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Constitutional Carry Petition

October 28, 2019

Hey everybody! Welcome back to Guns & Gadgets. Today I wan too bring your attention to a petition on the White House website that’s going on
around for a couple weeks and it has to do with Constitutional Carry show you
pictures over here on stream as you can see it here the title is we partition the Obama
administration to allow constitutional carry of firearms for all citizens
legally qualified to own firearms in essence to remove all the red tape that
is currently involved if you are familiar with the gun permit process it
has turned into somewhat of a cash grab for a lot of the states when I mean by
that you paid sometimes hundred or more dollars to the individual state during
the application process you pay $100 for some state required classes and that’s
even before you purchase a firearm which didn’t sell cost couple hundred bucks
the second member is the only amendment which we need certain licenses to use or
has restrictions put upon it constantly and you know that’s a whole different
conversation all different topic but this petition is to make a statement to
the Obama administration that constitutional carrying should be a
nationwide thing not just of you three states but all of our free states so if
you’re interested you know take a quick look at this and you see here on the
right hand side of the screen if you want to sign this petition you fill out
your name your first name last name email address and zip code and then you
sign up one and a couple seconds after that check email you’ll get a
verification link when you click on that link and add your name to the signatures
I sign this number of 766 it needs to get 200,000 signatures to be put on the
administration’s desk the day too ridiculous January 3rd 2016 so we got a
couple weeks left not a lot of people know about this and if you think about it is not a lot
of people that want people to know about this so if there’s something you’re
interested in please share this shared on Facebook share to Twitter share
anyplace you can’t just so that more people can be aware of it especially
people who you know are already into firearms are into the second amendment
and stuff like that just that I bring this to you have done a couple petitions
before I will have this link in the description so you can just click this
link down below here in a bring your rain to this page as you can see against
the petitions . I hope you check it out I truly appreciate time
thank you for watching

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