Constitutional Court to announce impeachment verdict on Friday
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Constitutional Court to announce impeachment verdict on Friday

October 13, 2019

Our top story this morning… After several months of frustration, anger
and uncertainty,… the suspense will soon be over. In just over 24 hours from now,… Korea’s
Constitutional Court will announce its decision on whether to uphold or overturn the impeachment
motion against President Park Geun-hye. Given the immense weight of national interest
in the decision,… the court will allow broadcasters to televise the ruling live. Kim Ji-yeon starts us off. The wait is nearly over. Korea’s Constitutional Court has announced
a date to deliver its verdict on the impeachment motion against President Park Geun-hye. The ruling follows two months of impeachment
hearings held… since the motion was passed by the National Assembly late last year. “The ruling on the impeachment motion of President
Park Geun-hye will be delivered this Friday at 11 a.m.” The court will allow the announcement to be
aired live on various media outlets… with the entire nation focused on the verdict. Now that the date has been set, the justices
are believed to have reached some sort of agreement. The eight justices have held daily meetings
for nearly ten days since they heard closing arguments from both legal teams. Regular meetings could continue even though
the verdict date has been set,… indicating that while the justices may have come to some
common ground… there are still many contentious issues they have to address. Since the verdict comes three days before
the term of interim Chief Justice Lee Jung-mi is set to end,… six of the eight justices
have to rule in favor of the impeachment motion for it to be upheld… and Friday’s ruling
will be final. ,
“The day after tomorrow for the decision is a little bit earlier than expected because
the court has an option of next monday, the 13th, before the termination of Justice Lee
Jung- mi’s office. Based on this fact and court’s attitude, this
case, I think the justices could come to a conclusion result without extreme difficulty.” If the court upholds the impeachment motion,
President Park will be removed from office… and South Korea will be required to hold a
presidential election within 60 days. If the court rejects her impeachment, President
Park will be immediately reinstated to serve out the rest of her term… and South Korean
voters will head to the polls in December as planned. This Friday will tell us if President Park
will be the country’s first president ever to be impeached. “If that’s the case, she will not be able
to run for any state office for the next five years,… and she could face prosecution because
impeachment means she loses her immunity from criminal trial. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.”

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