Constitutional Court of Russia: Russian Constitution has higher priority than ECHR | Eng Subs
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Constitutional Court of Russia: Russian Constitution has higher priority than ECHR | Eng Subs

October 24, 2019

Tsar Grad TV Channel presents Our country is not obliged to execute decisions of the ECHR if they contradict the Constitution. This decision was accepted by the Constitutional Court of Russia today. The question whether Russian Federation is a sovereign state… …was answered unambiguously and positively in St. Petersburg. Dmitrii Gololobov, Dr. of Law:
– We can’t say this is something new that hasn’t happened before. This is not something supernatural. Russia keeps on a trend of a whole number of states. It was inevitable in the current situation. Russia just couldn’t behave in a different way. This decision was a result of an appeal of State Duma deputies. They don’t agree with the decision of the ECHR… …which obliges our country to pay almost 2 bln. euros to Yukos stockholders. This is more than 110 bln. roubles. The ECHR also requires a right to vote for prisoners. The Constitutional Court says ECHR decisions are recommendations, rather than obligatory for execution. This doesn’t mean Russia won’t execute them. Maybe, it will; but only if there’s no contradiction with the main Law of the country. Dmitrii Magonya, managing partner of a law office:
– Within latest year or two, ECHR seems to become… …an element of foreign-policy pressure on Russia. If one EU institution takes a decision to apply sanctions on Russia, another EU institution is surely involved. The ways of obligatory penalty are not defined in the HRW Convention. This was shown by a precedent created by Great Britain. The British don’t care about the ECHR decisions. It’s already a decade they refuse to give a voting right to prisoners. However, the West keeps on promoting its liberal values to other countries. There are supranational bodies of all power branches in the EU: parliament, government, and courts. Europeans try to distribute their own practice of deprival of sovereignty by national states to other countries. They failed in doing this with Russia. Ivan Kolesnikov and Dmitrii Tarasov, Tsar Grad.

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