Constitution Week Review and a Quiz about a Great American City
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Constitution Week Review and a Quiz about a Great American City

October 14, 2019

Hi! This is Teacher Jennifer from US
Citizenship Podcast. Every week we bring you practice interviews, quizzes,
resources, and the latest news that help you get ready for your US citizenship
interview. Today we’re going to close out Constitution and Citizenship week with a
quick civics quiz celebrating the birthday of our hometown Milpitas
California, but before we begin I would like to do a quick review of some
resources posted this week, all of which are available on
On September 16th, we did a quick review of the Bill of Rights and the N-400 part 12.
This is available as a podcast and PDF. On September the 17th, we posted a
collection of resources for Constitution and Citizenship Week.
On September 18th, we did a super quick podcast about how to study for your US citizenship
interview in English and Cantonese with Teacher Lisa Lau. On September 19th, Milpitas Adult School celebrated Constitution and Citizenship Week. This
culminated a four week introduction to the topics of Citizenship, the
Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civic Responsibilities for our ESL and
Citizenship students. We celebrated by signing the Constitution, taking lots of
pictures, and cake! Make sure you download our handy 100 Citizenship Questions
Guide for easy self studying. On September 20th, we posted a
citizenship quiz in honor of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.
On September 21st, our citizenship class met for the tenth time. We supplemented
Lynn Weintraub’s book “Citizenship: Ready for the Interview” with two interviews
from our 2016 free PDF “Thirty N-400 Section Practice Interviews Based on the USCIS Application for Naturalization.” On September the 22nd, we released “Mix-and-Match US Citizenship Interviews
and Quizzes.” Join our mailing list and receive 20 interviews and 40 civics quizzes in one convenient PDF. We will be posting recordings from this PDF in
the upcoming weeks. On September 23rd, we are transitioning from Constitution & Citizenship Week to Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration of American Latino heritage. Today we are celebrating the first birthday of Milpitas which was given as a land grant to the descendant of the De Anza expedition. Let’s get started! Question 1: Before the Spanish colonists came from Mexico, Milpitas was home to the Tamien Ohlone Tribe. Question Name one American Indian tribe in the United States. A) Angelenos; B) Apache; C) Californianos; D) Chicanos Question Two:
Like many California cities founded by the Spanish explorers, Milpitas has two
birthdays: On September 23rd 1835 the Governor of Alta California granted
Rancho Milpitas to Jose Maria Alviso. On January 26, 1954, Milpitas was
incorporated as a city in the state of California. Question: Name two national U.S. holidays. A) Cinco de Mayo; B) Columbus Day; C) Pioneer Days; D) Presidents Day Question Three: During the Civil War, there was a pro-Union, anti-slavery political rally in San Jose. At the rally, a man projected a slide poster reflecting Milpitans’ pride in their community. The message read: AS GOES MILPITAS, SO GOES THE STATE! Some people laughed because Milpitas is so small and California is so large, but many people cheered. Question: What are two rights of everyone living in the United States? A) freedom of expression; B) freedom to make fun of people; C) freedom to petition the government; D) freedom to work Question Four: In the 1950s to 1970s, San Jose tried to annex Milpitas. The people Milpitas resisted
the takeover of their land and adopted the symbol of the colonial Minuteman who is ready to fight for independence with a minutes notice. Question: Why did the colonists fight the British? Because they didn’t have….. A) self-government; B) high taxes; C) guns; D) free libraries Question 5: In 1966,
Milpitas elected a labor union leader Ben Gross, as its mayor. He was the first
African-American mayor west of the Mississippi. A mayor leads a city’s executive branch. Question: Who is in charge of the (federal) executive branch? A) the Governor; B) the Manager; C) the President; D) the Speaker of the House Extra Credit: Name the current mayor of
your city. Question Six: in 1955, Ford opened a car factory in
Milpitas which produced the popular Mustang and Pinto models. The factory
closed in 1984 and was converted into the Great Mall of the Bay Area which
opened in 1994. Question: What is the economic system of the United States? A) Maker economy; B) Mall economy; C) Market economy; D Marxist economy. Question Seven: Milpitas has one member in the US House of Representatives. Question: Name your US Representative A) Mike Honda; B) Ro Khanna; C) Zoe Lofgren; D) Other. Thanks to the students and staff of
Milpitas Adult School. Special thanks goes out to all my co-workers in the Milpitas Unified School District. Please visit us on the web at where you can find more resources for
Constitution and Citizenship Week and also for Hispanic Heritage Month.
Also while you’re at, join our mailing list and get our new free pdf:
MIX-AND-MATCH CITIZENSHIP INTERVIEWS twenty interviews and forty civics
quizzes in one convenient PDF. Also you can order our workbook US CITIZENSHIP BOOTCAMP from Mention the podcast and you’ll get free shipping.
Thanks for listening. I know you will be a great American citizen.
Thank you so much. Bye-bye!

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