Contemporary Photo Frame. No miters needed!
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Contemporary Photo Frame. No miters needed!

August 24, 2019

Princess Meow-Meow recommends Microjig. Maker of the GRR-RIPPER. Work safer.Work smarter. This episode is also sponsored by You could scale this frame up to whatever
size you like. I decided to make mine 12″ square, which is a little over 30cm. Just because I had this scrap of oak in my
shop that I wanted to use. And I think I can get the whole frame out
of this one piece. I’ll make all of the cuts using my crosscut
sled. First I need to cut this board into two equal
sized pieces. To set the length of the cut, I’m going to measure from the table saw blade to this stop block and not the fence itself. And the reason for that is that I don’t want
the cutoff piece of the wood to get trapped between the fence and the blade. That can cause kickback throwing the wood
back at me. I’ll set up this block back here line my work piece up against it for the measurement, then remove the block. That way there’s no chance of it getting trapped. With My zero clearance insert in place, I’m going to rip a narrow strip off of each
of these boards. I’ll cut these into strips that are just a
little bit wider. And I’ll rip the four frame pieces down to
their widths. Making lap joints can be a little bit tricky
because you’ve got two dimensions to work with. You need the depth of the blade to be perfect, and you need the width of the notches to be
perfect. The best advice I have is to use a scrap board: run some tests and make incremental changes to your setup. I’ve raised the blade to half the depth of
the wood. To cut out the notches, I’ve set up a stop
block on both sides so that I can make all the cuts and slide it over, and they’ll be the same on each side. Now I need to cut out two smaller notches on the back side of two of these big pieces. To do that, I’m not changing the height of
my blade but I’ve moved in the two stop blocks. I’m using my disc sander to make bevels on
the ends of each of these boards. Now I can glue it all together. One of the nice things about lap joints is
that they are self-squaring so you get a nice square
picture frame. I’ll hit this up with a few coats of spray
lacquer. Here I’m cutting out two pieces of acrylic
the same size. I’ll stick the plexiglass on using epoxy. {Audible ad} And I want to thank you for watching this week’s episode of Woodworking for Mere Mortals. This turned out to be a really fun project. It’s one that you can make in just a couple
hours. If you’d like to make your own, I’ve got some free plans down below you can download. If you’ve never made half-lap joints before, they’re not that difficult. Just take your time and challenge yourself
with them. In some ways it’s a lot easier than trying
to make perfect miter joints. If you like this project and would like to
make more picture frames, well I have assembled a playlist for you that has all sorts of picture frame ideas and framing tips. That’s one thing about woodworking. Once you start doing it, you’re probably going end up making a lot
of picture frames. If you haven’t already done so, I’d love for you to take a moment to subscribe to Woodworking for Mere Mortals where I post new woodworking videos every
Friday, And check out the For Mere Mortals website at Where there’s lots and lots of plans and photos and you can get involved and become part of
the Me-Mo Community! Thanks everybody. I’ll see you next week.

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  1. Cool frame Steve, I've made a few half laps recently, but look forward to trying your dual-stop-block trick!

  2. @Steve Ramsey I love all the sleds you've built.  Do you have a section either here on youtube or the site where you've assembled plans for the sleds used?  The word 'sled' doesn't seem to be a great keyword?!   If you haven't done it; I would appreciate a video on making and using various sleds that one can build to ease projects.  Some sleds I've seen others make have fancy inlays that allow them to track on the table saw; and I don't know why but for some reason I'm just balking at it, it seems a little complicated.  Perhaps you have a secret.

  3. I wake up every Friday and ask my wife, "You know what today is don't you?" And she always responds while rolling her eyes, "Woodworking For Mere Mortals"

  4. Nice but the bulldog clips don't work for me. Some matching wooden push fit semi circles would have been better.

  5. Hi Steve, Nice frame!!!
    Just realized you have stopped the "I'm a MeMo from … " segment.
    I liked that segment, however I understand that a show must evolve.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks for inspiring so many people – including me.  I love your videos and appreciate all the tips and advice you show and give.

  7. I like the design (no comment on the clips) – did I spot a traditional Steve Ramsey 'mistake' with the side on which you hammered the hanging clip?

  8. Hi Steve! Can you make a computer desk one of these days? With shelves and everything? I saw your quaint and charming writing desk video but I'm afraid to load up too much weight on it with a computer and whatnot.

  9. Does anyone else get anxiety of watching for a finger getting cut off every time they speed up the video of them cutting on a table or miter saw?

  10. hay steve nice project just done with a piece of scrap wood also what happend to the corner planter from your step and do you have a video on the  making of the crosscut sled

  11. What a cool picture frame, mainly the Princess Meow-Meow photograph. A question: Is there some difference between using a dado set and the table saw blade to make the half lap joint? Seems like would be faster using the dado set. Thanks for the great video, Steve. Thanks to MicroJig and Audible for sponsoring the show.

  12. if you like that kind of reflexion, Steve, you'll love this :
    one of the best series of all time for me

  13. If you wanted to get fancy you could scrap the edges of the acrylic with a razor blade and then take a small torch and run it over the edges real quick and have a nice flame polished edge with little effort.

  14. I like your videos because at first you say what is the project. Then halfway I forget what your making because of the process. But it comes all together at the end.

  15. Avant Garde was a good decision.  The clips are good for me.  I would change my mind about the photo on display and switch it out.  Outside the box!

  16. You are the perfect advertiser. Why? Because 1) You make the micro jig jokes and I look forward to them, and 2) I don't woodwork and I'm starting to think I should but one just in case… lol

  17. I really loved Modern Marvels.  Did you ever see the show Modern Masters?  I really miss that show.  

  18. Good looking frame, the cat is OK too.  How about four tiny magnets and matching steel insets (or 8 tiny magnets) in the corners rather than the clips.  Thanks for simple projects and explanations of what you are doing and why.

  19. hi Steve, just goes to show you don't need great chunks of wood to make simple functional pieces for your own home or for family and friends, good job, well done.  🙂

  20. Steve, nice project.
    My suggestion would be to "flame the edges" of the plexiglass.
    This gives the plexi edges polished look.
    Just use a torch and move it quickly over the edges and the white areas should become clear.

  21. Been meaning to ask you what's with the antenna on your ear defenders?? Can u listen to the radio on them?

  22. Hey Steve. Nice frame. A question I had was have you ever cut into your grippers whilst ripping something thin

  23. Looks great! You're working beyond the boundaries of the item. It looks like this chair made by a dutch artist.

  24. Great frame!  I'm with a lot of other viewers on not being fond of the binder clips.  I wonder if it would work to use a heat gun and fold a piece of plexi in half over some sheet metal for a guide.  The the fold can hold your picture.

  25. Cool concept – right up until the clips.  It would have been cool to see some more inconspicuous method of holding it all together.  Maybe something like corner protectors for a poster?

  26. When you use the disc sander, be sure to put the wood more to the left. I noticed you had the wood towards the center, that doesn't produce as much friction and will take longer to take off the desired amount of material.

  27. Ola, tudo bem? Voce para mim e uma pessoa fantastica na arte de ensinar, sua filosofia, seu estilo se torna unico, impossivel nao se apaixonar pelo seu trabalho, trabalho em area grafica, tenho paixao por marcenaria, em seus videos estou sempre aprendendo, sou seu fa, poderia vir para o Brasil, rsrsrs. Parabens..Abracos

  28. To clean the edges of the acrylic/plexiglass/polycarbonate, you can scrape them with your cutter's blade.. It will look better then sanding it. Not sure if u understand or not.. But If you don't, hit me up, I'll try to get a short clip on that…

  29. I never would have thought of using two stop blocks for half lap joints. I've done a bunch of them, and kind of custom fit each one, each time. Using a stop block on both sides, though, that's a great idea! Good work!

    I really like that you can go from making a heavy duty work bench one week, to making a delicate picture frame a week later. You're versatile, and your projects are diverse. I personally enjoy your lager projects more, but your more intricate projects are great to watch too. I look forward to your videos every week. They're both informative and entertaining. Your MicroJig intros are hilarious as well. I laugh out loud at almost all of them. Thank you from Long Island, NY.

  30. nice, I think I'd make it larger and then put a bevel edge mirror in place of the picture and do away with the clips. Thanks for the idea Steve!

  31. I really like this design. The tips on the lap joints were great. I'll have to try that out after I get done with my current project. My wife just loves all these weekly ideas and projects. [email protected] Ramsey

  32. Not my style but another great video! I love that you incorporate technique, humor and safety tips in the vids. It's great for a beginner like me. Looking forward to the next!

  33. It is another good display:) in Poland you also quite a lot have examining you Steve of DIY enthusiasts:) I am greeting

  34. Nice project Steve.  It gave me some good ideas.
    I notice that you do a lot of your work in the driveway.  Do your neighbors ever complain about the noise?

  35. My favourite part of woodworking is the part where I get to make it structurally sound by added a device that isn't wood.

  36. Cool frame…  Great use of scraps as well…. Really like the clips to hold the pic in place. That's an awesome idea

  37. Have you ever thought about doing a dollhouse? 

    The reason I ask is because I would love to make one for my 2 year old daughter, but I can't find any vids on youtube that I like.

    I love your approach to woodworking and videos, so I was wondering if perhaps it would be a project you'd be interested in doing.

    Thanks for all the great vids!

  38. Nice!

    Except for the clips!

    C'mon Steve, surely you could come up with a better clamp than that, maybe out of wood?

    Even clothespins would at least be made from wood.

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