Constitutional Coup – Jon Michaels (PROMO)
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Constitutional Coup – Jon Michaels (PROMO)

October 15, 2019

So I’m here to talk about an attack or a
series of sustained attacks on the administrative state. Because the
privatization revolution that has been wrought has profoundly threatened our
constitutional order and for years we haven’t had a way of talking about
privatization in constitutional terms in part because everyone’s talking about in
terms of efficiency. We have as many contractor federal contractors as we
have federal employees and we have vast segments of previously tenured protected
civil servants for now at-will employees. Privatization outsources government jobs.
Which government jobs are being outsourced? Previously bureaucratic jobs.
The bureaucrats have tenure. The bureaucrats have the servants of the
state they can push back and they can say no. Contractors are paid by the
agency and they’re paid only as long as the agency is happy with them. And they
want not only to keep their current contracts. They want more contracts so
privatization weakens this administrative separation of powers
because we used to have frictional we have the capacity for friction between
the civil servants and the agency heads but now the the contractors who come in
are more like yes men and women for the agency

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