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February 2, 2020

Our Staff and teachers are committed to our kids. They’re committed to them showing up every single day and doing what’s best for them. And not just teaching them math, science and social studies and other subjects, committed to what they’re doing before school and
after school and just showing how passionate we are when we work with kids. I want our parents to feel like this is they’re
house, this is they’re home. We all own this school and we have a lot of
volunteers here and when they come in they know they’re part of this community, they’re
part of volunteer staff and staff as well and they’re always welcome here to help
out our kids because we’re all working together to make our kids feel special and make them
work hard and have a wonderful experience while they’re here. To me the most important thing as a teacher
is for my students to love to come to school. I want them to be excited to come here every
single day and I do everything I can to instill that lifelong love of learning. We teach the foundations here and the students
will have a great foundation to carry them on through junior high and high school but
really it starts with that love of learning and I think every teacher here at CTA – Liberty
is just as passionate as I am for making sure that every student feels successful and happy
every day. We have always had really good teachers. If any of my children struggle, they always provide help or figure out how to help them understand something. They are very supportive of the parents and they love the kids. They come home and tell us that they just
love their teachers. The teachers are really nice, and they make
me feel like I should work my hardest and do my best and the principal’s also really
nice and I just love going to this school I can’t imagine going to any other school.

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