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Constitutional Convention by Shmoop

October 24, 2019

Constitutional Convention, a la Shmoop. After winning the Revolutionary War, early Americans
feared that the US could turn into a monarchy. That is, a country run by a big fat dictator called a king… …just like the one we had fought
a war to free ourselves from. Our central government was very weak. People had different ideas
about how things should be run… …like what power would rest with the states, and what power would lie with the federal government. So, because our forefathers wanted
this new nation of theirs to go swimmingly… … all of the “smart” and “important”
people were called together to write a Constitution. This document set forth the fundamental rights
and core principles of our nation… And it was written in really pretty cursive. For an 18th century document, it’s pretty amazing
how relevant the Constitution remains today. Well, except for that part about the importance
of forming militias… …and the reference to African-Americans
being three-fifths of a person… …and — well you get the picture…
So… have we come a long way? Are we ready for a new Constitutional Convention? Should we once again call upon
the best and brightest in our nation to produce a document that states
the principles that will guide our nation? Okay — homework time: It’s your job to pick the participants
for this all-important gathering. Who makes the cut? Your favorite teacher?
Stephen Hawking? Chuck Norris? Think about the qualities you want
in your representatives. What’s really important?
A big brain? A kind heart? A hot bod? Do you want a smorgasbord?
A policeman here, a construction worker there? Or are you better off with just
the most effective leaders… …whether that’s all politicians, all scientists…
… or you and your nine closest friends. Who would be invited to
attend your Constitutional Convention? Shmoop amongst yourselves.

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