Craft Ideas For Kids – Make Photo Frame From Ice cream Sticks – Easy Craft Ideas For Kids #7

September 24, 2019

Photo frame is one of the essential decorative items of your kids room. If your kids will make photo frames by their own, they love those a lot. In today’s craft workshop, I’ll make a beautiful photo frame from ice cream sticks. You need ice cream sticks, colored chart paper, glue, scissors, and a ribbon or thick thread. Cut a piece of chart paper equal to the length of ice cream stick. Paste ice cream sticks on it side by side. Now paste 1 ice cream stick horizontally at the bottom of these sticks. Paste 1 stick at left side. Paste 1 stick at top and 1 at right side in the same way. Repeat this procedure once more to strengthen the border of your photo frame. Paste a piece of ribbon on strong thread at the back of the frame so that you can hang your photo frame at wall. Paste your favorite photo inside it over the base of colored chart paper. Your beautiful photo frame is ready. You can decorate it more in your own style. Subscribe me at ekunji channel. I will meet you again next Friday with a new craft idea.

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