D-Day looms over Tūhoronuku treaty mandate

February 14, 2020

D-day is looming for the
controversial group Tuhoronuku. Tuhoronuku
currently holds the mandate to negotiate the Ngapuhi
Treaty settlement. But with many Ngapuhi hapu voicing
opposition to the group, its progress has
been extremely limited. Now, Treaty Minister Chris Finalyson has given Tuhoronuku
till September 20 for the group to vote on a proposed
new model to progress its claim. For more, let’s cross live
to reporter, Harata Brown. Clearly the Minister is putting
the squeeze on Tuhoronuku. The 22 member board has less
than two weeks to vote on whether or not it supports
transferring its mandate to the new body proposed
in the Maranga Mai report. 75% of the membership is
required to ratify any resolution. Has there been any response
from Tuhoronuku? I spoke to Tuhoronuku chair,
Hone Sadler, but he declined
the chance to comment. However, in correspondence
from Mr Sadler to the Minister, the chairman outlines
to Chris Finlayson he will respond after Tuhoronuku’s
meeting on September 23. Remember, that’s three days
after the Minister’s deadline. And what did the critics
of Tuhoronuku, Te Kotahitanga, have to say? Te Kotahitanga is a collective
of dissident hapu who rallied against Tuhoronuku. However, they jointly wrote
the Maranga Mai report with Tuhoronuku which recommends
adopting a new model. Here’s what their vice-chair
Rudy Taylor had to say. Harata – any word from the Minister? A spokesperson said the Minister has nothing further to add
to his previous comments, but on whether or not
the axe falls on Tuhoronuku, we should know
before the end of the month. Thank you for the update,
Harata Brown.

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