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Course Overview: Music Theory and Composition 4 | Berklee Online

September 9, 2019

(calming piano music) – I’m really excited
about creating this class because it’s really virtually a tasting menu of incredible techniques that will allow students to
expand their musical vocabulary. – This is the fourth of
a series of four courses, and it is the culmination of a series which goes through tonal harmony, and then, this one especially,
extends beyond tonal harmony, presenting the foundation for anyone who wants to be a
composer, and theorist, or even a complete musician. A really important skill that students are gonna walk away from this course is that they are able to look at music and understand how it works. They will be able to analyze it, they will understand what’s
going on in the music and what makes it dissonant or consonant, how they can control
dissonance and consonance, and how composers have figured this out and created these systems. Students get to see how
the same concept works in a classical piece,
maybe a very modern piece, a medieval piece, a
jazz piece, a pop piece, and see that many of these
concepts are universal, and often it’s the elements of style that make the difference, not actual pitch elements
and chord elements. – This course is obviously for people who have gone through
levels one through three. It was designed originally for students in the Bachelor of Professional Studies and Scoring for Media, but anyone who’s interested
in increasing their knowledge in terms of music theory
and compositional technique will find a treasure trove of new information and experiences.

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