Corbyn and Johnson clash over no-deal Brexit: ‘Anti-democratic and unconstitutional’
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Corbyn and Johnson clash over no-deal Brexit: ‘Anti-democratic and unconstitutional’

November 19, 2019

This is not a bill in any
normal sense of the word: It is without precedent in
our history. It is a bill that, if passed,
would force me to go to Brussels and beg an extension. It would force me to accept
the terms offered. It would destroy any chance of
negotiation for a new deal. There is only one way, Mr Speaker,
to describe this bill: It is Jeremy Corbyn’s surrender bill.
That is what it is. It means running up the white flag.
The bill is shameful. It means running up the white flag.
And I want to make clear – Order.
– Order. I want to make clear to everybody in this House:
there are no circumstances in which I will ever accept
anything like it. – This reckless government only
has one plan: to crash out of the EU without a deal. The attack on our democracy
in order to force through a disastrous no-deal Brexit
is unprecedented, anti-democratic and unconstitutional. I condemn the rhetoric that
the prime minister used when he talked about a
‘surrender bill’. I hope that he will reflect
on his use of language. I really do hope that he will reflect
on his use of language. We are not surrendering because
we’re at war with Europe. They are surely our partners. Later today, this House has a
last chance to stop this government riding roughshod over constitutional
and democratic rights in this country, so that a cabal in Downing Street
can crash us out without a deal, without any democratic mandate and
against the majority of public opinion. His is a government with no mandate,
no morals and — as of today — no majority.

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  1. Kinda like getting a shot?? Just get it over with already,, you can't change your mind now,, the EU won't let you so get out,, pay whatever,, and get on with it!

  2. Its raining on Britains in the news but in reality the rich are simply urinating on the people…
    Enjoy the shower Brits!

  3. The only deal mentioned was a free trade deal if the eu doesn't want that deal then its no deal by default. Any deal that keeps us tied to the eu isnt brexit and therefore is unacceptable.

  4. Putin is not going to tolerate any delays in his Brexit agenda for the UK. He and his Russian Oligarchs have invested a lot of money into Boris, Nigel Farage, and other conservatives, and they expect to see a return on their investments.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but the UK doesn't have a constitution, right? At least not an official written one. So how can something be deemed unconstitutional when you don't have a constitution to compare it to? lol

  6. He talks of democracy while he fills his pockets with money from terrorists organisations and Europe. I now live in the twilight zone.

  7. Corbyn is an utter disgrace. He opposed Britain's membership of the EEC in the 1975 referendum. He opposed the Maastricht Treaty in 1993. He opposed the Nice Treaty in 2001. He opposed the Lisbon Treaty in 2008.
    He backed a referendum on withdrawal from the EU when it was first proposed in 2011.

    In fact, he has been bitterly opposed to the EU all his adult life. Well, up until 2016. Then he saw a political opportunity in becoming a Blairite on all matters EU. The Marxist creep has no principles…zero, zilch, nada.

  8. Boris looks like a man wearing a Donald Trump Halloween costume. As an American, it seems clear that Corbyn is trying to preserve democracy, and BoJo is trying to subvert it.

  9. Is anyone here not British but watching this anyway… to look at another country’s problems instead of your own for a moment

  10. There could be another possibility. Maybe Corbyn is that stupid to believe negotiation is possible if you are forced to agree to whatever deal the EU puts before you? After all, he has zero experience in such matters.

  11. Jeremy is a hypocrite! If he is so terrified of a NDB (as he now spells out his terrors of NDB) why did he vote against the WA? All he wants is to bring down May with a consequent GE. Now that it is offered by BJ, he hesitates. Like a chicken 🐔. He keeps forgetting that the Art 50 legislation itself which Parl passed with a large majority provides for an exit with/without a deal!

  12. Its not OK to ask for a deal when someone says no, no means no; likewise it's not ok to ask for a deal when voters said go, go means go.

  13. To all brexiters who want no deal, as a French, I can tell u you've been abused.
    Usa gdp 19k billions dollars
    EU without UK 15k
    China 13k
    Japan 4.8k
    Uk 2.6k

    May was your last chance to negotiate as equal, after 31 October there will be a border in Ireland and access to EU market will be full price… We don't care a deal with half Japan. Your money have started to going down and your banks to move in EU to keep access to the free market… Sorry for my English friends, very sorry.

  14. May returned 3 times from Brussels and the MPs voted down the deals.The EU are not budging , so the only alternative is to leave with out a deal ? ? No ?
    Otherwise this nonsense will carry on and on…!!!

  15. Fantastic from Corbyn! Government has 'no morals, no mandate, no majority!' BoJo not doing too well in the Commons today!

  16. Can you imagine if the US Congress had sessions like this .. and Trump had to verbally go make a case for anything !?! 🙂

  17. What a joke… the people have spoken and an exit is what they want stop procrastinating and just do it and let the cards fall where they may… Parliament is there to affect the people's will not the other way around.

  18. Regardless of your opinion on Brexit, how it was sold, or what form it should take; the UK will be severely punished for leaving the EU (in the event that actually transpires).

    The breaking up of political union is in polar opposition to the Globalist agenda of power concentration – the ultimate aim being world government.

    1984 is upon us, the signs are clear. We already have thought police in the form of political correctness, we have multiple, unaccountable arms of government which dictate every facet of life, and surveillance/control/monitoring on an unprecedented (and increasing) scale.

    Hats off to the engineers of all this, they have played a master stroke in the setting of these traps, and we the people are our own unwitting jailers.

    Now, everyone, back to mindless consuming and pseudo-celebrity minutiae.

  19. The EU has become a de facto empire and Brussels is its capital. They are systematically removing European nation’s sovereignty. Britain should therefore leave the EU, deal or no deal. Don’t forget the British people voted 51.89% for leaving the EU.

  20. Corbyn does not respect the vote,he is nothing more then a two faced, anti democracy specimen…ANTI DEMOCRATIC, CORBYN AND HIS MATES ARE ALL FOR THERE OWN AGENDA REMEMBER THAT!!!

  21. The MP's and MEP's who voted against this….are only interested in one thing….themselves. Their EU pensions and to bring down the government. It's a disgrace…..that Corbyn talks about democracy when he goes against a democratic vote of the people. Have an election ….Corbyn has no chance….he would sell his soul to become MP and put every man woman and child in danger.. Our defence, monarchy, and British way of life would be destroyed….and that would make a 'NO deal' seem a drop in the ocean…..

  22. Omg why are these people shouting like little children without consequences? I'd like to see how my colleagues would react if I did that at work meetings! Haha

  23. Hilarious how Jeremy Corbyn can call it attack on democracy his friends the IRA I think they did a lot of attacking on democracy

  24. 27 votes beat boris and over a million votes beat remainers and yet 27 is more important than the million plus leavers?
    Article 50 mentions nothing about any deal.
    2016 they all agreed to trigger this and corbyn the once leaver is a disgrace.
    And so are the petty lot that refuse to look ahead and build theyre own future.
    No they'd rather have theyre hands held by europe because they are afraid.
    Anything but democratic.
    I was a frontline soldier, and i did not fight for this in any way shape or form.
    This country is a disgrace.

  25. Can't help but feel a bit for Boris efforts, but I think Boris you need to talk to Farage or if the election comes the electorate move over and give way where the other is strongest.. Its the only way your going to make headway I feel. Both Boris and Farage need to speak to the people.

  26. 😃😃😃😃 this makes me so happy! They just need to do a new vote and let the ppl decide. Clearly that's what's best, rather than running in circles.

  27. the english people do NOT want brexit anymore after exposing all the brexit lies and false promises! the real brexit is nothing like what was promised more than THREE years ago!!!! boris and conservatives will be punished next elections

  28. It is time for the people to revolt against the parliament that does not listen and that chooses to violate democracy. Johnson wants him to listen to the decision of his people and apply it

  29. The queen needs to send in the army and lock these clowns in the tower. 'Democracy' is an utter failure, let us returned to the golden age of absolutism.

  30. It's so silly that all media channels blame Johnson WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THE QUEEN?!!!! she has the authority to do all of that Johnson only kisses her feet and asks her to do what she's doing!

  31. Would a law to stop a no-deal Brexit be in conflict with the current EU agreement, particularly Article 50? Could be another court case. Arguing being in the EU to stops a law that stops you getting out.

  32. Boris wants it finished so we can crack on, Corbyn as just destroyed himself hes poison and needs to be voted out, bring on the election a Brexit party and Conservative government is on the Horizon. After this Corbyn 🤬

  33. What a farce. Corbyn taking the moral high ground by claiming Johnson's proposals are "an attack on democracy", while he's busy trying to overturn the democratic decision of the electorate made during the biggest voter turnout in British history. This "no deal" thing is a smokescreen. What Corbyn wants is no Brexit. He's actively working against our interests, and on behalf of the EU. And "we're not at war"? Yes we are, Corbyn. Not with bombs and bullets, but with economics, and we dare not lose.

  34. Right now the EU should offer to skip the deadline and extend it indefinitely. Parliament could vote in favour of it and this would leave GB with the ball in its field. Parliament then had to decide which way to go: No deal (but not by default), negotiate a new deal or withdraw Art. 50. And without a deadline looming they had ample time to make their minds up.

  35. This is boris' plan unfolding. He has successfully pitched Labour against the electorate and positioned himself as man of the people. The bill is largely irrelevant. There will be an election, and these actions will see a large tory majority or a landslide victory if they reach an agreement with the brexit party

  36. Brexit: Tory MP defects to Lib Dems as Boris Johnson makes statement on G7 summit – live news ►

  37. Surely it is anti democratic to stop another referendum.
    What is that eurosceptics hate about decades of peace, prosperity, geo-political stability, and liberty that the EU and EEC, has brought to Western and now Eastern Europe?-

  38. MP = vote for me and i will take us out of the EU then he does a 360 to protect his job and his vested interests he has in staying in the EU , it would nice to see just how many MPs /ministers have properties and business in places the south of France ect

  39. He got rid of Cameron then May now its Boris, and so far the PM is loosing. JC is starting to look more and more like the rightful leader of the UK.

  40. BJ you are the worst PM this Britain ever has..if you have been PM during WW2…we will definitely be speaking German and Adolf Hitler will have Britain's balls on his palms!
    You are stupid and senseless.. are following exactly Trump's attitude..
    BJ and your brexit thugs are not electable..the british people know that now very well!!

  41. To sum up Corbyn:. "buk buk buk buuuuuuaaaawwwwwk!".

  42. Corbyn wanted voting just 3 months ago…Cornyn wanted public voting 6 months ago… now he scared of one cause he and his Blair crew would be voted out. Corbyn… hysteria hypocrisy.

  43. All u hear in the streets is stop Brexit, looks like the country wants to remain to me either that or all the leave supporters have no clue what's going on

  44. At the end of the day 406 constituent regions voted leave  vs Leave 242 Remain constituencies of the UK. This makes the situation clear. The Leave vote won by a landslide Victory.

  45. If we had a system of government like Britain in the US, Trump will be placed in front of the opposition and grilled until he cries a full face of tears. That would be a joy to watch!

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