CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: Trump REFUSING to Cooperate with Impeachment
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CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS: Trump REFUSING to Cooperate with Impeachment

October 11, 2019

Obstruction is very quickly becoming the name
of the game because Donald Trump is now officially retired using to cooperate with the house’s impeachment
inquiry. We will talk about what this means. We will talk about what will happen next,
which is really the most important question. I told you before that there are just too
many differences between bill Clinton’s impeachment and Donald Trump’s impeachment to really draw
relevant parallels in terms of the course that they might take, the outcome that they
might have. A bill Clinton’s impeachment was overlying
about an affair. Donald Trump’s is over borderline treasonous
behavior. Clinton wasn’t tweeting all day about it. Donald Trump is, Clinton didn’t have something
equivalent to Fox news and right wing radio and the social media echo chambers that Donald
Trump has. Clinton cooperated with the inquiry while
Trump was always likely not to, and now we know that he will not. The white house said yesterday it will not
cooperate with this impeachment inquiry period. They said this in a letter of eight or nine
pages of length where he calls the entire thing unconstitutional despite of course impeachment
being enshrined in the founding documents. Of the United States of America. Uh, the letter is filled with complete non
arguments about why he will not be participating and this is now going to set up a major battle
with Democrats in the house. This is like telling the police, no, you are
not allowed to investigate me. I don’t participate. And I think you investigating my possible
crimes is harassment at the highest level. If you did that, the police through the courts
would enforce their right to investigate. And the question now is, will the house in
force, it’s right to investigate, but it’s actually more simply will they, will the subpoenas
even start if the subpoenas start, will the subpoenas be enforced? Because you can subpoena anybody you want. And a court can even say, you must abide by
the subpoena, Mr. Trump, mr Trump’s lawyer, whoever. But what if you just ignore that court decision? What if you ignore that court’s decree? So far there have been no consequences to
Donald Trump or others that he’s directed to ignore requests and subpoenas. And unless that changes, Trump’s going to
get away with this. This is actually, you know we, we were told
about there could be a constitutional crisis. This is actually a constitutional crisis. You need to understand that it’s not a hypothetical
one. It is one right now there is no legal basis
for Donald Trump’s position that a coequal branch of government using its investigative
power is unconstitutional. There is no legal basis for ignoring requests
from such a constitutional inquiry. You can make the argument that Trump not cooperating
in and of itself is actually an impeachable act. You could make the argument that the specifics
of the Ukraine fiasco that are being adjudicated presumably by the impeachment inquiry becomes
secondary to what is clearly the impeachable action of not cooperating with a legal constitutional
inquiry conducted by the power vested in a coequal branch of government. And do you know why Trump and his lawyers
are doing this? I mean you need only look at the last two
and a half years. It’s worked so far, they suspect, and they’re
not crazy to suspect it, that based on how things have gone the last two years, that
ultimately they will not be forced to participate or to face consequences rather if they are
told to participate but decided not to anyway. So why not try this? My my senses and in reading a lot of legal
opinion about this over the last couple of days, my sense is that even if Trump doesn’t
get the gravity of the situation that he’s facing here, that his attorneys do get it. And so they have made a strategic decision
that Hey, just not going along with this stuff has served us pretty well. We got Trump out of having to meet with Mueller
in person and instead he answered questions in writing. Bogus answers. I mean deceptive answers, incomplete answers,
answers that by any normal assessment we would say are untruths in many ways. And he got away with it. So this is obviously the right decision that
one would make if so far they’ve gotten away with just not participate in getting in the
way, not doing the thing. So we’ve got a constitutional crisis here. We will soon see whether it will be resolved
in accordance with the constitution and we will. I mean, listen, the most important thing at
this point is going to be are Democrats going to get it together and do everything that
they can to force compliance with this investigation? Trump may still ignore it. Trump may still not participate, but Democrats
need to start using their subpoena power. They need to start looking at holding people
in contempt. There is a mechanism for doing this. We’ve not even really discussed it because
it seems so remote. The idea is so remote to me that we would
actually see contempt. People held in contempt by their refusal to
participate, but this is the conversation we’re having. It is a constitutional crisis right now, not
at some point in the future. Let me know on Twitter or in the YouTube comments,
please tell me what you think the end result will be of Donald Trump saying we are simply
not going to participate

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  1. It is an extremely weak letter. It goes from left to right and back again, without any real focus on anything. It is filled with distractions that are distracting the distractions. And a good and fine load of projections as the cherry on top. They will not get far with that, once the hearings start to take off.

  2. As someone pointed out before. Like more than a year ago. The Trump administration tries to push on the limits a tiny bit every day, and once they have gotten away with enough, it have turned into some serious shit. And this is not even the end result yet, of such a process. It is like a child pushing everything, and in the end, that child burns down the school.

  3. People who refuse to show up and testify in congress should be waking up to knocks on their door at 3am from the capitol police, handcuffed, and dragged into congress in those chains before the cameras of the world and held in contempt in the basement of the House until at such time as the House deems their case can be passed over to the judicial branch for review. This should happen to every single person, including Bill Barr, and it should fucking shock and stun the nation. And furthermore, people who are found to be in contempt of Congress during these proceedings should have their assets seized by congress until further notice. Enough playing around, thank you. Congress has the authority to arrest these people, and they should fucking use it.

  4. I had enough already!
    Why can’t the U.S Marshals just walk into the White House and place handcuffs on Trump’s pussy grabber tiny hands? For crying out loud, just throw him into a jail cell and hide the key away.

  5. Bad analogy. If the police investigate you, you don’t have too participate. The fifth amendment most likely does not apply to an impeachment.

  6. Hey everybody. Let's remember: The Democrats DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS! They CAN vote on impeachment without any of this song and dance. Speaker Pelosi wants to show the public that the Tangerine Turd is a real turd. But if the Orange Snowflake wants to whine like the bitch that he is, then the Democrats HAVE THE VOTES TO IMPEACH HIM TODAY! Then Moscow Mitch McConnell would be FORCED BY THE CONSTITUTION TO BRING THE MALEVOLENT MANDARIN TO TRIAL! And Speaker Pelosi could still have the supporting cast arrested on contempt charges.

    RELAX! I think that we will get our Russian asset rat yet. Just be patient.

  7. From a UK prospective. We let one German guy do what he liked in 1936. By the time the mess was cleared up 67 million people were dead.

  8. Nothing will happen. Trump and his cohorts will refuse to cooperate, democrats will refuse to enforce subpoena's.
    If democrats were serious about this they would have impeached and arrested Barr by now for lying to congress and obstructing justice.

    Nothing will happen, justice does not exist anymore.

  9. The big difference with Clinton and the Trump affairs, was Clinton didn’t rape anyone! Where as Trump has been accused of rape how many times? Along with how many other crimes Trump has done! There is no comparison!

  10. Why would he cooperate? Who cares if he does or not just add more obstruction onto the charges making an even stronger case to imPEACH the ORANGE. And if he stalls it until he is out of office they can slap the cuffs on him on the way out. That will be epic.

  11. So, why even have the investigation, then? If he refuses to participate, then impeach the daughter-fucker immediately.

  12. Instead of telling us this, tell it to the Democrats that they need to get their shit together which by the way I agree with you. We need to vote that bastard-in-chief along with his suck up Republicans out of office. We need to come out in force.

  13. This whole thing reminds me of the sovereign citizen movement….I DO NOT CONSENT. I DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS. I DO NOT WISH TO CREATE JOINDER WITH YOU. LOL!! P Barnes is a badass!!

  14. The Constitution says he can be found guilty, if he fails to respect the Congress, and it's investigation. Failure to comply means you are guilty.

  15. Just consider the precedent that is is being set here. The disregard of the constitution being demonstrated by trump and the republicans. If we do not take a very firm stand now to turn it back by openly declaring these actions by the trump administration to be wrong, and make that declaration through action rather than words, this erosion of our constitution will result in the rapid decline and collapse of our democratic system. It won't take many years for our system to come unhinged and fall apart with these types of trumponian crimes, making room for trumps dream government (our nightmare) to step in with perhaps his incompitent son as totalitarian dictator.

  16. This is how the us will become a dictatorship!
    Congress needs to start holding accountable now. Or else (back to opening statement)

  17. Ok, lemme get this straight.  If I ignored a subpoena, the judge would find me in contempt and congress would issue a civil lawsuit?  So why doesn't congress simply use it's "inherent contempt power" and jail Trump for obstructing the legislature?  If he's above the law that means he's not the president anymore.  He's the king.  If we let him ignore subpoena's it's really that simple, he's not a president anymore, he's now our king.  Constitution is getting thrown in the trash and burned and Republicans are warming their hands by the fire.

  18. I wonder if these Repuklicans know they are going to be voted out, along with Donnie, if he lasts that long, and think how they will be viewed in history? They have no souls…rot in he–, Repuklicans…blue wave 2020…blue tsunami

  19. They need to arrest anyone that is participating in this corruption even down to the lawyers that are condoning the actions of the president to bring them in to questioning also and arrest them immediately if they don’t cooperate themselves then Donald Trump will have to cooperate because he’ll have to get all new lawyers while his lawyers that he has sits in jail and no lawyer wants to go to jail

  20. House leaders have announced that they are just going to conclude that refusal to let witnesses testify is proof of guilt. Then they will add every one of these cases to the list of documentation for Obstruction of Justice/Congress Impeachment Article(s).

  21. And yet, the do-nothing Democrats do nothing….. It's like a race to see which party can become the most useless the fastest. I'm done with all of them. Pelosi is completely senile and useless. I'm starting to think they like Trump in office because they can sit around doing absolutely nothing constructive and look good to their base by comparison to the alternatives. This is completely insane.

  22. What we need is for his Republican opposition in the next election to step up and do their god damned duty instead of pandering till the last possible moment.

  23. This is an oportunity for democrats to bring republicans to their knees and crush them but like the useless political puppets that they are they're gonna squander this and nothing's gonna come from it, and the republicans are trapped, they know they're gonna get anihilated in the next primaries and getting rid of Trump would soften the blow of that fall, but they're probably calculating that if they help remove Trump that it'll be even worse, so it's a catch 20/20 for them, they're damned if they do and damned if they don't and meanwhile Trump is destroying everything and a lot of people are truly suffering as a result of his decisions and it's serious stuff but for politicians it's just a game that they're playing just so they can hold on to power for their own gain it's disgusting.

  24. If laws are being broken and physical arrests are to be made as determined by Congress and the Supreme Court, what law enforcement agency is at the disposal of Congress to physically enforce the rule of law on members of the executive branch?  Terrifyingly, I think the answer is “none,” further reenforcing David’s point that the executive branch can easily get away with ignoring the rule of law without consequence.  For example, normally, it would be the FBI — but if the FBI themselves are taking orders and relying on resources from the very branch of government in violation.  How would agents and officers actually deploy to make arrests?  Is it the Sergeant-of-Arms of the House who becomes the enforcer?  Yikes.  Frankly, I think that’s all Congress has to work with.  The only way this can resolve is if members of the executive branch have a crisis of conscious and cooperate with Congress in spite of any directives to the contrary from their superiors.

  25. I remember when they use to say lets give senile orange pedophile fascist a chance i guess every criminal could use that now as well when have murdered a zillion random citizens just say i won't do it anymore just give me a chance

  26. From now on there are 2 parties the DNC and the nazi party as they have proved to embrace the same ideology of hate

  27. Citizens who commit crimes should be able to say the same as well to simply refuse to cooperate with the law since thats the new normal now

  28. What they need to do is tell whoever doesn't comply with the subpoena will be locked in their cell. Is the only way this corrup people is going to, all those people that dodge question saying that they have immunity from the administration lock them up, not up for debate,.. Comply or else,…

  29. I'm afraid with the extreme division in this country that the people who should be pushing back against this will not. The Republicans don't care about anything except power. They'll yell and pound their chests when it comes to the parts of the constitutions they like and give them more power, but anything that takes away from it they'll ignore. Separation of powers, co-equal branches of government doesn't mean anything to them. Logically, a Senator or Representative should care that their president is overstepping hisher bounds because it takes away from their direct power, but they don't care about their own individual power. They care about the collective power of their party and that's it.

  30. When are you going to analyze the white house letter to pelosi? no liberal media is covering it in detail for some reason.

  31. I don't know why we're still following this crap with Trump,he has gotten away with the unthinkable and more but yet he still is in office.HOW can anyone utter the words "NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW….?" It's beyond US!He has people in positions that are in law or office to help manifest his vision to make MAGA by any means necessary.

  32. What do you expect from Republican filth. They never want to follow the rules but make rules and force other to follow. Fuck them all!!

  33. If he keeps this up for much longer I predict that he will be dragged, screaming and kicking, from The House which was once described as 'white' but which is now, in actual fact, grey!

  34. donald trump uses color against a lot of us in this country and color always seems to be the problem how about we get rid of color on everything and just get down to calling ourselves Americans.

  35. so is there any legal rulings on how to arrest a president in the US to begin with?
    This is a complete disaster and even abominable towards any ideals about Democracy.
    You just cannot have any means to stop a leader.
    I doubt it truly ends with anything more extreme over what it already is.
    but this should make the US population really re asses their laws.
    because this is seriously fucked up.

  36. Can the sergeant at arms roll up a handful of deputies or something and start rounding up these people who won't cooperate or who would ignore a sopeana?

  37. Hypothetical: Say you are working for a company and the boss asks you into the office. He's about to fire and you say "I'm not going to cooperate.". So now he can't fire you?
    You see the problem?
    You don't decide to make a criminal part of the jury or the judge on his own trial.

  38. "subpoena". From the Latin "under penalty".

    If there's no penalty – if there are no consequences for failing to abide by it – then the US constitution is dead, and Trump becomes the dictator for life. He must – absolutely must – be held to account.

  39. It don't matter his ass will be the first setting president to get arrested. If that was President Obama I hate to think what would have already happened to him. white privilege!!!

  40. Interesting that you bring up the issue of refusing to allow the police to investigate you; this is a critical component of the Sovereign Citizen/Freemen on the land movement. They consider themselves to be seperate from the nation they are in, and therefore not subject to its laws. Of course you have pointed out the consequences; in every case the police and the courts have treated them as the idiots they are and convicted them. Trump should be no different.

  41. David, can’t the House put these actors in Federal prison if they are found in contempt of Congress? Doesn’t the constitution say so? I would like to see them put in prison until they comply.

  42. Guaranteed, trump is NOT even a millionaire, leave alone a billionaire!

    Think logically: He ran for office fully knowing that he will be held to account. What he did not realize that all of his crimes will come home to roost!

    Secondly, he was trying to boost his real estate failures. What could be better than establishing long term deals with world leaders? Not just in office but long afterwards!

    Trump ran for office to bail himself out of bankruptcy. He was sinking. He shook hands with the flailing republicans and got himself in the driver's seat.

    Why else would the republicans keep shut, in spite of trump's criminal shenanigans?

    Trump definitely had dirt on them. They needed him. Devils on both sides shook hands to sink their country!

  43. So basically. If you wanna be immune to pretty much anything in the U.S.. Just become president? I actually think Trump is going to get away with everything. Laws and rules don't exist if they are not enforced. Hell the constitution seems to not even apply to Trump. What is even the point of the impeachment if you don't enforce anything?

  44. And he. The ruler will magnify himself over every other ruler. Even the God of heaven he will not give glory. He will despise women kind and depose any who thwart his power. He controls and manipulates those who support him, as the master puppeteer. He refuses advise,
    on all fronts and lives by is own rules. He has power because he has adherents. Who has been the master manipulator from the first rebellious act.!!!!!

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