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CWFF2019 | Lucy on Bill of Rights

October 14, 2019

I agree with Anthony about resources.
That’s always been my gripe. I aged out I didn’t get appropriate resources but
now I see that there are some things but again it’s not accessible easily you
have to hear from this one or that point on someone has to tell you. So I feel like
like there should be a better way to get the resources out. That’s been one of
my biggest advocacies it to try to get, how get that out to the
youth, right look when you age out you automatically can get the New York
City Housing. I didn’t know that. Okay you know so it’s just little things like
that. “So should there almost be like a foster care child’s bill of rights is
there such a thing?” They said that at that age,I have I have a voice I can say what if I don’t want to be in someone’s
home I can request to be removed if I don’t want to be a group home whatever
other settings that they had, I had that choice.

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