Crowd Gathers in Virginia Beach to Support Second Amendment Sanctuary Idea
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Crowd Gathers in Virginia Beach to Support Second Amendment Sanctuary Idea

December 8, 2019

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  1. D.C. District of Columbia is its own Country 15 miles by 15 miles. Every American should know all there is to know about that. Blue or Red, it is criminals who run the former USA with a system that has always been corrupt. I am a retired US Merchant Marine and US Navy veteran of foreign war. I left the former USA in 2014 and have lived peacefully and happily in South America for the last five years.
    Go to this link and click on USA and read the CIA's current US pop at around 320 million and their projected pop for 2025 at 100 million. The masonic scum in D.C. intend to cull the former USA of its population by TWO THIRDS !!!
    deagel DOT com/country/

    Remember: YOU have the Constitutional RIGHT to defend your family, your property and your life WITH ANY FORCE NECESSARY INCLUDING THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE . That holds true against ANY foe including or especially the US Police (unlawful armed gang) and/or the US Military (unlawful if on the streets of the former USA conducting operations).
    Personally, I left years ago because I could see that Civil War was being DESIGNED to take place in my home country. I desire peace, therefor I … "got out of Her" (Mystery Babylon).
    2020 (with 5G) begins the culling of the former USA.

  2. People of Virginia Beach packed the room and building with a horde left outside to propose plans to defy the State if unconstitutional laws are passed and this is really all I've seen of it on the news.  This needs more coverage!  Go into detail about the proposed laws in SB 16.  No buy back, no grandfather clause, the vast majority of the guns you've purchased and paid taxes on legally will make you a felon unless the entire state of Virginia sells them.  This is a plan to make felons of voters that would vote against the newly elected officials, ensuring they never lose Virginia.

  3. SECOND AMENDMENT SANCTUARY? What's wrong with just the SECOND AMENDMENT? I don't want a SANCTUARY! I want AMERICA to be AMERICAN!

  4. This got not even one minute of news coverage and it’s about our rights as US citizens being infringed upon by elitist in ivory towers to the north. I was there and the amount of people on short notice that showed up was amazing.

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