
    >>But during the Clinton probes, a Republican committee chairman, Dan Burton (R-Ind.), called Clinton a “scumbag” and released selectively edited interview transcripts that omitted exculpatory information. Though Burton fired an aide (David Bossie, later a Trump adviser), he received no reprimand for doctoring transcripts.

    Irony is dead, but hypocrisy predeceased it.

    Impeachment Diary: The day that irony died
    –Dana Milbank, WaPo, Oct 21/19

  51. They should have jailed Barr when he didn't comply, even after being held in contempt of congress. Because they haven't, nobody on Trump's side will ever comply with any subpoena.

  52. Remember when the GOP railed and hee-hawed about how/if/when OBAMA would potentially ignore Constitution and become a tyrant? ……Democrats, what the hell, get on it…..
    Also, I think Congress needs their own private police, I know they have them, supposedly…but…yeah.

     I agree, David, sadly, these days the moronic "law-abiding" MAGGOT cult and GOP will scream the democrats are fascists when/if they enforce the Law.

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