Crazed, Desperate Trump Calls Constitution “Phony”
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Crazed, Desperate Trump Calls Constitution “Phony”

October 23, 2019

All right. We have gotten to the point where the president
of the United States in what is obviously a desperate and crazed sort of last ditch
effort to try to make the case that he’s not obviously violating the emoluments clause
of the constitution is now calling the emoluments clause to the constitution in and of itself
phony. That’s his word, not mine. Now, as you may know, Donald Trump has endlessly
been clearly violating the emoluments clause. I will redefine what that clause is for you
momentarily. Just so we’re all on the same page. Uh, the strategy from Trumpists has been first
to deny that he’s violating the emoluments clause that has mostly failed since he so
obviously and brazenly continuing to violate the emoluments clause to the constitution. Then they shifted to pretending that the emoluments
clause to the constitution, uh, is part of the constitution, but not really. Like it’s sort of this appendage to the constitution. It’s an irrelevant vestige of sorts. It doesn’t really matter. Of course, that’s also not true. Either we value the constitution or we don’t. Either the value of the constitution is complete
or it is not. And you can’t pick and choose when it is and
is not worthy or deserved of being adhere to. And now Donald Trump is straight up saying,
including to his supposedly constitutional conservative followers that the Amal humans
clause is phony. A Trump spoke to the media yesterday, including
about trying to have the [inaudible] at his personal club Doral, a plan which has since
been canceled by the way, because it also would be an obvious violation of the emoluments
clause to the constitution. Trump was asked about it and he said, you
people with this phony emoluments clause, other presidents, if you look, other presidents
were wealthy, not huge wealth. George Washington was actually considered
a very, very rich man at the time, but they ran their business as George Washington. They say he had two desks, he had a presidential
desk and a business desk. I don’t think you people with dystonia monuments
laws. And by the way, uh, I would say that it’s
cost me anywhere from two to $5 billion to be precedent. And that’s okay between, uh, what I lose and
what I could have made. You’ll notice there Donald Trump also defending
a president, being president and running a business while being president of the United
States and in so doing casually equating himself to George Washington. It’s, it’s interesting that there are so many
other crazy things that he says in that 31 second clip that equating himself to George
Washington is not even the primary thing that we are talking about like that. That’s how outrageous the status quo is. Uh, it’s time for a reality check. The emoluments clause is the constitution. It’s article one, section nine and it says,
no title of nobility shall be granted by the United States and no person holding any office
of profit and trust under them shall without the consent of Congress, except of any present
emoluments office or title of any kind, whatever from any King, Prince or foreign state. That’s the constitution of the United States. Article one section nine. It’s not the only relevant emoluments related
portion of the constitution. We also have article two section one which
says, the president shall at stated times receive for his services a compensation which
shall neither be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have
been elected and he shall not receive within that period any other emoluments from the
United States or any of them. So what do the constitutional conservatives
say about this? Trump meant phony as a metaphor maybe. I don’t know. I haven’t heard any defenses yet because I
think increasingly the constitutional conservatives are pretending that they never really wanted
Trump to be president anyway, and Oh, what me vote for Trump? No, I don’t remember what I did in November
of 2016 if there’s one thing that won’t be able to be said once this nightmare is over
and hopefully that nightmare is over in 15 months, although it could be four years and
15 months, we will not be able to say that people simply had no idea what Donald Trump
was doing because he’s telling us, he’s saying that running a business while being president
is fine. He’s telling us that he sees inconvenient
parts of the constitution as phony. This is actually once again impeachable. What I mean by that is violating the Amal
humans clause endlessly. That is impeachable and that’s been going
on for two and a half years, however long it’s been at this point, the publicly calling
of the emoluments clause, phony is also in and of itself impeachable because Donald Trump’s
swore an oath to uphold the constitution and he’s publicly saying that there’s a piece
of the constitution which he swore to uphold on a Bible. Remember he’s saying, well, there’s a part
of that constitution that not only am I not going to uphold in my mind, it’s phony. That is impeachable publicly admitting to
the dereliction of the oath that he swore to uphold. You can forget if you want about the first
two and a half years of the Donald Trump presidency merely based on the last seven days alone. Donald Trump is impeachable. It’s not clear there are going to be any consequences. And the next thing I want to talk about when
we listen, if we’re going to talk about consequences, we have to talk about legally issued subpoenas
by a coequal branch of government as enshrined by the constitution and the rule of law, which
the Trump administration is ignoring and that’s where we need to go next.

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  1. How can people still be defending this guy? I suppose if nothing else Trump was a total wake up call for me and liberal progressives like me. I had no idea such a huge portion of my fellow countrymen harbored such malicious hatred and willful ignorance. I knew they were there but I had no idea they were there in such numbers.

  2. In the final analysis, Thump has declared war on the United States Constitution. Emoluments Clause, not part of the Constitution? Really? Impeachment is a lynching, not part of the Constitution? Really? Didn't this asshole take an oath to preserve, protect, and defend, the Constitution of the United States! What the hell is going on here?

  3. His minions will believe him…because they can't read….BTW didn't this ass swear on a Bible to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION!!!!! Not only that, George Washingtons business….the business of slavery on his plantation.

  4. Awe trumpkin the pumpkin is now upset that the constitution is not to his liking. Maybe he should have talked to Putin about a position in Russia?

  5. Again, the Constitution upholds our democracy.
    So, I hope you will say something about the DEMOCRACY song of Leonard Cohen. Thanks H

  6. Over on the AskTrumpSupporters subreddit, they are saying Trump obviously meant the attack on him using the emoluments clause is phony, not that the clause itself is phony. They just twist into pretzels with amazing agility so that Trump can do no wrong. smdh

  7. Again, the Constitution upholds our democracy.
    So, I hope you will say something about the DEMOCRACY song of Leonard Cohen. Thanks H


  9. My first thought: "Oh boy, now I can provide this to Trumpists who claim to care about the constitution as evidence that Trump doesn't care about the constitution!"
    My second thought: "Oh, never mind. They'll just say this part of the constitution is phony and then call me a soy-boy while giggling like a petulant child."

  10. So the very thing that he was sworn in to protect is now "phony"? This man is insane and belongs in a straight jacket in a padded room.

  11. You know you would think, that trump followers would see, that this man does nothing but want to make money, sure he gave up 450,000 to charity, a year, and I’m confused, he has all his followers that like to stay at trump bldg. in the greatest economy ever, why would his buildings
    Be doing badly ! Something smells very bad, he says he’s lost 2 to 5 billion what the hell is going on here !

  12. Trump is to the constitution as cancer is to a human body. He needs to be cut out and tossed away into prison where "garbage" belongs.

  13. Before this is over NO ONE will admit having voted for Trump. 62 million people will vanish from the face of the earth.

  14. Fake bullshit, and I quote: "The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his Services, a Compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the Period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that Period any other Emolument from the United States, or any of them.

    The president's salary, currently $400,000 a year,[11] must remain constant throughout the president's term. The president may not receive other compensation from either the federal or any state government."

    Nothing in there about making money from your own assets.

  15. Waaaaaahhhhh, my feelings for trump…. waaaahhhhh, I hate u liberals always telling how u feel.. I feel like trump is the second Jesus

  16. Imma correct you on something, David. He didn't swear on the bible, he swore into office on HIS OWN BOOK "The Art Of The Deal"

  17. Well said David. He is clearly breaking his oath of office. This country didn't want a king when George Washington was elected and we still don't want a king/dictator.

  18. This is his legacy, it's filled with Racism, greed, corruption, misogyny, hatred and cowardice.

    He hides behind people who exhibit the same "values" as they double talk about "Patriotism" and "Christianity".

    Those hypocrites and traitors must never be let to forget their role in one of American history's ire.

    Let them wear their shame as brazenly as they have worn their red hats.

  19. Trump: The constitution is fake news… believe me and SO weak Separation of powers give me a break its pathetic We have to limit what we can do ot people will be mad OOO we have to do what the people want for the people by the people the people this the people that always with the people… sad Jefferson what a loser He's not even the first president I would have been first believe me We're supposed to take orders from an old piece of paper like ooo its in the constitutions Can't go against the magical piece of paper. Bill of Rights? They call it a bill but they give it away for for free. pathetic what kind of business man was the Jefferson guy Free speech I like paid speech better people should pay their way Stating in my third term I Donald J Trump plan to make some changes tweak the weaknesses out of this woefully sad low energy constitution Fist no more free speech all speech must happen at one of Trump approved speech locations There will be premium sites where you can pay more to say how great I am and this country is but most people will have approved statements guaranteed to be the BEST statements believe me. In this great country only the BEST speech will be allowed, Second no more of this due process stuff.. Due what? process like its hard to know whom the bad guys are? please the police already know whom the bad guys are they get the bad guys thrown them in jail or better yet kill them they will take up a lot less space We'll kill them with the best knives only available at Sharper image They will feel grateful Believe me King Don will make America great again believe it believe it

  20. Another type of quid pro quo from Cheetolini. He refuses the salary for being president, (which is contrary to the constitution) but he profits from his business (also contrary).

  21. We have Americans in the red states that don't believe that Trump broke any real laws. What the hell is the matter with this country. The law is the law no matter what Trump thinks, he has barely an education even though he went to college. He displays this every day in his tweets.
    I think the majority of the American people in the red states are just like Trump, ill educated, video game and twitter smart. They have no idea what the Constitution means and how it holds this country together. They have no idea how close we are to becoming a dictatorship with a Trump in the White House.

  22. Oh man! Now I can safely state that a big majority of us, americans, are dumber than a rock for electing a man like this to lead us.

  23. You fell for Trump's reframing of it. The issue isn't that he has businesses, it's that he's using his position as President to enrich himself by directing government contracts to those businesses.

  24. I am honestly so done with politicians only defending the constitution when it's convenient for them. I don't care who you are, just follow the damn rules and if you feel a rule is unfair for America or needs additional rules, then by all means take the steps to change things but don't throw the whole thing out just because YOU feel inconvenienced.

  25. One of the purposes of the constitution is to protect the American people from tyrants or "wannabe dictators" like Trump. He is probably now screaming inside the Whitehouse that the constitution is "Unfair" and needs to be amended. "I would make the greatest constitution. Don't question my great and unmatched wisdom".

  26. SMDH 😒😕😒😕😒😕
    Its so hilariously funny yet insulting, the fact how every single person from every single show, channel, and network are so blatantly obvious purposely not even acknowledging that what President Swamp Thing said about Washington was 100% factual. The first creature from the black lagoon George Washington sold land that never even belonged to him. He was the Trump in his time, a real estate agent who would see where Native Nations had communities, and if he really liked the land. Wooden teeth Washington would up and would place it for sale to the highest bidder.
    Just like I said, and have always said. U.S Americans talk a big game of how they will raise arms and go against a corrupt and tyrannical government, but yet when it comes to the United States, they just bend over, and beg to get fucked by big red white and blue dick in the ass with no vaseline.

  27. He says it's costing him 2 or 5 billion dollars?..that's his excuse to file for bankruptcy the second he leaves the White House!..

  28. It seems tRump has forgotten that he swore to "…preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" on the 20th of January 2017.

  29. I think the presidency has saved trump a billion dollars considering what he could have lost if he was doing business with more casinos.

  30. when i think of the word president i think great leader, when i think of trump i think great idiot…having him as president in the great USA is just humiliating and i am mortified to acknowledge that….impeach please.

  31. And I thought Trump had all these "powers" given to him by the Constitution under Article 2 and he gets to do whatever the hell he wants…? Wait, you mean some of this emoluments stuff is IN Article 2? Whaaaat /s

  32. "Emoluments clause.. by the way…" he just veers off because he can't defend what he just said. He doesn't even know what he's talking about, so he blatantly tries to change the subject. It's not costing him to be president; he's using his presidency to enrich himself.

  33. Trump is taking the constitution wrapping around his hand & slowly wiping his ass with it & proudly showing it to all Americans….sad time to be american..

  34. The oath actually says "preserve, protect, and defend" the Constitution.
    He has failed in his oath on the the third and is trying to fail on the first two. The man has no honor and the breaking of his oath should be enough to put him in jail.

  35. Fascist fascist fascist fascist fascist fascist. Fascist. Get him out. Donald Trump is a domestic enemy of the United States Constitution.

  36. If trump is not impeached and removed then America will have its first dictator. He will not step down, he will declare the election invalid, refuse to leave, deny the speaker becomes president, and get the Supreme Court to back him up. Then it's civil war or roll over and let America become North Korea.

  37. This is about tRump thinking he's a Dictator if we don't stop them now the Republicans will end democracy in the U.S. Trump and McConnell are TRAITORS.

  38. By speaking against the Constitution, He is publicly insulting America and the the Americans
    Yet Americans test him like an untouchable DICKkkkkkKKKtator and still let him say and do whatever he likes 😨

  39. You people are truly morons… "Called Constitution phony"? Pakman lies to your faces daily… The emoluments STORY is phony…. The desperation is amusing…

  40. There is a libertarian interpretation of the emoluments clause that reads it as "A president must not take money from any state, or appropriate any funds from the federal budget." – I'm not saying I agree with this interpretation, but if you look closely at the text, you will see how it could, potentially, be read that way.

    Trump has been buddying up to Rand Paul lately – he is most likely getting treated to some pretty far out constitutional interpretations as a side effect of this. Rand's father, Ron, ran his whole career on interpretting the constitution in a million different ways.

  41. Phony means. I have to start telling everyone that it's phony because some news is coming out soon and it is going to hurt me unless I tell everyone thinks it's phony .

  42. On a different note, this gives such ammo for people who hate Trump and whenever his fans come to defend themselves by calling themselves true Patriots, we can just remind them how Donald called the Constitution of the United States, the core origin of their beloved country is phony.
    And note how he even can be quoted as "…you people and this phony…"
    He is unintentionally distancing himself with actual Americans.
    So when right-wing debaters talk about civil war. It's really Americans Vs. Neo Nazi-Americans.

  43. Great video but i don't know why you're smiling. What this monster and his sycophant are doing to this country and very well could continue to do for 4½ more years is disgusting and terrifying.
    Trust me, if this is your reasoning, i get having to smile to keep from crying or just straight losing your shit and getting crazy even in this..well, lets just say i understand. Keep up the good work Dave.

  44. Despite all that may be against Donald Trump, he still manages to maintain loyal followers who feel the man has done no wrong. It's everyone else who shifty and needs to be questioned. Exhibit A: the Stump for Trump Sisters

  45. Trump's strategy is to put into the republicans' minds a variety of denigrating words that he associates with whatever he doesnt like or doesnt want to do..thus training his monkeys to think the same way he thinks. Then they will go along with whatever he says. The more negative a word he uses, the more his monkeys will copy-cat him, because the negative words are more memorable. In this way, he keeps the republicans surrounding him like a safety net. In other words, he knows he can say whatever he wants and it will only help him, not hurt him. So when he calls the emoluments clause phony, he is not "thinking about the constitution", he is only creating something for the republicans to repeat so that he can protect himself. It's a type of manipulation that a con-man would do.

  46. The emoluments clause is hardly phony. Trump is trying to decry its legitimacy because he's been guilty of breaking that clause since day one. We all know that he and his organization weren't going to host G7 without gaining some income.

  47. I know we usually don't know whether to laugh or cry anymore…. but this is a very scary situation!

    When the walls keep closing in… at what point does he get so desperate that he launches a warhead into Iran for a distraction?

  48. I think it's a glaring sign of what the rich ppl in US and Canada want, as it's not that different up here with Trump wanna-be Mini Harper Scheer. The rich do not want to acknowledge or follow the old constitutional document(s) as it's limiting their abilities to get more and more wealth on top of their already wealthy accounts/ status.

  49. Have you noticed that Trump uses the same term(s) over and over when he's trying to lie/hide the truth. He does it a lot (13,000+ lies since taking office), the pattern is is obvious at this point.

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