Constitutional Law Professor Robert Tsai: Barr Can Legally Mislead Investigators | MTP Daily | MSNBC
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Constitutional Law Professor Robert Tsai: Barr Can Legally Mislead Investigators | MTP Daily | MSNBC

August 26, 2019

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  1. Congress should cite Barr for contempt of congress, arrest and impeach him before he does more damage for the justice system.

  2. Yes, we are all fully aware. Treason is fully legal in the U.S. now. The Barr to be charged is so high now that no one could ever meet it. Laws only apply to low level drug offenders in this country. Everyone else gets to plunder and steal with immunity.

  3. The lawyers are the issue. We all know right & wrong. Lawyers get paid a huge % of the worlds resources to make lying & acting like a POS legal….

  4. Barr lied to Congress though – that is perjury.

    He lied about a direct question of whether or Not Mueller objected to his "letter – summary not a summary".

  5. If Barr can legally mislead investigators.. He needs to be replaced with someone who WONT LIE & MISLEAD THE COUNTRY…

  6. I don't believe you guys. The entire MSNBC lineup this afternoon is about political brouhaha generated by Mueller's statement and not a single one of you is addressing the point that Mueller was trying to make: that we are in danger of losing our next election to the Russians. I love you, MSNBC, but sheesh! What a pack of lawyers! Signal and go around! You are needed on the front.

  7. Trump could always waive the rule and agree to be indicted….The DOJ are his subordinates after all. Perhaps he'd get a trial in front of unbiased jurors where he'd actually be allowed to present his own evidence?

    Nah….The Arch-criminal Trump needs to be impeached immediately, strike while the iron is hot, It couldn't be clearer after today. Pelosi and Schumer are nothing but obstructionists at this point and they need to hear it. She's done good things with motor voter and the instant registration of anyone who receives a driver license, but it's time for her to step aside and let the adults take this over this impeachment process.
    We cannot go on with all this Foreign interference in our elections, the newest residents must have their voices heard.

  8. Trump get out and take all your people with you , trump , all you do is lie, lie, lies, you all need to go to jail.

  9. Finally someone brings it up. It’s not illegal to be misleading. We can’t just make up crimes. It’s not illegal to mislead Americans

  10. Well the dems no all about miss leading, they've ben doing it all their lives lying to the people of the U.S.A.

  11. “I, William Barr, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.”
    Barr didn't swear to defend Trump. And Trump doesn't pay his salary. Barr swore an oath to the American people to defend our Constitution against all enemies, even if it's the president. Barr lied to the American people and violated his oath to protect the Constitution. He needs to go.

  12. I'm not a lawyer, but Robert Tsai knows what he's talking about. As for indicting a sitting president, I understand Robert Mueller's reasoning regarding why impeachment is the appropriate remedy, but it seems indictment should also be an option.

  13. Why would charging a sitting president be a problem?
    Isn't that the kind of thing Vise Presidents are for?

  14. I think when the DOJ said you can’t indict a sitting president, because it would be hard for him to get his job done, I think they meant if a president committed 1crime like Bill Clinton. I don’t think they meant you could bring your crime family in and start committing as many crimes as you can get away with.

  15. Mueller pointed out twice today that the memo saying that they couldn't indict a sitting president was unconstitutional.

  16. It doesn't matter, because Nancy Pelosi and corporate democrats are protecting trump from impeachment.

  17. Watch "Fox News judge gives Trump terrible news amid Mueller speech" on YouTube

  18. Opinion | It seems very clear & logical, that even though the Department of Justice, can't file charges against the criminal acts of Donald Trump Senior, it is very transparent that Donald Trump Senior can be charged by other parts of legal government. It's been stated that Donald Trump Senior is not exonerated from any form of illegal activity & this stands to reason why Donald Trump Senior wants to stay in office, " Only to overturn & walk away from legal prosecution for each & every crime committed by the influential corrupt, criminal behavior, & illogical mindset of influential Aldof Hitler upon the mindset of Donald Trump Sr & Trump family." Although this can not be used as a legal defense for Donald Trump Senior, nor can Donald Trump Senior walk away from the facts presented that Donald Trump Senior is more than likely a possible communist who has been put in place by the Russian Communist & American Communist parties. Facts of truthfulness will come out sooner than later. Bottom line.

  19. "Unless he lied under oath."

    Barr lied to Congress. He said Mueller's team made no objection to his interpretation of the report. Mueller's letter to Barr after his 4 page summary contradicts his testimony.

  20. Of course you can indict a president. Image that a president orders the assassination of a political rival. The WH and the president's party engage in misinformation and propagate dark conspiracy theories of a secret society within federal law enforcement framing the president in order to carry out a coup, making the super majority in the Senate to remove impossible to attain. We have to be able to indict in that circumstance.


  22. We need to get rid of all of the dinosaurs in Congress and vote in some younger people who actually represent the future. We also need to set term limits on Congress. The people who have been in Congress for over a decade are the reason we have such a failure of our political system. Time for them to go.

  23. I think these lawyers need to read the constitution it is plain and clear a president vote or any government officer can be impeached for a conviction of a high crime no you can’t be impeached unless your in office and you can’t be convicted without a indictment so it clear

  24. Barr blatantly lied under oath to Congress, to the American people. If a poor person did that they would be held in contempt and jailed quicker than you can say "Orange traitor".

  25. Mueller clearly stated that there is no sufficient evidence that Trump is criminal. The same statement is also applicable to all the innocent people. They spent so much money for this BS. Some people do hate Trump and I can understand it. I am not pro-Trump but admit that Trump has been doing a decent job so far. Economy is good. He is doing the job. Hating each other does not bring any good results. Wake up folks.

  26. Even the intent to mislead from an office of such independent reliability is an impeachable offense. An outright lie under oath is a criminal offense, and his actions require some time behind bars to think about the situation a bit more clearly. He definitely needs to be remembered as assisting a criminal president. It is his legacy he is writing, not Trump's.

  27. I find the argument that you can't indict a sitting president because it would interfere with his ability to discharge his duties under the constitution particularly galling. If Trump actually was discharging his duties, I for one would not see the urgency to impeach him. Unfortunately this OLC "position" is enabling Putin's puppet to do lasting damage to America.
    Even Trump's "great economy" is another con. His tax cuts for the rich are pushing the national debt even higher at a time in the economic cycle when it should be paid down. The economic folly will hurt us for many many years.

  28. How can this be an open question in 2019? Why was the law not made clear a hundred years ago? Why are they not doing it now?

  29. Hi Chuck.👋.
    Exceptional reporting, Chuck.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chuck.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  30. So Tsai thinks one is guilty until proven innocent. Hey remember, there was no evidence of a crime, so how could there be conspiracy? Oh why did Mueller even investigate knowing he could not indict? That's why it's Bull Shioooooooooooot!

  31. Do other First-world countries keep leaders in office if they've committed crimes? No. Change that stupid policy. And McConnell is blocking Election Interference bills. This is a crime also.

  32. No matter what does fake news spew it doesn’t change the fact that now Trump is in charge over the new investigations of investigators.
    Barr will make sure it’s done thoroughly and that’s why some folks are in the panic mode.

  33. You can't do anything to Trump. His supporters have guns and all we have are hugs. It sucks to be the good guys.

  34. Hmm just like MSNBC misleads the American people, and more, do it legally? Look up the Smith-Mundy Modernization Act of 2013. "It's ok if we lie to you, we're not breaking the law."


  36. Is it only me that's interested in when this memo was written and who wrote t and how memos work in usa government.
    A simple Internet search.

  37. Mueller states, he cannot say if the traitor drumpf is innocent.But under Justice's "rules" you cannot indict a sitting president, So As Such, you cannot file charges, as the prez wouldn't have access to the courts. That was never and is not his job. His job was to present his report… To CONGRESS who must now decide to impeach. By showing the American People the evidence, of these traitorous 1% greedy, soulless pigs. But sadly with the 1% donor controlled soulless republicans in the senate, the POS orange orangutan is still needed to dismantle our nation and hand it over to their lords & masters, the 1%. But that is not the point, if the House Impeaches have the hearings, show the American People the evidence, hand it over to the republican senate and let's show the American people which traitorous republicans in the senate, have sold their souls and they will have The Blood of Our Constitution, on their hands.

  38. Mueller is an was a Coward..He Left Democrat's twisting in the Wind..
    He is a Joke… Either you found evidence or you didn't. Ken Starr said Bill Clinton was guilty.🤓

  39. Can't wait for IG and AG reports that will expose the corruption by Comey McCabe Strozk Page Baker Brennan Clapper Lynch Hillary Kerry and the worst President ever Obama

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