CU Boulder: It’s Constitution Day!
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CU Boulder: It’s Constitution Day!

October 20, 2019

Hi, my name is Travis Weiner, I’m a
second-year law student at the University of Colorado Boulder Law
School. The Constitution is the founding document of this country. Among other
things it separated the government into three equal branches ensuring that one
would not have more power than the other. And for the first time in history we had
a government whereby the courts, the president and the legislature all
checked each other’s power and made sure that they were they were respected. And
it also contains the Bill of Rights obviously which ensures that citizens of
this country will always have some level of for example freedom of expression,
protection from unreasonable searches and privacy, freedom of religion, things
of this nature. So the Byron White Center for the State Constitutional Law
University of Colorado Boulder Law School, headed by Professor Hart.. We seek to do
is go out into local schools and communities and teach kids about the
Constitution and the case law and teach them about their rights, and we want to
make sure that the next generation of students becoming adults has a more
robust understanding of the Constitution and the rights under the constitution to
be more productive and educated members of society.

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