Constitutional isomers of C4H8O | Aldehyde & Ketone – Dr K
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Constitutional isomers of C4H8O | Aldehyde & Ketone – Dr K

September 22, 2019

We’re gonna draw out all possible
aldehyde and ketone isomers for C4H8O in this video. How many isomers do you
think we will get? Well, stay tuned until the end of this video to find out. Let’s
begin. Quick recap, aldehyde has a carbonyl functional group which is C
double bond O connected to a hydrogen. Note that this CHO group is always at
the first carbon for aldehyde. Whereas, ketone, it has the same carbonyl group
but instead of hydrogen next to it, it’s sandwiched between two carbons. Let’s
start with aldehyde. Since we have four carbons, let’s start by placing all of
them in a straight line and then we’ll add in the CHO group. Since we have four
carbons, there is another way that we can connect the carbons. We start with the CHO group and then we have two carbons connected to it and instead of
continuing on with the fourth carbon we’ll stick it here like this. That will
give us another isomer. Looks like there’s no other way we can further arrange the
carbons for aldehyde, so, let’s move on to ketone. As mentioned earlier, the
functional group for ketone is carbonyl carbon sandwiched between two carbons
like this. By doing so we’ve already used up three carbon and one oxygen, so, we’ll
stick the remaining carbon on either end like this. Now, it doesn’t matter
which end we stick the extra carbon to because it will end up to be the same
structure anyway. There’s no other way we can draw our ketone, so, it looks like we
only have one structure for ketone. All we have to do now is to fill up the
carbons with hydrogen. Keep in mind that each carbon makes four
bonds so we’ll need to fill in accordingly. Here are the two aldehydes
and one ketone for C4H8O. If you are interested in drawing other isomer
aside from aldehyde and ketone for C4H8O, let me know in the comments and I’ll
post a video for it. I hope you find the video helpful. Do subscribe and thanks for watching!

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